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How to Sell Chiropractic Care: Top 10 Chiro Marketing Ideas for Successfully Promoting Your Practice

You’ve heard it before. It’s not enough to be a chiropractor anymore. You have to market yourself and your practice effectively to succeed in this competitive business world. But what are the best ways of marketing? What will get you the most bang for your buck? And how do you balance all of these ideas with the need to provide quality chiropractic care? 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some top 10 chiro marketing ideas that have been proven by others as successful methods for getting patients through the door – without breaking your bank account!

Start with a strong marketing plan

The first step in chiro marketing is to sit down and develop a plan that outlines your goals for the year, how you will achieve them, and what steps are necessary. Then brainstorming different ways of promoting your business while sticking to these budget-setting time limits on these strategies can help keep you from spreading yourself too thin.

Consider the platforms available for your Chiro marketing ideas. Will you be focusing on online marketing? Do you plan to utilize paid ad targeting, or do you consider hiring a team to help you explore various online marketing options that are best for you?

Likewise, it would be best if you also planned your offline chiro marketing venues. Are there sporting events in your locality? Will you be exploring radio or TV ads? How about old-school marketing like flyers, brochures, and sponsorships?

When developing your chiropractic marketing plan, make sure to cover all possible avenues and choose the best ones for your practice, budget, and needs.

Create A Compelling Online presence

In the Internet age of chiro marketing, having a website is practically a must. While there are free sites available for you to use if you choose, most people prefer to have their site control all aspects of it and not worry about having an advertisement pop up unexpectedly on their screen.

Your website should include information about your practice, your chiro marketing ideas, testimonials from previous patients and clients, and ways for potential new clients to contact you.

In addition to having a website that represents you well online, it’s also essential that you have social media profiles on sites like Twitter or Facebook. These are great tools to share chore marketing information with the public while building a following of chiro-loving people.

Add Testimonials from Happy Clients on your Website

Another chiro marketing idea that has proven successful for many practitioners is adding testimonials from previous patients and clients on their websites. You can add these in a scrolling banner or as an article, but the vital thing to remember here is that you should be showcasing your success stories – not just talking about yourself!

Client testimonials may also be in the form of video clips or ads. You can use these on your Chiropractic Facebook ads or other social media platforms to entice more audiences. These types of ads are very effective tools for marketing your practice online.

Use SEO keywords in the title of your blog posts and pages. Use them in text content and meta tags.

If you’re not using SEO keywords, then your chiro marketing ideas are probably not as effective as they could be! When writing blog posts or pages for your website, make sure to include these words where possible throughout the content – including at least one time in either of the headings. 

Talk to experts when you need optimization of your site or social media pages to ensure that they are working as expected. Some companies will assess the efficacy of your existing marketing tools or strategies and discuss with you areas that need improvement to achieve your goals.

Offer free consultations for prospective patients – this will help you get their contact information and build up your chiro marketing leads.

Offering free consultations is a chiro marketing idea that’s been used by many chiropractors with success. It allows you to speak in person and answer any potential patient questions before deciding whether or not this treatment option is for them.

What better way to show yourself as an expert than through personal chiro marketing techniques that demonstrate your expertise? You can offer them discounts, free consultations if they mention it at their appointment or even gift cards!

Develop a customer-centric approach to your practice

To achieve marketing success, you have to show your unique customer-centric approach. It is the philosophy that guides all chiropractic care and should be evident in every aspect of your practice – not just chiro marketing ideas! You can do this by being a caring professional who listens to patients’ needs and wants while working with them to find the best solutions for their chiro needs.

Use the right words

The chiro marketing ideas you choose to use in your advertising campaigns and on your website make a difference when it comes to the kinds of patients who may be drawn to see you. Make sure to use words that are chiro-centric and not just general doctor. The best way people can know what type of care they can expect at your office is by using words like “relaxing” or “pain-free.”

You can also offer referrals in your marketing materials and advertising campaigns. Incentivizing action from your regular clients is a surefire way of bringing in more potential clients willing to try out your service.

Consider Other Offline Venues

It’s a chiro marketing idea that many chiropractors are not doing well enough. While it may seem like you’re missing out on prospective clients, remember that these people are also buying groceries and gas during their day – where there is often an opportunity for your chiro information to come up in conversation.

One chiro marketing idea is to place chiro-related pamphlets or business cards at the checkout counters of various stores. Many people use these venues to pass the time while waiting and are often near the area to set up shop!

Many chiro marketing ideas work best when coupled with a personal approach, so be sure to brainstorm with your chiro marketing team what chiro-related things you want to do in the future. Some possible activities you can join are your local league, sponsorship for a sports team, free consultations at a Medical Drive. Otherwise, you can partner up with fellow professionals in the wellness field so you can promote each other.

Make sure to check out rates for radio, TV, and billboard advertisements. These might also work for your kind of service and your practice.

Make it easy for people to find you – use Google Maps or other mapping software that will show up on search engines like Bing and Yahoo! Search.

Make sure to market yourself and your practice online! It will help get you ranked higher in the search engines and bring you more clients. List your service and your clinic on local directors to help search engines find you whenever a client looks for a chiropractic service in the area. 

You will notice how Google specifically provides a list of available services when a potential client runs a search. The results page often provides the clinic name, address, contact numbers, and clinic hours. It may also yield your website pages, social media accounts such as Facebook. Thus, make sure that they are updated.


The competitive world of healthcare and wellness requires practitioners to market themselves and their practice effectively. Chiropractors have to deal with customers who are not yet fully aware of the benefits of chiropractic care. Their chiro marketing ideas should include holistic yet encouraging plans to reach out to a range of audiences. In this article, we shared ten thoughts for marketing that will get you the most bang for your buck – but keep in mind these are only suggestions! The best thing is knowing what works for YOU and developing an individualized plan based on those needs rather than relying on other people’s advice alone. We hope this list has helped spark some creativity in how you approach promoting your practice and building relationships with new patients through digital channels like social media or email marketing campaigns.

If you need help balancing these ideas with providing quality chiropractic care while running your practice, don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember to focus on the needs of your clients and let Daniel Veiga Marketing handle the rest! Our team has over 20 years of experience creating successful campaigns that maximize ROI. We’ve helped businesses all across America grow their customer base by developing SEO strategies, content marketing plans, social media advertising programs, and more. So whether you need help with search engine optimization or are ready to start using Facebook ads but don’t know where to begin – we’re here for you! Give us a call today!

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