The Rise of AI: The Pros and Cons of Using Content Writing AI

Content marketing is the new frontier for businesses. With so many challenges, it’s not surprising that most companies are struggling with content and crippled by their inability to produce enough quality material quickly!

It can be hard to keep up with content marketing when you need so many different skills and resources! Also, managing a content team can be stressful, especially when you’re not getting the results you need!

It might sound like content writing is as simple as writing good quality optimized content to drive traffic to your website. However, this is easier said than done.

You’d soon be asking which type of content should you write? Which niche should you focus on? What makes a great title and sub-topics? How long should your articles be, or how often should you publish a new post?

There are thousands of ideas and questions that come up, which seriously make content writing extra challenging. Fortunately, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Content Writing AI is about to change everything for marketers and companies alike.

But, what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and design of intelligent machines and software.

These systems can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

AI has become an essential topic in technology since it’s getting smarter by the day!

Along with that, AI has increased its demand as it is used in almost every industry now. From medicine and self-driving cars to home appliances and mobile technology, businesses can benefit from using content writing AI as it effectively engages the audience and produces good quality, relevant content at a faster pace.  

Another category where artificial intelligence is gaining momentum is in content writing and content marketing.

The power of AI is already in use for search engines to produce better results and enhance user experience.

It can be used in content writing by creating content that can be easily understood, without any grammatical errors, and well-researched facts.  

Artificial intelligence also allows marketers to create useful content that the audience can easily understand. This is done via conversion rate optimization, which has significantly increased in popularity since there are more tools available today than ever before!

How does the Content Writing AI work?

Content writing AI or AI content generators work by scanning the internet for information and data to create an article faster. It is similar to what search engines do, which can give you easy-to-understand results!

The content writing AI tool then intelligently populates the words into a template, using complex algorithms programmed by human developers. It’s all done automatically without any input from humans!

Why are Marketers excited about using Content Writing AI?

Today, marketers and content writers face the daunting task of producing more and better quality content as it is essential for their marketing efforts. It is also a time-consuming process to come up with fresh, optimized content consistently. With the rise of social media now on the radar, it’s even harder to stay up-to-date with all of its latest features and tools!

This is where content writing AI becomes very useful. Marketers can use it as a tool to generate relevant, accurate content that is of high quality due to advanced algorithms. These AIs also work 24/7 without getting tired of having to take breaks.

Producing top-quality content is one of the best ways to rank up on the Google search results page. And AI has slowly but surely helped marketers handle tedious tasks like content optimization, keyword search, and many others. Through this, SEO teams and content writers have more time in their hands to craft accurate quality content.

We must still consider writing a fundamentally creative skill that even the most sophisticated AI cannot replace. However, using content writing AI has reached a point where it can effectively automate the most tedious work in digital writing and produce search-focused articles.

In many instances, writers have to read multiple documents and then match the intent of each term or keyword they want ranked for. They use such research in a draft that weaves related topics together through writing style, so it all ties back into your broader content strategy.

After that, they’ll need to edit it, adding their expertise and ensuring it’s brand-safe. They’ll also need to align it with their broader content strategy.

AI can come in as a solution for the first step of producing written content: analyzing topics, understanding related ones that need to be mentioned, and generating drafts. But there are different types of solutions out there – some better than others- so knowing what they all do will be critical when teams want AI to help with their creative process!

How Can a Content Writing AI Enhance Your Marketing Strategy?

Using content writing AI is an innovative way for marketers to create good quality content in less time without hiring more writers. It’s also beneficial if you’re looking for unique, engaging content that can help improve your rankings on search engines. Here are some of the areas where using content writing AI can enhance your marketing strategies:


Marketers can use AIs to scan the web for data that can be used in articles. It creates new opportunities for marketers to write about unfamiliar topics, as it is done automatically by the AI.

For example, Marketers can generate content on specific terms or keywords they are targeting on search engines without doing long research, giving them more time to focus on other essential content strategies.

