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A lot of people are still doing marketing the old-fashioned way. They’re sending out mass email blasts to their entire database; they’re posting on Facebook and Twitter with no strategy or goal in mind; they have an ad budget but don’t know how to get results from it.

If this sounds like you, then read on for a great new resource that could change everything about your marketing approach! 

We’ve curated some of the best content on digital marketing automation so you can learn what this powerful tool is all about without having to do any research yourself.

You’ll discover what exactly marketing automation is and why it’s so important—why it’s changing the game in terms of ROI when compared to traditional methods like cold calling or email.

Marketing automation is being used by the most successful companies today, so what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about how you can implement it into your business.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a process of crafting and executing marketing plans to attract, engage and delight customers across different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. It provides Businesses with the right tools & techniques, enabling them to extend their traditional sales capabilities into a digital economy.

The only way a business can remain successful in this highly competitive era is by having a well-executed Digital Marketing Strategy along with a perfect execution plan.

The world has been going through a fantastic change from the past few years, where the advancements in technology have allowed businesses to increase their ROI by simply getting things automated.

Several approaches to Marketing Automation are available, each having its advantages and disadvantages, but all getting the work done.

Here are some of the popular marketing automation techniques that businesses can use to increase their ROI. Both B2B & B2C businesses use these techniques & tools for various purposes, including email marketing, lead nurturing, web personalization, retargeting, and running experiments on landing pages to measure effectiveness.

Why is it Important? 

Marketing automation has done marketing more like sales by enabling businesses to amplify sales performance through advanced and powerful campaigns.

What if you could tell your marketing team exactly how much they need to spend for each campaign? What if you knew what worked and what didn’t in real-time?

This is exactly what marketing automation enables — it brings data into play, so businesses can figure out precisely when, where, and how their resources are being used. It allows them to run multi-variant split tests on campaigns that have multiple audiences with varying sets of interests, locations, and demographics.

This way, businesses can better understand their customers’ behavior, enabling them to provide custom content at every stage of the funnel. This personalized content helps businesses to attract more visitors, convert them into leads, nurture them into loyal customers and finally delight them by reaching out through personalized communication channels at just the right time.

To allow you to understand better the importance of marketing automation, here is the list of the things that marketing automation can do for you and your business:

1. You get better visibility into your visitors’ behavior which enables you to design highly targeted campaigns based on specific customers & traffic profiles

2. You can design personalized campaigns without any additional costs or huge investments in manpower

3. You get the chance to set up automated processes across multiple marketing channels, thus saving time and energy

4. You can ensure that all of your resources are spent on manually creating messages while still receiving feedback from customers helping marketers save both time and effort.

5. It helps you make sense of large amounts of information by letting professionals sort it out for you while saving time & increasing results accuracy rates by over 95%.

6. Automate everything with ease via marketing automation software plus other integration, making it easier than ever before for marketers to achieve success.

7. You can track and measure your campaigns in real-time, so you know exactly what is happening with each prospect, helping marketers increase sales rates, saving time, effort, & money.

8. Helps marketers maximize customer engagement by sending out relevant emails & social media messages at the right time, thereby increasing overall sale rates thus saving both time & effort.

9. Integrates all of your marketing efforts into one software platform, making it easier than ever to send relevant offers at just the perfect time. Marketing automation helps businesses to work smarter and not harder by letting professionals spend less time on what is less important and more time on what is key. Marketing automation helps you boost your revenue by reducing the number of manual tasks required to market online.

10. Marketing Automation allows you to use your time efficiently by outsourcing repetitive tasks to software, making life easier for marketers while increasing sales rates resulting in higher levels of success.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation? 

Let us look at some of the key benefits of marketing automation that have given businesses an edge over their competitors:

  • It enables you to get more done in less time with maximum accuracy.

Marketing automation eliminates all manual processes, which means it saves you a lot of time for sure, but what about quality? Well, there has been no compromise on quality while implementing these tools. They have evolved so much in recent times that organizations can automate their entire & marketing process without worrying about accuracy.

  • It enables you to understand your customers better, which helps you to provide better solutions & services.  

Marketing automation has made it very easy for businesses to collect data of their prospects; this accumulated information helps them understand their customers’ needs and requirements, allowing them to develop marketing strategies that can help them target the right audience with just the right message. This helps organizations avoid wasting their resources communicating with people who are not even interested in what they have to say.

  • It helps marketers make smart strategic decisions about their business or product.

