Collaboration Tips+Top Digital Tools for Effective Remote Marketing Teams Management

With the pandemic spreading, it is more important than ever to be prepared. A quarter of the workforce in America has already worked from home, at least part-time, and this trend may continue as companies look for ways to remain productive despite limitations.

To start with, managers need to understand various challenges affecting remote work productivity. It is expected that even high-performing employees will sometimes decline in their performance and engagement when they resort to working remotely.

It often leads to teams of passively disengaged employees, and some feel disconnected from the mission and goals.

To help you get your remote marketing team back on track, here are collaboration tips you can implement.

Tips to Effectively Manage Your Remote Marketing Teams

1. Create Clear Working Arrangements

Remote work can be a blessing and a curse for marketers who use it to cut their commute time or telecommuters who need flexible schedules to take care of children or aging parents. However, managers should create precise working arrangements to be clear about what is expected of them.

Managers should communicate expectations for their teams’ communication frequency, means, and ideal timing to help them work remotely more efficiently and pleasurably. For instance, you may utilize videoconferencing for daily check-in meetings, but we use IM when something is critical.

Likewise, establish the best times of the day for team members to reach you or when you will reach them. Make sure that others are informed when necessary, and check with them if things aren’t going as planned.

2. Agree on A Clear, Updated KPI

KPIs are important regardless of whether your marketing team works in the office or remotely. Clear goals are essential for ensuring that each member contributes to the company’s success and growth. They provide direction, focus, and assistance for marketing employees in knowing where they are going.

A clear goal can be updated monthly to give your remote marketing team the ability to set its quarterly targets based on its progress. It is better than using an annual one-size-fits-all, which is not dynamic enough for this fast-moving industry.

3. Ensure Your Team’s Board is Up to Date

Effective marketing teams are results-oriented, so your board should be focused on what you want to achieve. Ensure that the boards are brief and simple. But also provide enough information for team members to do their jobs properly.

Since many marketers manage multiple projects at once, they must know which tasks should be prioritized.

An effective board should provide a visual representation of feedback and information that employees expect. It should also show their progress, such as the number of followers gained or sales made. It will bring transparency to your team’s work and provide them with an additional source of motivation and satisfaction.

4. Hold Team Building Virtually

A regular in-person meeting can be challenging to achieve if your team is spread out across different cities or time zones. Since it’s not always possible, you should ensure that virtual meetings are productive and worth your time.

To have rich conversations with remote employees, managers need to improve the way they communicate with them. Sometimes what makes a meeting great is not the location but what happens during it.

The use of online collaboration tools like Slack also makes team-building much more accessible. It provides effective communication channels that are easy to set up. For instance, you can each bring a virtual whiteboard or brainstorming pad so you can share ideas and thoughts with ease. It’s worth noting that using tools like these is just one way to improve virtual teamwork.

5. Schedule Casual Chit Chat

There are many benefits to working remotely, with the ability to set your schedule being among the most popular. While allowing teams some flexibility can be helpful. Managers need to ensure that employees have met their required deliverables before they are allowed to take a day off.

Having casual chats with your team once a week is an excellent way to increase communication and collaboration. You can schedule these chats for a specific time or have them happen spontaneously – whatever works best for your team. However, you should be very clear about the requirements they need to complete before chatting with their teammates.

6. Leverage Digital Tools

Today’s marketers work in a connected and digital world, and the tools they use can help them do their job effectively. However, it would be best if you weren’t too quick to adopt new technologies without knowing whether they will help your team or not.

Some top digital tools for today’s remote marketing teams include the following:

  • Google Drive: A great tool for marketers to easily share files, track changes, and collaborate with team members.
  • Skype: An excellent way to stay connected with your remote team. It allows you to have real-time conversations, video chats, and conference calls so you can determine how well your employees are doing.
  • Conversion AI – AI technology is used to increase conversions and improve the quality of inbound traffic. It can do this by using the web and ad data to help marketers understand consumers’ behaviors and provide actionable insights that boost results.
  • Go High-Level Marketing Automation Tool – A comprehensive marketing automation tool that streamlines your team’s process. By automating common tasks like email marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, and lead nurturing, you will reduce the time required to handle marketing activities by 70%.

There are many other tools like these, but you should make your list of useful ones for your specific needs. An excellent way to do it is by checking what tools your competitors are using and trying them out before deciding which one works best for you.

What is Conversion AI?

Conversion AI is an artificial intelligence technology that allows marketers to increase conversions and reduce the cost of acquisition. It does this by using web and ad data to offer actionable insights that help them understand consumers’ behaviors inside the purchase funnel. 