Content Optimization

AI can improve your current SEO efforts by producing optimized and relevant content that is unique and free of errors. It provides fresh, high-quality written content to help marketers boost their rankings on search engines like Google and Bing!

Personalized Content

AI can also target market segments with messages that are most likely to be understood and engaged with at the moment. Over time, as an AI-driven machine learns more about users via their online activities, it will better determine what they enjoy and dislike. This may imply automatically modifying certain variables for the message to connect more naturally with the recipient.

Faster Content Creation

If you have a machine that can write the material for you, then it’s apparent that you’ll be able to create far more content in less time than before. Although current technology still necessitates some human input, it will still boost productivity considerably.

Imagine how many distinct pieces of content you could produce each month if content production was just a question of providing a few requirements, pushing some buttons, reading over, and making a few modifications to a machine-generated composition. You know this material is of good quality because it’s written by a content wiring AI and not just a product of a spinning tool.

What are the Pros of using Content Writing AI?

Marketers can gain so much from using content writing AI. It helps a company save time and money and increases productivity, the freshness of content, and quality. Here are some of the advantages of using AI for your marketing strategy:


Since AIs operate on algorithms, they do not get tired as humans do. Artificial intelligence-generated content does not require significant human participation. It means a firm may run with just a few people and crunch numbers in huge volumes. Your productivity rises, you make more money, and you save even more as an organization/company.

AI-generated material is more efficient, better, and less expensive than human-produced content. As a result, you may shift your focus to other important issues. It’s also critical to remember that AI-generated content serves as a support system and isn’t completely distinct from human input. It’s a help. There’s still a lot of interesting material being produced by humans.

Using AI will also help you generate more content in less time. It also means that the result is supported by better information and more significant validation for marketing purposes.


Since AI can use big data, marketers can get creative with the material they produce and the topics they cover. It means you’re free to focus on what matters most: your business and delivering quality content that is both distinctive and engaging!


Artificial intelligence operates on rules, ensuring consistency across all of the material it writes. Your marketing department doesn’t have to worry about multiple writers turning in numerous variations on the same topic. It is beneficial when you have a lot of content to put out every day, week, or month.


Using content writing AI produces output that is generally free of grammatical errors and is written in perfect English. It’s also adaptable to suit many different websites, blogs, platforms, and social media.

What are the Cons of Using Content Writing AI?

Using content writing AI is not always perfect. It is far from how humans write and may not have the same artistic touch. Many marketers don’t mind this, but some do and prefer human-generated content instead.

Here are some of the cons that marketers and content writers notice about the use of content writing AI:

Plain Black and White Only

Using content writing AI will give you a binary output. Often, AI cannot provide you detailed thoughts on the gray areas, and it is limited to only the good or bad. It cannot give an opinion on items or products for which there is no correct response. Only a human content expert can address these murky areas.

Lacks Common Sense and Limited Ideas

AI cannot often think realistically and almost always fails to provide accurate predictions. Content writers also report that AIs need a lot of data and examples and aren’t as creative as humans.

Artificial intelligence-generated content is based on existing data and facts. It can’t come up with innovative ideas on its own. It operates around the data it has acquired and the information it has been given.

Automated content can be illogical. What do we mean by that? A blend of algorithms may turn a red carpet blue or a woolen shawl polyester, for example. AI is blind to lines, circles, squares, and color. It lacks an understanding of textures and the texture sensations they provide. It isn’t to imply that AI content is useless; it’s simply demanding because it has to be automated in various ways and woven together from multiple stories at once.

Humorless and Lackluster

Marketers complain that content generated by content writing AI is lacking in creativity, personality, and drive. Many even say that it cannot produce work with a humorous slant or realistic descriptions.

Emotional quality is missing in content writing AIs. While the material may appear attractive and be churned in large amounts, it can’t express empathy or delve into a discussion. It’s only able to opine and discuss stories and categories it’s combined with and learned about.

Human-written content is still recognizable in a flood of AI-written content.

Content writing AI often fails to address individual people. Humans are capable of understanding another person’s perspective and feelings, but not content writing AIs! It explains why the material it produces is straightforward and impersonal in its tone.

