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Danny’s coaching/mentorship program has allowed me to scale my business faster than anything before. I’ve been able to close over $50K in new clients just last month alone! 7 Figure Club isn’t far fetched anymore! Eddie Silva

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The level of support I receive from Danny is incomparable to any other 1 on 1 coach I’ve paid. He has helped me keep clients by presenting different perspectives I do not see so I CAN stay competitive within my niche! Lili Serrano

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Thanks Danny for helping me create a successful business… broke $50K/mo mark! The Agency Society’s Mastermind is one of the BEST decisions that I’ve ever made! Now I can make the money I want to make on my own time. Bryan Citrin

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How I Generated $5 Million In Mortgage Loans With Facebook Ads

Danny Veiga, June 13th, 2018

Wanna know the truth on Mortgage Lead Generation?

There are so many agencies and businesses that offer you “the best leads” but the truth is that it’s not all about the leads.

Most loan officers and brokers that I’ve spoken with think:

“The leads suck! They don’t respond to my calls!”

What if I were to tell you – it’s not the leads!

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It’s not even you…

If you are serious about generating mortgage leads and converting them into high-quality applications, I can show you how to do that.

Today we’re going to cover exactly how I was able to generate $5million worth of mortgage loans for my clients using Facebook Ads.

As a matter of fact, this same strategy is what allowed me to make it into the 2 Comma Club – a prestigious award from ClickFunnels for those that have built 7 figure funnels.