Simple Ways to Craft Powerful Product Descriptions That Sell!

The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits. However, entrepreneurs can easily make this mistake: writing only for descriptive purposes instead of excitingly grabbing their attention, so they’re compelled enough by what you have to offer them!

In today’s market, there are many competing products and startups that can be difficult to understand. It is where a product description comes in handy for entrepreneurs who want their customers to know more about the unique qualities of their products.

A good way of ensuring quality text while also capturing attention? Write product descriptions that reflect the unique selling points (USPs) of your products. Highlight their benefits while also providing important information like specifications, features, and limitations where applicable.

Showcase what makes your products stand out from the rest by using different words for your sentences (and maybe even some fun words, too!). If you are tech-savvy, use words that give off the impression that you are tech-savvy.

What is a product description?

In a nutshell, a product description is a basic form of content that helps customers understand what your products are and how they can benefit from them.

It’s a marketing tool that attempts to entice a customer into making a purchase. Compelling product descriptions may be an essential ingredient in a successful marketing plan designed to boost revenue, expand the brand’s presence in the market, and attract new consumers.

A product description’s goal is to explain the product while also demonstrating how it benefits the reader. A product description’s most significant feature is its brevity. Creating a compelling product description entails including the most crucial information and addressing consumer queries in a few lines. Important keywords should also be included in the product description to help with SEO and traffic generation.

Creating a product description necessitates excellent writing, marketing expertise, and knowledge of your target market. Some firms develop their descriptions in-house, whereas others utilize agency experts.

What should you include in a product description?

Some sellers put in many words in their product descriptions, while others are so lacking in content. It would help if you were informative while being brief in your product captions.

Include the following important information in your product description:

– a summary of what your product is.

– a tag line which sells the benefits of the product. It should be unique and eye-catching. Also, make sure it’s consistent with your brand image.

– a list of key features and relevant details about your products.

– the product’s target market and why they would be interested in it.

– any other significant information such as dimensions, color, weight, packaging type, and so on.

Why is it essential to have powerful product descriptions?

Your product description can have a significant impact on your sales. If you write descriptions for items sold online, you must ensure that your product description is engaging enough.

Investing time in your product description to write about its benefits rather than just listing out features will affect how much you are willing to pay for it.

Your descriptions are the first impression you make on your customers. You need to make sure they are unique, engaging, and accurate.

Your website’s traffic will plummet if you write poor product descriptions that address consumer queries or include product information-based keywords. Hence, listing out features in a list form is never a good idea.

Powerful product descriptions are written to give the readers a clear idea of what your products include and how they can benefit them, whether they purchase online or offline.

A well-written product description will have these effects on your business:

Develop Trust with Buyers

When you write clear, concise, and informative product descriptions that address the customer’s queries, your buyers will develop trust in you. It is because they know exactly what to expect after purchasing from your store. They are confident that they won’t receive a faulty product or one that doesn’t work as it should.

Increase Sales

A good product description will help increase your sales by clarifying what the product is and what it can do for readers. There would be no room for confusion, which could lead to potential buyers passing on the item.

Enhance SEO Rankings

A well-written product description is naturally more likely to get shared on social media sites, reposted on blogs and forums, and included in product round-ups. This process gives you free marketing for your products and increased SEO rankings which means more organic traffic to your site.

Highlight Important Details

When a customer is interested in purchasing one of your items, they would want all the details about it, such as size, color, weight, and so on. Hence, your product description should list out all the specifications they need to know before purchasing.

Increase Brand Recognition

The more people are exposed to what you offer online through social media sites and blogs, and your products will receive more brand recognition. It leads to potential customers being able to find you easier when they search for such products online.

Simple Tips to Write Powerful Product Descriptions

When written effectively, product descriptions lead to a significant impact on your sales and business.

Here are the different ways you can write powerful product descriptions that sell.

1. Be Consistent With Your Writing Style

Your target market might vary across social media sites, blogs, and forums, depending on where your adverts appear. However, when writing product descriptions, be consistent with your writing style to ensure readability for all. If you are supplying products to customers in different countries, be sure to write product descriptions in their native language for the best results.

2. Use Simple Language

Clear and concise product descriptions in simple language allow your customers to understand what you are selling faster. Using big words or complicated sentence structures will make your product description hard to read. It is not the time to impress your readers; just give them what they are looking for in a way that they can easily understand.

3. Highlight Product Features

Features are what make your product unique and different from others of the same kind. List out all of the elements in bullet points, making it easier for customers to read quickly. If you think listing all of them is too much work, remember that they can always read more about it on your website.

4. Include Product Specifications

A product description should include information such as size, color, weight, and operational requirements to assist customers in purchasing the right products for their needs. It’s also essential to list out any defects or drawbacks in the item to be aware of it before purchasing.

5. Include Product Guarantees

List out whether you have any product guarantees to show your customers that you stand behind all of your merchandise. It will increase their confidence levels in buying from your online store, which could lead to higher sales figures.

6. List Product Uses

If you can list different ways that customers can use your products, it will be much more appealing. Try to think out of the box and come up with innovative product uses that are not generally known, leading to viral posts online.

7. Go With The “You” Perspective

You must know your target audience when crafting product descriptions. You have to prepare these words with your perspective to highlight whatever it is that the person wants or needs from your product. You can use words that will tickle your audience’s imagination until they develop a desire to buy.

According to a scientific study, the desire to possess a product rises when people hold it in their hands. But since you are selling online, and your potential buyers cannot hold it, use another technique. You can include large and beautiful photos or videos of your products. But you can also use descriptive product descriptions for your readers to imagine what it would be like to have it.

