Marketing Product Review: Go High Level

Go High Level is a list-building software that automates your business so that you can focus on other things. Go High Level is also an effective affiliate tracking system for your marketing and sales efforts. 

As an active Go High Level user, I’ve noticed that some people tend to get caught up in the excitement of using the software without thinking through how they’ll use to help them achieve their business goals. Go High Level is primarily a list-building software and requires you to add value to your prospects to get more email subscribers. However, GoHighLevel has numerous other options for you to expand your marketing efforts, such as:

  • Launch Your Own Blog Network To Promote Other Affiliate Marketing Products (Use Go High Level’s traffic)
  • Build an Email List of Prospects That You Could Offer Products or Services Later On Through Go High Level
  • Create Different Businesses With Different Niches Using Go High Level And Manage 

It might not sound very easy, but managing multiple Go High Levels accounts makes Go High Level much easier because it automatically updates everything, such as all GoDaddy auction listings and GoDaddy product features.

How Go High Level Works?

Go High Level will email you every time a GoDaddy listing has been updated or closed out so you can be sure that your listing is being advertised most effectively. GoHighLevel also gives its users access to their blog network, which is free of charge, but only if GoHighLevel gets credit for referring you to it (which they do by default).

Let’s say I’m interested in affiliate marketing, and I want to learn more about it. I would create my Go High Level account, set up my GoDaddy and Go High Level accounts so Go High Level gets credit for referring me to GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy Web Hosting. At the same time, collect email addresses from those interested in learning more about affiliate marketing themselves. 

Once everything was set up, I would then create content about affiliate marketing on GoHighLevel and post it on my website as an article or blog under the authority of Go High Level (not yours). When readers come across your content, they’re going to trust you more because you seem like a professional compared to creating one site with all your content in it that might end up getting penalized by Google eventually.

Before starting this process, though, make sure GoHighLevel has GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy Web Hosting integration to post your GoDaddy links through GoHighLevel quickly.

Once my GoDaddy listings go live, I’ll start getting emails from people who want to know more about affiliate marketing. I will then send them an auto-response that tells them that they’ve been referred to Go High Level and that Go High Level is a way for them to learn more about affiliate marketing and earn money online! If they’re still interested after reading the entire message, then I will capture their email, whether it’s through a pop-up or widget. After that, they become part of my email list, which helps me build my own affiliate marketing business with GoDaddy.

However, Go High Level allows you to do many other things because GoHighLevel has its blog network of sites that GoHighLevel refers people to or gives people a template to build themselves. Go High Level is not responsible for the content on these blogs; however, GoHighLevel does claim credit through affiliate tracking if someone mentions GoHighLevel as their referring source. So it’s more than just an email list-building tool, but also a way to advertise other services and products from GoDaddy without having to worry about hosting fees associated with GoDaddy like most new users! 

How is the price of Go High Level compared to others?

Go High Level is relatively expensive, and their pricing scheme has them displaying five plans. GoHighLevel’s Product Plan Pricing starts at $19/month for the Silver plan, which will allow you to run Go High Level on one domain name for 12 months. Go High Level Premium Plan (starting at $49/month) would also let you use Go High Level on One Domain Name for 12 Months, and they do not limit the number of web pages that can be auto-created using Go High Level. 

GoHighLevel Ultimate also begins at $249/month, and like Go High Level Enterprise, you can use Go High Level on one domain name for one year. GoHighLevel Enterprise ($249/month) also allows you to use Go High Level on One Domain Name for one year, but with this plan, there is no limitation in creating web pages that could be created using Go High Level. However, unlike GoHighLevel Enterprise, the GoHighLevel Ultimate plan allows up to five websites to promote Go High Level service. The pricing seems justified compared to others in the same industry because of the features and benefits offered per plan.

Is Go High Level worth investing in or not? 

Go High Level product review reveals that it is an excellent tool with a fantastic track record all over the internet. When analyzing the customer reviews about Go High Level around the web, it was evident how this efficient tool has positively impacted many online business owners, including GoHighLevel itself. Go High Level product review says that Go High Level, with its powerful features and benefits, is worth investing in for any online business owner looking to succeed online. 

What GoHighLevel’s Have to Say?

Go High Level has had consistently good reviews from customers around the web, especially those who have used Go High Level to create their landing pages and squeeze pages which have helped them achieve their goals. Go High Level Product Review shows that Go High Level has made a name for itself by providing more than satisfactory results to both newbie and expert marketers alike within the shortest time possible.

Review of Go High Levels keyword research tool

Go High Level product review concludes by saying that GoHighLevel’s keyword research tool proved to be very helpful in generating relevant keywords and phrases necessary when creating Go High Level landing pages and Go High Level splash pages. Go High Level’s Go High Level affiliate link builder is also one of the most valuable tools in GoHighLevel as it allows GoHighLevel affiliates to generate profitable Go High Level commissions through affiliate links.

