How to Create More Engaging Social Media Posts for your Business?

It’s no secret that social media can be a powerful tool for your business. With it, you could build stronger relationships with your customers and even grow your small company to an international brand.

But many businesses use their social media accounts as just another digital billboard without much thought given to the content they share.

The truth is social media posts are social media posts; no social media platform is the same. Each social media platform has its unique qualities, and the audience and content that works on one social media platform may not work on another social media platform.

In this article, we will look at how social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn differ. I’ll teach you how social media posts can work for you and what social media posts will do for your social media accounts.

What are the Benefits of Social Media for Business?

There are tons of social media benefits for your business. For example, social media is an excellent way to:

  • Get feedback from customers and target audience on a product or service – social media is social, so customers will naturally try to leave reviews.
  • Keep customers informed about your business – social media posts are an easy way to spread the word about your business.
  • Create a social community for customers and potential customers – social media posts give you a platform to start conversations with people who may be interested in your business.
  • Reach potential new customers – social media posts are a great way to build brand awareness for your company.
  • Increase social credibility for your brand – social media posts can help you look like an expert in your specific field.

Now that you have an idea of your business’s social media benefits let’s look at social media posts for different social media platforms.

Different Social Media Platforms

There are different social media platforms that you can use to promote your business. Before looking at various social media posts for other social media platforms, we need to know what platforms we can use to create posts to share content.

Here are some of the most popular social media platforms you can use today:

  • Facebook – the most extensive social network in the world with more than 2 billion users.
  • Twitter – this is the perfect social media platform for keeping your followers up-to-date with constant streams of content through regular posts and live videos.
  • LinkedIn – this is a professional network where you’ll find more business people who are looking to connect and work together.
  • Pinterest – use Pinterest to share photos, infographics, and other visual content.
  • Instagram – Instagram is all about photos, so use this social media platform to share images of your products/services with your followers.
  • Google+ – this network isn’t very popular, but it offers some great tools for businesses that want to create Google-friendly content.

Now that we know what platforms you can use to share content, let’s look at the different types of social media posts you can create for specific social media platforms.

How Do I Get More People Following My Account/Page?

Getting more people to follow your social media accounts is essential because an account with no followers will not get many likes or shares. Also, if you have many followers, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to connect with influencers in your business niche.

There are multiple ways on how you can get more people to follow your account.

  • You can pay for ads on social media – this is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting more followers. If you have a Facebook account, you can get more likes by purchasing ads that will send new people to like your page. You can also do this with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts if you want more followers.
  • Having a Contest – this is a great way to get your audience engaged with your social media presence. To have a contest, you can give away free stuff or ask for engagement from followers – such as asking them to post comments on a social media post.
  • Posting an Interesting Video/Picture – if you’re looking to engage more people with your business on social media, make exciting videos and pictures. Compelling content will get more likes and shares, which will mean more followers for your social media accounts because of the exposure you’ll be getting to different people.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get more people on your social media accounts. The more followers you have, the bigger your reach will be – which means more potential customers for your business.

Content Ideas to Post on Social Media

The social media content you post on social media sites should be tailored to the social media site that you’re posting on. Here’s an overview of some social media content ideas you could consider posting to each social media platform:

  • Facebook social media posts should be fun and conversational. People expect Facebook social media posts to be a break from their everyday lives. Facebook social media posts should not come across as salesy. However, social media posts on Facebook are great for promoting events and sharing your company’s social media content (like blog posts).
  • Twitter social media posts should include real-time updates and promotions. Twitter social media posts tend to be snarky, witty, and imaginative. Twitter social media posts should be short-and-sweet to grab your reader’s attention. Twitter social media posts should be related to your Twitter account and should not sound too salesy.
  • LinkedIn social media posts should share professional content that is related to your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn social media posts are perfect for sharing company updates, blog posts, social media content, and even social media contests. LinkedIn social media posts should be professional but should not sound too salesy.
  • Instagram social media posts should be fun, colorful, and vibrant. Instagram social media posts tend to have a personal touch – so don’t share LinkedIn status updates on Instagram. Instagram is a great social media platform for personal branding and sharing behind-the-scenes looks at your company.
  • Pinterest social media posts should be colorful and eye-catching. Pinterest is all about visuals – so you want to make sure all of your Pinterest social media posts have great images.
  • Google+ social media posts should be personal and written in a conversational tone. Google+ is more than just an SEO tool – it’s also great for connecting with your audience.

