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In this podcast, Akbar Sheikh tells us about putting yourself out there and growing in the kind of model you envision your business to work. He reminds us about the joy of trying different things, of experimenting programs and strategizing its development to the fullest of its capacity by optimizing business and profession. Some of us came from nothing while some of us actually are more fortunate, but none of that matters if you don’t do something about you got.

There’s no such thing as luck, you get to choose whether you become successful or not. It is a choice to follow the path towards your dreams and goals, because the thing is, there will always be hardships and failures, and so if you’re going to fail, fail at something you believe in the most because that’s how and when you’ll feel most alive. Akbar also tells us that people needs to be emotionally. mentally and environmentally optimized in order to achieve changes in what they perceive and do. It isn’t until you fix yourself and get rid of toxic relationships will you truly be able to take off towards the better parts life has to offer, especially in business. 

In this podcast, we also cover:

08:10 Successful entrepreneur

10:08 Growing up with retail

19:36 Taking advantage of things

21:12 Working with winners

22:45 Selling to the wrong people

29:48 Half-ass work

As entrepreneurs, you have to pick what you want to specialize in, you can’t help everyone at the same time, it’s just not logically possible. You have to focus on which group of people you can optimize your business and profession with to the fullest and expand from there.

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