8. Use Power Words that Sell

Power words and phrases like free, new, now, and memorable can effectively create interest among your potential customers. Use these words once in a while to boost sales of the product you are selling, making them stand out from your regular copy.

Some certain words and phrases automatically elicit an emotional response in people. It is fortunate for online retailers since it increases sales. If you’re aware of these phrases and expressions, you’ll be better equipped to persuade your consumers to take action and make a purchase.

9 Write Great Headlines

Headlines are one of the essential elements for capturing readers’ attention. You can come up with hundreds of headlines for your product descriptions, but it’s only to choose one out of them that will bring you sales. According to studies, there is a headline type that brings more online sales than others. It is a curiosity-based headline.

Use questions in your headlines to spark curiosity in readers to click on the post and read it. It is a great way to achieve website traffic, especially when running or managing an affiliate program. Furthermore, this strategy can help you generate more leads too!

10. Add Value With Reviews

Add in some product reviews from your previous customers to show that it works well for them and the like. If you don’t have any, this is an easy way to get some free testimonials to put up on your site, which could lead to more sales.

Write a review for your product to add value and encourage people to buy it. If you don’t have an in-house writer, consider hiring a copywriter or a content marketer instead to create valuable and informative product descriptions that will convince readers to buy the products.

How to use product descriptions to Generate Revenues?

Now that you are aware of creating powerful product descriptions to sell products, you should also study how it can help you effectively generate revenues. Here are some tips to help you out:

Keyword Research

Keywords are at the heart of a good product description. If you’re wondering what keywords to use, check out the product descriptions of comparable items and look for terms and phrases that make sense for your brand.

You may explore online tools to help you extract keywords from your site’s results and those from the competitors. These tools are perfect for helping you find the best keywords to optimize your copy. It will show you the best keywords to use against competitors and those that you should grow on your site.

Create Product Mystery

Make your readers curious about what you are selling by creating an air of mystery. Include some tantalizing details that will make the reader want to read more about the product.

In the product description, utilize writing methods to pique your audience’s interest in your goods. It makes it a more exciting read for your target market. It also aids you in making your goods sound intriguing and valuable. Using the following writing methods might help you develop product interest, such as asking questions or telling a story.

Be Specific In Your Product Description

Make sure that the copy you are writing is direct to the point. You should avoid being too wordy or describing your product in great length, especially since most people would not read through it anyway.

Provide specific details about what you’re selling and why it will benefit them instead of just describing every aspect of the product.

Refine Your Brand Voice

Incorporate your brand’s voice into your copy. It is an excellent way to establish more credibility for your product and create rapport with the target audience.

In terms of writing powerful product descriptions, the best thing to do is be yourself while writing it. Show off your individuality more because people would love it if you do so. They would prefer to buy from brands that they can relate to and connect with.

Conduct A/B Testing

The best way to sound out a product description is by doing A/B testing. It will help you determine whether a specific approach works for your target market.

Let’s say that you have two product descriptions up on your website, and the two have been getting similar traffic from Google Adwords. They both have an excellent copy, but one has higher conversion, so you’ll take the winning description and put it on other similar products.

To maximize your revenue potential, try to test your product descriptions online first before publishing them. Publishing an incorrect report can lead to lost conversions which could have been avoided with A/B testing first.

Analyze Your Revenue Data

Marketing experiments are good, but it’s not enough. Your company will benefit from understanding each experiment’s impact on the business as a whole, and this includes your product descriptions.

For instance, look at what factors affect ideas like search engine optimization and how multiple channels can drive conversions to your product pages. Use analytics tools to analyze how people navigate through your site and which product pages they land on.

Use Conversion AI to Create Product Descriptions

Considering the importance of product description in converting and generating revenues, it is understandable for marketers to ensure that this content is well-written.

Writing product descriptions is not easy, especially when you’re in a time crunch. That’s when Conversion AI can help.

This tool will give you the best copy for your products that are constantly optimized based on conversion data. It then creates hundreds of variations using sophisticated algorithms until it gets the one copy that has the highest number of conversions.

All you have to do is choose the most relevant keywords, and Conversion AI will write a product description that is proven to convert.

How to use the Conversion AI Product Description Power Tool:

1. Create an ad group in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads. It can be for a brand new product you’re selling or an existing one that has not been advertised before.

2. Choose your keywords from the list of keywords ideas generated by Conversion AI based on the keyphrases you entered above. These are the keywords you should use to advertise your product.

3. Click on the “Get New Ideas” button, and Conversion AI will show you new product description ideas relevant to those keywords.

4. The copy will be written in English, but feel free to edit the text to suit your target market.

5. Pick the product description with the highest number of conversions and use it as-is or edit it to sound more human.

6. You can schedule these to run continuously even after stopping your campaign, so you don’t have to write them all over again.

7. Once sales start coming in, check your analytics tool to see which keywords converted and which product descriptions work best for your products.

8. Keep optimizing your campaigns based on those insights until you have the highest return on investment possible.

Get Started in Making More Sales

Now that you have learned everything about crafting effective and powerful product descriptions, you are ready to start writing product descriptions that will help you make more sales.

With the proper knowledge, tools, and copy in place, you can craft powerful product descriptions that convert customers into buyers. Don’t forget to explore Conversion AI and the tools it offers to help you get moving with product descriptions for your online store and website.

If you need help with your online store’s product descriptions, Conversion AI is here to help.

Conversion AI can take your product page from zero to hero in a matter of minutes using data-driven copywriting and machine learning. Enjoy!

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