Every day I get asked what tools and software I use in my business. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of things that I use in my business and that I highly recommend.


ClickFunnels – One of the best tools in the industry to build landing pages, membership sites, and webinars. My funnels have earned multiple 7 figures through ClickFunnels.

Active Campaign – Think of InfusionSoft + SalesForce had a baby… out came Active Campaign. It can do everything these others can, but way cheaper. Email, SMS, Automation galore – you won’t go wrong with Active Campaign.

Zapier – If you’re looking to automate your leads generation and business… Zapier will do that for you. You can literally automate anything and everything and it’s pretty simple to setup!

Funnel Scripts – Are you struggling to come up with the perfect copy? Funnel Scripts will solve that for you. It’ll help with sales copy, video copy, case studies, testimonials, bullet scripts, advertising, email copy, titles, headlines, subject lines and much much more. I use this tool every single day!

Acuity Scheduling – I use this software scheduling program for all my agency’s clients. It’s easy to manage multiple clients with 1 login – and the best part is they have their separate login to manage theirs too!

Perfect Webinar – If you don’t know already… running a webinar is one of the best ways to automate your income and sell your products. Webinars can be difficult to nail down, but thanks to Perfect Webinar – it makes it pretty easy to get up and running. Check it out if you’re looking into running them.

Freshbooks – I’ve been using Freshbooks for my agency invoicing or over 10 years – really don’t know where I’d be without it!

MailChimp – Super easy email marketing software if you don’t want to use Active Campaign

Marketing In Your Car – A compilation of all of Russell Brunson’s podcast files into a standalone mp3 player – a must for listening to his advice while on the road!


DotComSecrets – Hands down the #1 Entrepreneur and business book that I’ve read, and continue reading to this day. It literally is the Underground Playbook for growing your company online. Right now it’s available for free, all you have to do is pay like $7 for shipping.

Expert Secrets – This is THE book if you’re looking to become an Expert in your industry and any industry. It’s the follow-up book to DotComSecrets.