Social Media Posts depend on the social media platform that you are trying to use. So make sure you know the purpose of your social media posts. Learning about the different types of social media posts will help you develop a solid social media plan for your business.

Increase Engagement with Social Media Posts

There are different ways to increase engagement with your social media posts, which you can utilize to increase the visibility of your business’s social media accounts. Here are some ways that you can use to encourage more engagement with your social media posts:

If you’re using Facebook for business, create an event and invite people to like your page. Invite people in the event description. Then post the link to the event on your company’s Facebook page. By increasing engagement with this post, you’ll be able to get more likes for your business’s Facebook page, which will increase its visibility in search engine results.

LinkedIn allows users to share articles or blog posts that they like within their news feed. Use LinkedIn’s “Endorse” feature to increase engagement with your company’s LinkedIn news feeds. When users endorse your business’s LinkedIn page, it will show up in their news feed, and then you’ll be able to use that endorsement to get more endorsements.

Twitter allows you to re-tweet content from other Twitter accounts. Use this feature to engage your audience and increase the visibility of your business’s Twitter page.

Use hashtags to increase your brand’s visibility on social media platforms like Instagram, Google+, and even Facebook. A hashtag is a word with the # symbol before it – for example, #marketingtips. By using a specific hashtag, you can tag all of your pictures or blog posts about marketing tips and increase engagement with your posts by encouraging people to search for the hashtags you use.

You can also increase engagement with your social media posts by asking open-ended questions and replying to comments that people leave on your social media accounts. This will encourage interactivity and a sense of community around your business’s social media platforms.

Also, it is not enough that you simply post on social media sites as a business. You need to engage with your followers, too.

If you post on Facebook, for example, and don’t reply to comments or like some of the photos that people share with you, then your posts will probably be overlooked – even though they may offer your business great exposure if more people would view them and like them.

On the other hand, if you like and comment on other people’s photos and reply to comments that followers leave you, then your posts will get more exposure – which means more people might see them and possibly become customers of your business. Here are some reasons why you need to engage with your audiences:

  • It gets people interested in your business, which can lead to more sales.
  • It helps build a good reputation for your business by showing that you care about what your clientele is saying.
  • You get more exposure on social media sites because of the increase in likes and shares. This means more potential customers.
  • You get more followers on social media because people see your posts and interact with them.

Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Creating a social media content calendar will help you ensure that your business’s social media accounts are up-to-date and engaging. The key to creating a successful social media content calendar is to schedule all of your posts in advance, so you won’t have any last-minute scrambling to think of something to post on your accounts.

Based on the information you’ve gathered about your target audience, develop a social media content calendar with various types of posts. Schedule in some “evergreen” posts for times when you have no new product or event announcements to make, some promotional posts to announce sales or recent company developments, and some inspirational or educational posts to encourage engagement with your audience.

You can also create separate social media content calendars for each platform that you’re using – this will allow you to customize the types of posts that appear on each account and increase engagement by targeting specific user groups based on the platforms they’re using.

Having a consistent posting schedule on social media helps build a good reputation and maintain a solid social presence. This is because your followers and people who like and share your posts know when to expect new content from you – which means they’re more likely to come back for more of your content on social media.

Also, if you don’t have a consistent schedule for posting new content on social media, your followers might think that you’re not interested in posting on social media anymore.

In addition, having a consistent posting schedule also ensures that you’ll have a good mix of different types of social media content. This is because if you only post on social media, for example, images for a month or two months straight, your followers might get bored.

People prefer exciting content, which includes a variety of information. If you want your business to succeed on social media, make sure to have a consistent but not repetitive posting schedule.


By engaging with your followers on social media, you can get more people to become interested in your business. In today’s world of constant communication and the internet, it is vital for a business to have a good presence on social media – especially if that company wants its products/services to be known nationwide or worldwide.

In short, engaging with followers is essential to a business’s success on social media because it can lead to a long-term interest in the company. After all, what good is social media if it’s only used to promote products or services without receiving anything in return? Interacting with followers can be beneficial for both sides – the business and its clientele.

Remember, the more people who like and share your posts, the more exposure your business will get. And if you interact with followers on social media, even better! More likes and shares mean more exposure for your post.

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