Lacks Depth

Content writing AIs produce content quickly for a large number of users at once. This means it’s unlikely they can create a lot of discussion on any topic or garner new insights into an area. Instead, their output is generally repetitive and shallow.

Is Copied Material Acceptable?

There is a debate about whether content written by an AI can be plagiarized. Many marketers argue that it cannot be plagiarized because it’s not the same as human-written content. Others say that since humans could have written it, and for this reason, it should also be viewed as a human-generated work and can be assessed as plagiarized material.

Several marketing professionals think that content written by AI does not have to pass through a plagiarism checker or be checked for proper attribution, which is false! It’s the same thing as writing any other marketing material, so it must go through a plagiarism checker and be checked for proper attribution.

What are the Benefits of using content writing AI?

Using content writing AI software is an impressive investment for content marketers because it saves a tremendous amount of time.

Despite how swiftly it works, the quality of articles an AI content writer creates is surprisingly high.

The problem with AI-generated articles is that the more you utilize them, the more they seem to have in common. Compared to an AI content generator, a human writer can develop various high-quality pieces in less time since they can go through multiple sources, understand them, and produce a unique article style.

Although this is possible with several of the most recent AI writers, it isn’t true for all of them.

Quantity Versus Quality

The need to create quality content is high, and the amount of time it takes to churn out thousands of unique pieces can be demanding and exhausting. Content writing AIs provide marketers with a way to overcome this issue and generate hundreds or even thousands of stories quickly.

The problem with this content generation method is that the output content isn’t always high-quality material since it’s a machine, not a human being.

Which content writing AI is the best?

Currently, there is a plethora of content writing AI software available in the market.

Jarvis AI is software that combines a variety of different content writing AIs into one platform. It is the name of the AI that comes with the subscription from the Conversion AI app.

It’s also helpful for marketers to know that the software includes a plagiarism checker and has an Article Builder feature that lets you create top-quality articles from scratch without generating anything.

Amongst other AI, Jarvis is the most user-friendly. It is also quite valuable for various content marketing tasks. Some of the outputs of using content writing AI Jarvis include the following:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Product listings
  • Google ads
  • Articles
  • Reports

Everything will be completed in one go with just a few clicks! The program is also fully mobile-optimized, allowing you to share your articles with a single click on social media.

Why is Jarvis AI unique?

The use of content writing AI Jarvis is beneficial for marketers because it gives them the ability to generate high-quality, unique content with just a few simple clicks.

Presently, Jarvis AI offers ease of use and rapid quality output. These features make the software the opt choice for content marketers.

“Jarvis AI” offers an easy-to-use interface, so you can start using it without any prior experience with content production software. Jarvis’ quickness to market is another excellent feature. Within seconds, it will type a fully complete article with correct punctuation and formatting.

The last thing you need is to spend hours learning a new program that isn’t user-friendly. Jarvis’ ability to format content for SEO was another aspect that I appreciated greatly. Using the AI, you can create content that is both readable and optimized for search.

Jarvis’ simplicity and speed make it a strong contender in the world of content-producing software.

Finally, the starting price for this program is $27, which is ridiculously low compared to the value. Jarvis can write about a wide range of subjects and deliver high-quality, unique articles in a matter of seconds.

You may still be hesitant if you’ve never used an AI writer before. Many content marketers felt the same when they hadn’t used one before.

In general, AI writing is in its early phases, with many companies still working to demonstrate that they can create high-quality material. The majority of the organizations behind AI content producers provide a free test period with free credits.


Artificial intelligence is not something that will soon replace human content writers. Instead, it is a fantastic tool that will make the tedious tasks of content writing easier and faster.

Presently, we have not reached the full potential of using content writing AI combined with expert human talent. But soon, it will be wise for content marketers to open up their doors for this excellent opportunity.

Imagine generating hundreds of articles in an hour without any difficulty. Every marketer’s dream is to create content quickly with high-quality results, and this technology can make that possible through AI.

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