5 Awesome Tools To Generate and Nurture Leads in 2021

Since lead generation is one of the essential tools in marketing, many software developers created business applications that may help generate leads in various niches. These days, you can easily find software specializing in generating leads for a kind of business or industry with the right keywords (such as “lead generator”).

And it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, with these tools in your arsenal. You can make the most of your lead generation efforts and boost your ROI. We have collected some of the best marketing tools in the market for 2021 and found some of the most remarkable tools to nurture leads. Read on to find out!

Why is Lead Generation Important for Businesses?

Generating leads for business is crucial as it converts website visitors to potential customers. Companies can use those leads from different channels such as email marketing and more. In simple terms, generating leads is a way of promoting the business to prospective customers.

This post will guide you on some of the best lead generation software or tools in the coming years (2021). We hope that these seven applications will guide you in generating and nurturing leads for your business.

What is a Lead Nurturing Software?

Lead nurturing software establishes a connection with your lead even after your salespeople have gone home for the day. To do so, the tool must interface with several third-party services. It generally collaborates with customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide customized content to prospects after displaying specific actions, such as downloading an e-book or clicking on a link in an email.

The following features are typical in the lead nurturing software:

  • Email Automation – Automatically send emails to leads depending on where they are in the sales process, then change them up the pipeline based on their replies.
  • Lead Scoring – Assign leads a number value to describe how interested they are in progress through the sales process so that salespeople are focusing their limited time on the most promising ones.
  • Campaign Management – Automate different kinds of marketing campaigns—for example, remarketing to visitors who have left your site without taking any action.
  • Lead Segmentation – Make different kinds of content available to leads at various points in the sales process, based on where they are.

Top 5 Tools To Generate and Nurture Leads in 2021


Lead generation is significant for SaaS companies and online businesses because they need substantial leads to grow their customer base. Leadgenix supports your lead generation efforts by helping you generate leads with their AI/ML-based technology.

As of 2019, the Leadgenix CRM platform is one of the best lead generation software, which can help you get more customer conversions by giving access to your existing resources and boosting efficiency at the same time.

With powerful integrations on top, Leadgenix makes it easy to connect your business process with the tools you use every day.

Some of its best features for lead generation include:

  • Integrations: Leadgenix has integrations on top of powerful CRMs, which you can use to generate leads from your existing resources.
  • Lead Quality: Get more sales with fewer leads by understanding your customers better with Leadgenix’s insights on the quality of leads you are generating for your business.
  • Lead Scoring: Your leads’ quality is determined using Leadgenix’s machine-learning algorithm and AI technology.
  • Lead Management: Streamline and automate your marketing workflow with lead management to avoid any possible delays while nurturing leads for your business.


PULSE is a marketing automation tool that gives you the power to engage your prospects. It also helps you nurture leads so they can grow into long-term business opportunities. With PULSE, you can post engaging content. It also aims to influence your reader’s buying decisions by having them view the most crucial part of your blog post or social media update.

Also, it helps improve your brand awareness and reach out to influencers in the industry that you want to work with.

Some of its best features for lead generation include:

  • Personalized Content: Using PULSE’s AI-based technology, you can generate leads with customized content that will help encourage your readers and prospects to engage more.
  • Influencer Marketing: One of the best features of PULSE is its influencer marketing feature. Influencers are people who have a large following on their social media. They can help a brand grow through their posts and endorsements on their blog or social media accounts.


CONVERSION CRM is another marketing automation tool used for lead generation and nurturing leads through the sales funnel. It gives you the power to create highly personalized follow-up automated emails that target specific audiences. Also, it helps you nurture leads using different communication channels, which include email, social media, and other messaging platforms.

Some of its best features for lead generation include:

  • Advanced Targeting: Conversion CRM uses machine learning to help you nurture leads utilizing the platform’s automation engine.
  • Lead Scoring: Get a complete view of your prospects’ engagement with their online and offline activities. You can then prioritize and personalize messages for them to engage more.
  • Lead Intelligence: Get a complete and accurate view of your lead’s activities even before you engage with them.
  • Email Nurturing: Use email to reach out to your prospects before engaging with them through other communication channels such as social media and chatbots.


CleverTap is a mobile engagement platform that helps you increase conversions and grow your customer base. It’s one of the best tools to use for lead generation because it lets you create customized messages for your customers with its intelligent messaging features.

Some of its best features for lead generation include:

  • Real-time Analytics: In addition to converting leads into customers, CleverTap provides you with a real-time analytics dashboard to help you track and measure your marketing campaigns.
  • Personalization: Customize messages for each of your leads’ persona, targeting their needs or interests.
  • Location Targeting: You can also use location targeting to send personalized messages to people in specific geographic areas, such as a store’s location. This only works for mobile marketers and businesses.


Go High Level is a marketing automation tool that can generate leads and nurture them throughout the sales funnel. With Go High Level, you can use specific triggers to send personalized messages or content based on what your lead is doing or where they are.

It is one of the latest software to cover everything a marketer needs to generate, nurture and convert leads. With its automation intelligence, you can reach out to influencers in your industry and engage their audience by providing information they need through personalized messages and messaging triggers.

Some of its best features to generate and nurture leads include:

  • Real-time Tracking: Get an accurate view of your leads’ activities by leveraging Go High Level’s real-time tracker.
  • Precise Targeting: You can target customers or prospects with specific interests, behavior, location, and activity based on their interest to engage with personalized content.
  • Lead Nurturing: Send automated messages or content based on your leads’ actions, and behavior throughout the sales funnel.
  • Bulk Messaging: Send messages to your prospects in bulk based on specific criteria that you set.

What Sets Go High Level Apart from the Others?

Go High Level is considered a new-age marketing automation tool that will replace giants such as Hubspot and Clickfunnels. It brings many great tools to help you with almost anything that your company needs to thrive and succeed.

It is well-known for features such as:

  • Text (SMS) Marketing – With Go High Level, you can send messages to your prospects with bulk SMS messaging.
  • Email Marketing – You can also send automated emails using Go High Level.
  • Voicemail Marketing – You can even send voicemail messages to your prospects, whether they’ve filled out a form or not.
  • Contact Management – The Contact Management features of Go High Level let you keep track of various contacts, which is perfect for sales teams who need to keep track of their leads.
  • Appointment Scheduling – This feature lets your sales team establish appointment scheduling with prospects.
  • Follow-Ups – Your sales team can set up automated follow-up messages and emails after certain events, such as how long someone has taken to respond to a message.
  • Nurturing – Go High Level helps you automate a sales funnel and promote leads by engaging them with personalized messages.
  • Drip Marketing – You can segment your leads into targeted audiences based on their interests, behaviors, or contact history.
  • Web Funnels – You can use Go High Level’s web card builder to create a variety of different experiences for your leads.
  • Reputation Building – With Go High Level, you can automatically connect your social profiles to get more followers on your accounts.

Go High Level Got Your Lead Nurturing Needs Covered!

Nurturing and lead generation goes hand in hand. It is because no matter what industry your company is in, the end goal of promoting and generating leads for your business will always be the same. You have to get customers or prospects to have an engaging experience with your product or service so that they’d want to buy from you. And it’s pretty much the same with Go High Level. They know that if you’re going to generate more leads for your business, it’s best to get them at their most engaged state, and this is what they help you do through personalized content, and messaging triggers throughout the sales funnel.

These days, you can easily find a marketing tool that is equipped with nurturing features. But you have to choose your tools wisely and ensure that they will suit your needs and budget. Whether you intend to deliver email campaigns, segment leads for prioritization, or track your selling index, trust that Go High Level got your needs covered.

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