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In this podcast, Saravanan Ganesh, a digital real estate entrepreneur, shares about the dynamics of rank and rent platform and the concept of exchange from one client to the other. In the art and modern industry, Saravanan tells us how there’s so much more to explore online and actually make money for yourself through browsers, websites and other virtual programs. He also expounded on maintenance costings and monthly exchange of reports between clients.

Saravanan starts by creating websites for months, completing the contents needed and the complementary visuals, after then these websites are ranked. He then contacts local contractors and probable clients to rent the websites for as long as they wish to. The business expands to different cities across the country and outside as well. Exploring online platforms could be so rewarding when done properly. 

In this podcast, we also cover:

04:24 Real estate landscapes

08:20 Studying Search Engine Optimization

13:25 Which clients to keep

17:12 Transition to sales

21:44 Researching on the right customers

26:59 Figuring things out

30:25 Getting consistent leads and finding the right niche

Saravanan also reminds us how finding the right niche could pitch your business into a different level and how matching SEOs that works best with your content could attract people better. You can hire virtual assistants while you’re at it and even graphic designers for aesthetic changes and for fuller contents.

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