For Growing Brands That Want to Generate Leads & Sales Through Advertising On The #1 Fastest Growing Social Media Site – TikTok™…

And If You Don’t Leverage First Movers Advantage, Your Competitors Will!


40 Video Lessons

4 hours of step-by-step training videos showing you how to master TikTok Ads.


Get our unique Standard Operating Procedures that we use.


Want to launch your campaign fast? Check out our 5 Minute TikTok Ads Checklist.


Get access to our Proven Creative Framework directly from TikTok themselves!


  • Your Instructor
  • Who is TikTok For
  • Mindset on Lead Generation Principals
  • First Movers Advantage
  • Easy Domination
  • Transitioning To TikTok Ads
  • The Offer
  • How To Make Effective DR-Focused Creative, Win Friends and Influence People! (TikTok Presentation)
  • Creative Best Practices
  • 3 Types of Accounts
  • Things To Look Out For
  • Setting Up Your TikTok Ads Account
  • Walkthrough Of The Ads Platform
  • Pixel Setup
  • Campaign Objectives For Lead Generation
  • Campaign Setup For Lead Generation
  • Setting Up Ad Groups
  • Walkthrough of Ad Settings
  • Instant Page Setup
  • Lead Capture Setup
  • Events
  • Custom Audiences
  • LookAlike Audiences
  • Moderating Comments
  • Lead Form Data
  • Naming Conventions of Campaigns, Ad Groups. & Ads
  • Multiple Ad Group Strategy
  • 3:1 Framework
  • Scaling
  • Optimizing Click Through Rate
  • Optimizing Cost Per Lead
  • Converting Leads
  • Hacking The Data: 30K Foot Overview Mastermind Training
  • Pixel Troubleshooting
  • Tracking Google Sheet
  • TikTok Ads Guide
  • TikTok Ads Swipe Files
  • TikTok Top 1000 Conversion Ads
  • Making Facebook Ads Great Again
  • Landing Page Examples



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TikTok Ads Lead Generation For Growing Brands

100% Ironclad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, that’s correct. If you buy the course, follow the training and can show a legitimate attempt to implement what you’re taught using our strategies, we guarantee our product. No, you won’t be able to buy the product and do nothing and expect to be able to get a refund. But, we’re so confident that our strategies work that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. All you have to do is put those strategies to work.

Note: All guarantee challenges will require said challenger to supply evidence of completion and implementation of strategies.


Why This TikTok Ads Program?

You are here for a reason and I strongly believe this course is going to be a huge shift in your business.

Before we continue, let me say something real quick…

I’m fully transparent and to the point. I say it like it is, and don’t like to fluff anything. Sometimes my trainings may be pretty raw, but you are not investing into this course for a show.

You are here to learn a specific skill-set that I can show you, that will make a significant change in your business.

Many people don’t like that – but we can’t make everyone happy. I do what makes my clients results, and for you.

Why Should I Trust You?

I’ve been in the local business space for 15 years, and have been focused on lead generation for 8 through paid advertising.

I’ve been able to learn through doing, and even though I’ve over 6,000 Entrepreneurs and small business owners through courses, 1 on 1 and consulting – I’m still in the game.

I currently have a healthy 7 Figure Agency and continue to personally be in the trenches when it comes to learning new strategies and techniques with the latest social media strategies for generating leads.

My direct client’s have also made over $50M in revenue over the years with my help, and I’ve been able to personally coach and train hundreds in reaching 6 and 7 figures in their businesses during that time.

Who This Is For...

Want To Generate Leads With TikTok Ads
Know exactly how to setup TikTok ads so you can start generating leads from Day 1!

Who Want To Leverage TikTok Ads
We'll show you step by step how to do this, so you can start generating leads and sales through TikTok Ads!

Want An Upper Hand Over Their Competitors
You know your competitor's are not running ads on TikTok - are you going to wait for them to be first?

Are Tired Of Facebook’s Ads Platform
You know your competitor's are not running ads on TikTok - are you going to wait for them to be first?

Want To Reach Their Ideal Audience
I'll show you how to target your ideal audience (it just isn't about young adults dancing on video... your audience IS on TikTok!)

