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In this podcast, Jim Chester, a chiropractic philanthropist and mind practice mentor, indulges us in their niche of chiropractic and how it connects us to positive well being. He explained more on how the practice helps people and for which people the services are for, clearing misconceptions along the way. Jim believes that chiropractic needs more exposure, especially in the advent where the nation’s health insurance policies are challenged.

If you want to dedicate yourself to something, make it a principle, idea or movement that speaks to you in the deepest sense of being a human. Sometimes you get caught up in a routine and it begs a question for change, for variety, and that’s when you find yourself looking for things that make you feel more alive and that would reach more people, help for people at your given time. With Jim, it’s giving chiropractic the attention it deserves.

In this podcast, we also cover:

05:48 The art of learning people’s names

07:40 Media leverage

09:08 Rehab with patients and working in a clinic

13:29 Coming from a journalistic background

16:25 Pushing forward

22:50 Switching your game up

49:44 Helping more people

With the pile of podcasts, Jim is getting more content out in the community at a more consistent pace. Being somebody who becomes a go-to when it terms of chiropractic, it becomes a duty to educate more people about the benefits it offers and its accessibility to the public. This way, chiropractic is given the attention it deserves in today’s medical needs and set-up.

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