GoHighLevel provides a lot of assistance, especially when searching for niche phrases, related keywords, and long-tail keywords using its SEO keyword research tool. The Go High Level Keyword Tool provides an Actionable List by recommending different phrases based on your search preferences (such as country, state, domain, etc.). It also gives recommendations closely related to your terms, such as synonyms/close variations and other keyword ideas that may be similar or related to what you’re looking for. The Keyword Tool even allows you to use term modifiers such as: ‘exact,’ ‘phrase,’ or ‘broad’ to have GoHighLevel search in a specific way. 

Go High Level product review also likes how the Go High Level keyword tool works by filtering out irrelevant keywords. The user will only get what they’re searching for without looking at any unwanted suggestions generated from their original query. Go High Level does not only make helping users find relevant keywords easier. It also allows affiliates generate commissions through Go High Level affiliate links using its link builder tool. With Go High Level’s link builder, creating automated SEO-friendly powerful campaigns becomes easy and accessible to everyone!

Review of GoHighLevel’s split-testing feature 

Go High Level product review also notes GoHighLevel’s split-testing feature, allowing users to test and compare different Go High Level landing pages with Go High Level website traffic. GoHighLevel’s split testing feature helps affiliates save time in analyzing Go High Level landing page results so that they could pinpoint the best performing one from the bunch. Go High Level also has a video tool for its GUI, making it easy to understand and navigate, especially for newbies who are just starting out using GoHighLevel.

Review on GoHighLevel’s Customer Support 

Go High Level product review states that despite all these fantastic tools and features, there were cases where GoHighLevel had technical problems and glitches. Such as instances where their servers went down or when GoHighLevel’s site could not be accessed. Go High Level product review mentions how GoHighLevel needs to improve its overall customer support since it is still a newbie in this industry. Go High Level, therefore, fails to comprehend the questions of users who are confused and need more assistance, especially when GoHighLevel is very strict about its terms and conditions.

What should you know about Go High Level Terms and Conditions?

Go High Level Product Review also states that Go High Level has a list of terms and conditions which customers must follow. Otherwise, it would mean getting banned from using Go High level or receiving a penalty which may include money deductions or penalization against your account. GoHighlevel spamming guidelines have proven hard for GoHighLevel affiliates to adjust to even though they are already given GoHighLevel spamming guidelines. Go High Level product review states that GoHighLevel needs to become more flexible in GoHighLevel terms and conditions. It will allow affiliates to easily understand Go High level rules, especially for those who are still newbies when it comes to Go High Level affiliate marketing, especially when the competition in its niche is very stiff.

Go High Level Product Review also mentions how Go High Level only allows customers three attempts to verify their accounts or getting locked out from using Go-high-level, which makes potential users hesitant about joining Go High level. It is very disadvantageous for newbies who are just starting with Go High Level because they will likely get Go High Level affiliate marketing involved. Go High Level will not even let affiliates try to go high-level three times, which can be costly, especially starting. Go High Level Product Review states that Go High Level needs to reexamine its account verification process. It will allow newbies to have a better chance of becoming successful with Go High level since Go High Level limits potentials from the rookie players who could excel when given an opportunity.

Review on GoHighLevel’s Affiliate Compensation  

Go High Level only offers one payment option, which is PayPal. They do not have other forms of GoHighLevel payouts making it very difficult and frustrating for potential users, especially when 

the competition in its niche has a lot more to choose from. Go High Level only offers one form of payment. Go High Level affiliate marketers cannot select any Gohighlevel payment form making Go High Level products with minimal payment options.

Go High Level does not offer affiliates a wide range of compensation as Go High level only pays via direct deposits or through PayPal, which means affiliates have fewer options when choosing how they want to get their commissions.

Go High Level Product Review also states that Go High Level needs a wider compensation range. So, Go High level affiliates can have a better GoHighLevel payout option when they want to get their Go High level commissions paid out in the most convenient way possible.

Mostly, start-up e-commerce businesses offer Go High Level services such as logo design, web designing, website hosting, software development, or other various digital goods that can be very hard to sell. They do not have GoHighLevel affiliate programs to help Go High level affiliates get Go High Level commissions since Go High Level does not have GoHighLevel affiliates designing services and other digital goods. 

Go high level product review mentions how Go High level needs to find a way. So, affiliates can sell Go High level service design products because these types of Go High Level products are very hard to sell in its niche. They can be beneficial for newbies who are just entering into theGo High level business.

Conclusion of GoHighLevel Product Review 

What Go High Level offers is a way to direct your target market to a page on your website where they can merely sign up for the product. It isn’t practical if you have an extremely targeted audience or try to get them to buy something off your site. 

Go High Level doesn’t provide any tracking information. There is no option for conversion tracking post Go High Level button click, limiting marketing strategies that can be utilized from Go High Level’s service. Looking at more than one Go High Level review, Go High Level only allows one social campaign per account, which makes me believe they want you to do all of your business through their system rather than doing it themselves on their site. 

Go High Level takes care of all the hard work for you but does not provide much customization. Go High Level gives you a chance to test out Go High Level before deciding to buy it by allowing you to add Go buttons that won’t be tracked for seven days and lets you do this up to 3 times with different campaigns. Go High Level is unique among marketing products because it allows marketers who have small budgets to give Go buttons an opportunity.

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