The analytics provided by marketing automation tools are extremely helpful as they show how each campaign is performing individually and provide insightful data that businesses can use to strategize future campaigns by drawing the right conclusions from the data.

  • It enables you to run campaigns across various channels, including social media, email & display advertising, with ease.

Marketing automation tools come with in-built features that help marketers design and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns in sync with each other. They also provide real-time data on when, where, and how customers are responding, which helps marketers make intelligent decisions for the next moves they need to take. This saves them a lot of time and effort while dealing with such a large volume of customer data coming in from different sources.

What Makes Marketing Automation So Powerful?

Marketing automation is extremely powerful because it has brought together numerous technologies into one platform designed to automate every process, starting from collecting information about customers to delivering personalized messages at the right time.

It gives companies a competitive advantage by helping them increase lead generation and conversion rates, all with greater speed and accuracy at minimum costs.

According to experts, marketing automation will play a pivotal role in taking businesses into the next level of growth as there has been a tremendous shift from marketing based on gut instinct to marketing based on data-backed insights provided by these tools, which allow marketers to make better decisions for their campaigns and finally achieve better returns on investment.

Marketing automation is constantly evolving to keep up with changing customer needs, making it even more dynamic, agile, & versatile. Marketing automation has become vital for marketers. They now have access to insight that was never available before due to the lack of technology or the high cost of deploying such tools.

Marketing automation helps businesses in navigating through the entire customer journey, from determining the behavior of their customers right from how they were first exposed to their product or service, what kept them interested, and what made them finally purchase it, thereby acquiring detailed insight into each phase of the customer journey.

Aside from that, marketing automation has made it faster and easier to manage customer relationships allowing organizations to increase their revenue.

What makes marketing automation so powerful is that it provides you with visual reports, analytics data & in-depth analysis of your campaign, which means you can get detailed insights on what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to take your business ahead with complete peace of mind.

Most companies now widely use its tools as they are designed to help businesses save time and money while improving overall productivity.

Things to Consider in Choosing Marketing Automation Tool  

There are numerous tools available in the market, but not all of them were created equal. That is why it is important to do your research before choosing one.

Also, keep in mind that automation technologies are still evolving at a fast pace, so choose tools that will remain relevant for the next couple of years.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a marketing automation platform:

1. Look for solutions that let you set up lead generation campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously so that you can start collecting customer insights right away without having to worry about manually managing lead generation for each channel.

2. Choose a platform that allows users to measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales & conversions by providing detailed reports that can be used for in-depth analysis.

3. The platform should offer the ability to manage multiple campaigns across different channels, including social media, email marketing, display advertising & PPC, etc.

4. Choose something that offers easy-to-use automation tools with powerful reporting capabilities so you can start building your own personalized marketing strategy without any outside help.

5. It should provide real-time data & insights on each campaign’s overall performance, which will help marketers make smarter decisions when designing new marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a comprehensive marketing automation tool that offers more than just email marketing, then check out Go High Level. This end-to-end solution comes with features like website visitor tracking, social media marketing, email marketing, & lead nurturing to help you engage with your audience more effectively.

The software is packed with features that offer real-time data & insights on each campaign’s overall performance, which helps marketers make smarter decisions when designing new marketing strategies.

Go High Level as a Marketing Automation Platform

Go High Level is a marketing automation platform that allows users to measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales and conversions by providing detailed reports that can be used for in-depth analysis.

The platform offers easy-to-use automation tools with powerful reporting capabilities so users can build their own personalized marketing strategy without any outside help.

The best part about using a singular platform for all your needs is that it enhances productivity and speed while lowering costs at the same time.

It provides real-time data and insights on each campaign’s overall performance, which helps marketers make smarter decisions when designing new marketing strategies.

It contains marketing tools and features which include:

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital channels to get in front of new users. Go High Level creates personalized email campaigns automatically by leveraging website visitor insights & device data that allow marketers to send highly targeted emails with just a few clicks.

  • Social Media Integration

Go High Level offers a suite of social media automation tools such as publishing to social channels (Facebook, Linked In & Twitter,) engaging with users via live chat software like Facebook Messenger, and posting on-brand content on user profiles. These tasks can be done automatically with the click of a button.

  • Booking and Appointments Tool

Go High Level allows marketers to enable scheduling appointments & courses right on their website with just a few clicks, creating personalized offers for visitors to schedule an appointment and book a convenient time.

  • Website Builder

Go High Level enables users to build their own bespoke website without the need for expensive designers or developers.

  • SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with customers in real-time. With Go High Level, users can send personalized SMS reminders to customers who haven’t purchased or abandoned their shopping cart.

  • CRM and Pipeline Management

Go High Marketing makes it easy to stay on top of sales pipelines by identifying hot prospects across all channels, linking contacts with the most relevant social profiles & providing a full view of each customer’s journey. The CRM module also helps users manage teams and assign tasks from the dashboard.

  • Reputation Management

Go High Level helps you eliminate negative reviews across the web by aggregating user-generated content to your social media profiles, thus creating a positive brand image. Also, it allows you to interact with customers on any social media platform from a single page, making your brand more accessible and approachable.

  • Call Tracking

With Go High Level, users can track inbound phone calls and connect with customers every time they call the business. Marketing teams can use the reporting data to identify sales opportunities & generate insights that allow them to increase ROI on their outbound phone campaigns.

  • Survey and Forms

Go High Level offers a suite of built-in survey tools that help marketers receive feedback directly from customers. This allows them to expand their email marketing initiatives with custom lead capture forms to generate more leads in less time.

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels

Go High Level offers various marketing automation tools, including a sales funnel builder that gives you the ability to create unlimited sales funnels. Marketing teams can use the platform to deploy custom lead capture forms on their websites which allows them to generate more leads in less time.

  • Tracking and Analytics

Go High Level offers a suite of tools to enable users to create user-friendly forms, surveys, and landing pages so marketers can generate more leads.

As a result, you get better visibility into your visitors’ behavior, which means you can design highly targeted campaigns based on specific customers & traffic profiles that have higher chances of converting into sales or leads for your business.

Moreover, all these can be done without any extra costs or huge investments in manpower since it allows marketers to set up personalized campaigns and automate processes across multiple marketing channels.

Basically, Go High Marketing offers a single platform to keep all your marketing efforts on track and under control without having to hire additional staff or outside help. This is a very scalable and feature-rich marketing automation tool that’s sure to give you the edge over the competition by boosting conversions and increasing revenue in less time.

Go High Level is a simple and effective marketing automation tool that offers everything you need to succeed in any marketing campaign without worrying about higher costs or additional investments.

How to Get Started in Using a Marketing Automation Tool?

To get started with Marketing Automation, just follow these tips:

1. You need to ensure that the tool you choose provides a variety of features so you can cover all your bases without any inconveniences.

2. Marketing automation tools will require a lot of data. You need to make sure that your website and everyone in your team has access to this information to quickly use it for their marketing initiatives.

3. To make sure that everything is running smoothly, keep track of what is happening in real-time using the data provided by the software and optimize your campaigns accordingly for maximum results.

4. With time, learn what works best for each channel, then adjust your marketing strategy to remain relevant and minimize costs.

5. Keep in mind that Marketing Automation is about automation, so try not to do everything yourself if the software offers you the option for outsourcing, take advantage of it, and be sure to keep track of how things are going.

6. Marketing Automation is a continuous process, so the better your campaigns are, the more leads you will be able to close.

7. The core goal is to make lists of all possible prospects & customers based on their behavior, demographic information, location, and interests (if available). Make sure to feed this information into your marketing automation software so you can develop highly personalized campaigns and nurture leads effectively.

8. Marketing automation is all about increasing your ROI, so focus on areas and marketing tasks where marketing automation will have the biggest impact on your business.

9. When you feel like you need more data to make better decisions for future campaigns, consider making an upgrade to your plan to take advantage of the full suite of features that the platform offers.

10. Since the goal of marketing automation is to save you a lot of time and money, ensure that you do not spend all day on emails & social media while creating personalized messages manually; automate your marketing tasks by integrating them into one platform, which will help save both time & energy while increasing sales rates through higher engagement levels with customers helping marketers attain success by following these simple steps.

Final Thoughts 

The best way to make use of the above information is by choosing a marketing automation platform that will give you an open-end solution and follow-up strategies that include various services like email marketing, social media engagement, analytics, and more.

Marketing Automation has proven itself as one of the most useful tools for marketers who are looking to increase their customer base across multiple channels while personalizing messages and providing them with customized offers, thus making it easier to push traffic towards landing pages & bookstores, helping companies stand out from their competitors.

If you want to create a marketing strategy that will work and be sustainable for the long term, we recommend choosing an automation platform with all-in-one solutions like Go High Level. 

This way, your business can make use of every aspect of digital marketing without worrying about creating content or keeping your customers engaged with your company! 

Do you have any favorite automation services? Let us know below!

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