Don't Know How To Make TikTok Videos
I'll give you proven frameworks on how to create videos!


Who This Is Not For - People Who...

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What About Bans like Facebook?

Look, we know how horrible Facebook ads can be...

One minute you're running ads, then you're banned!

Whether it's your business manager, business profile page, or even your personal ad account - Facebook ads are not reliable.

Not only have costs been sky-rocketing over the last few years, but other platforms such as Google have super high costs as well.

My new approach using TikTok Ads can generate an endless number of leads for any business if done correctly.

I started my entrepreneur journey in 2007 by cold emailing local web design agencies. I offered to be their “right-hand man” for building websites and development.

Now, after 15 years of doing various Online Businesses, my consistency and innovation made me into a 7-Figure Online Business Growth Expert and Growth Revenue Strategies who’s helped clients scale towards more than $50M worth of sales.

Over the last 8 years , I've been able to master direct response lead generation through paid advertising and generating amazing results for my clients.

Since, I’ve developed training programs that merge Technology and Direct Marketing on Social Media and have helped thousands of Entrepreneurs and business owners generate results.

I’m sharing with you exponential business growth strategies that are sure to produce results!

Why TikTok Ads & Why Now?

Ads are not dead. They evolve along with the audiences.

As a business owner, you have to go where people go...

Right now, TikTok is the best place to have your ads! It is currently the most powerful and fastest growing social media platform in the world.

We’ve all seen viral TikTok trends, and we’re likely to discuss them with our families or friends. It’s addictive, fun, and entertaining! It’s no wonder it reached a record-breaking 65 million installs in 2021 and has 850 million active users worldwide (probably more by the time you're reading this).

What’s unique about this platform is how it can help you reach a wider range of customers and effortlessly drive conversion.

Whether you’re a big brand or a start-up business, you can take this first-mover advantage in using TikTok Ads to connect with your customer base and drive revenue.

You don’t want to miss out on so many sales and lead generation opportunities. You want to get those ads right in front of your customers – in TikTok!

And that led you HERE!

Can I Leverage My Business With This System?

Businesses thrive on leads, but it shouldn't be just any leads. Your business needs seriously high-quality ones.

My years of experience in the online industry brought me through ups and downs. I've discovered what works and what doesn't. I've found leads that are ready to invest in themselves. They are ready to work with me and my team.

If your business needs a surefire way of growing, and succeeding on Tiktok - what I offer in this course will work for you.

It doesn't matter what sector you work in; whether it's fitness, finance, make-up, or relationship counseling.

This approach hasn't just worked for me; I've been working all of my clients how to scale and grow their businesses from the beginning.

They're all getting EXPONENTIAL results.

I've been using proven lead generation strategies with my clients for many years. Over 6,000 students of mine have also learned these same strategies to grow their business.

So double-check to be sure I haven't left anything out – this method has been tested, modified, perfected.

I’ve built my entire career on getting people results. So that’s exactly what this is. It’s a results-driven formula for Growing Brands that want to Generate Leads and Sales Through Advertising in TikTok!

Now, this is not just a trend, or do I do this because it sounds cool. I do it because it works. And I make it better for you to win your game too.

So, there you have it. That is my story – and naturally, I'm going to tell it as such. However up until now - I've only given this information to those clients who pay me thousands of dollars a year...

Until now - which brings me to an important point.

This is the first time EVER that this method is going public!

And it's on a Pre-Release Special!

Make this your FIRST step in CRUSHING TIKTOK ADS Today!

What Are Lead Generation Trends in 2022?

Generating leads is evolving, what used to work may no longer be as viable as it was before!

Short Video Content tops the digital marketing trends in the last year and it is bound to grow bigger in the coming years. Hubspot found that about 31% of marketers are now more willing to spend on short-form video ad content that captures attention and engages consumers.

We can expect a growth of 89% of global marketers exploring this format or increase their investment in short video content in the next year.

What does this mean to your business? TikTok could be an essential platform across all digital marketing efforts such as AI, Chatbots, Omnichannel Marketing, and Social Messaging Apps!

Why TikTok again? Because the leads are here. And I’m going to show you in the most simplified way how you can crush the platform and leverage your business.

I’ve made clients scale up their businesses, I can do that for you too!