It combines technologies like machine learning to allow marketers to create a personalized experience for each customer and reduce the cost of acquisition by as much as 50%.

Advantages of Using Conversion AI in Marketing Teams

1. Creates 1:1 Conversions through Customized Ads/Emails – One of the main reasons why companies spend so much on acquiring new customers is because they engage in mass marketing. It’s easier to acquire an audience by targeting people with blanket messages than to engage individuals. 

2. Increases Conversion Rates by 25% – This is since personalized messages are more effective in engaging people, especially those who have already shown interest. With Conversion AI’s technology, marketers can create a 1:1 experience for each customer and increase their conversion rates by as much as 25%.

2. Provides Actionable Insights that Impact KPIs – Companies using Conversion AI can get actionable insights about their campaigns. It allows them to improve their customer experience and increase their engagement rates.

3. Uses Machine Learning to Boost Budget – Machine learning technology allows marketers to optimize their budgets and get the best ROI from every campaign.

Another great benefit of using Conversion AI is that it can help companies save time since they no longer need to analyze data by themselves. Companies who use this tool provide marketers with access to reports and insights, making timely decisions and increasing their ROI.

4. Improves the Ability to Convert Unqualified Leads – The more leads a company acquires, the harder it becomes to qualify them. Nowadays, many companies struggle because they have tons of data that marketers need to analyze to determine which leads are the best ones to close.

Conversion AI’s technology can allow marketers to get actionable insights and improve their lead qualification process. It will enable them to close the best leads and increase closing rates while spending less time on tasks that don’t produce results.

5. Helps Achieve Set Goals Quicker – With Conversion AI, companies can achieve the goals they set for themselves quicker by engaging the right people, using the proper messaging, and providing the best experience for each customer.

6. Increases ROI by Focusing on Customer Retention – Instead of acquiring new customers, companies can use Conversion AI’s technology to focus more on customer retention. It allows them to develop better leads, increase conversions, improve their customers’ quality, and increase sales while spending less money.

What is a Go High-Level Marketing Tool?

Go High Level allows businesses to have a centralized real-time view of their team, allowing them to instantly see who’s at the office and who is working remotely. This digital tool can help managers save time since they don’t need to contact employees directly. It also helps improve work efficiency by giving teams complete transparency over every task being worked on and every scheduled meeting.

How Can Go High-Level Marketing Automation Help my Marketing Teams?

Go High Level allows managers to centralize communication and collaboration. It lets you connect everyone on your team, giving them a real-time view of office and remote members so they can instantly see who’s at the office and what meetings are scheduled. Communication is also centralized through chat, which means every member has access to the same information and communication channels.

Go High Level also provides managers with an actionable dashboard. It makes it easy to determine which members have the most impact and which teams need additional support. Managers can see who’s doing what, when, and how they’re performing, allowing them to identify any bottlenecks that might be slowing down productivity.

The advantages of using Go High Level include:

  • Faster Time to Take Action – Having an updated dashboard lets managers see who is at the office and scheduled meetings. They can then contact employees directly to get specific information or take action when needed. It saves time since managers don’t have to contact employees directly to get in touch with them in real-time.
  • More Transparency – Go High Level provides managers with complete transparency since all members have access to the same information and communication channels. Since every team member is updated in real-time, this makes it easier for managers to take action when needed quickly. It allows them to see who’s at the office to understand if an employee has left early and might not be able to get in touch with them.
  • Less time Spent on Less Important Tasks – With information updated in real-time, managers can spend less time doing tasks that don’t produce results. They have access to all the necessary information and can see who’s at the office. Also, they know who they need to contact when they need to take action. Managers can focus more on high-priority tasks that are crucial for business growth.
  • Faster Communication – Go High Level’s chat feature lets teams communicate without having to pick up the phone or send an email, saving time since every team member has access to the same information and communication channels. A chat feature also makes it easy for managers to contact employees directly.
  • Go High Level allows businesses to manage remote marketing teams effectively, centralize communication, and give managers a real-time view of the team. This digital tool helps managers save time since they can communicate with team members directly in real-time without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Final Thoughts

Remote work is here to stay. Thus we can expect more companies to adapt to new work culture, etiquette, and tools. While in-person meetings are beneficial, it’s essential to consider the value of virtual team building. Leaders need to bolster their remote marketing teams’ performance by creating precise working arrangements, agreeing on a clear and updated KPI, ensuring your team’s board is up to date, holding team buildings virtually, and scheduling casual chit chats. The use of digital marketing tools such as Conversion AI and Go High Level are also beneficial for the effective management of remote marketing teams.

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