9 Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate You Should Try

It’s a well-known fact that leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, your company can’t grow, and you’ll never be able to reach your goals. Leads come from every direction imaginable: door knocking, cold calling, networking events, and more. 

Every business needs to lead to growth, but not all lead generation ideas are created equal. Here are nine of our favorite lead generation ideas for real estate to help you find the best one for your real estate company.

Have A Social Media Presence

The only general advice that we can give is to use social media for the long term. Social media doesn’t generate leads for real estate. It increases opportunities. For example, suppose your post about coffee was seen by someone who appreciates the atmospheric effect of waterfalls on emotional well-being. In that case, they might consider doing some property search with you sometime in the future using Facebook or other sites. 

So it expands your sphere of influence to more contacts than just those who are sitting across from you at a table right now.

Building a strong social media presence can be one of the best investments you make for your real estate business. Leveraging platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in the industry can considerably help lead generation.

To stay ahead of the competition, you can use Messenger as a tool to advertise hotlists made up of niche listings. For example, if your area has properties for waterfront homes or fixer-uppers that aren’t selling well yet, create a list and start advertising it on Facebook so interested buyers have an easy way to find these places before anyone else does.

Have Swag or Promotional Products

Why not make a good first impression by wearing branded gear to improve your real estate lead generation? Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or walking through the park with your dog, people will take notice of what’s on your shirt, and that can be an opportunity to chat.

Promotional products help lead generation for real estate by showing the prospect you’re serious about meeting their needs. People like to be personalized, and promotional goods are a great way to stand out.

Many real estate agents use promotional products as a type of lead generation tactic. The reason is that advertisers know customers are more likely to resist sales pitches when they see something for themselves or use it to decide whether or not they ultimately want to make a purchase. 

Suppose you give some promotional items along with the sales pitch. In that case, people are much more likely to buy these items rather than ignore the salesperson’s talk-show tactics and eventually put off buying anything at all.

Be Present in Local and Community Events

There is a lot of competition in the real estate market, and it can be hard to stand out. You could do this by sponsoring local events, such as charity races or county fairs. It will help your company get exposure, leading to more leads when people see who they are dealing with.

Real estate professionals in the know all agree that local events are an excellent way to get in front of your target market. That’s because, with a captive audience right in front of you and open dialogue going on, they’re more likely to remember you when they go searching for a real estate agent when it comes time to buy or sell a property. So yes, attending local events can help generate leads for agents looking for new clients.

Events are important to build rapport with these individuals so that when it comes time for them to buy a new home, they know who to call for help.

Get a PR Exposure

In the simplest terms, PR exposure in real estate lead generation is important because it’s a form of brand awareness that helps pull in new leads, often increasing sales.

Good exposure can make a big difference as it affects how much clients trust you and the number of websites that link back to you. As prospective clients, we all ask ourselves who we should trust with our patronage and their decisions. There is no better way for people to be reassured than seeing proof it’s a good decision by earning a good reputation over time.

With that being said, PR also increases traffic to your website, and lead generation will always go hand in hand with generating more traffic to your web page, which eventually results in more business leads. Quality real estate leads are everything for successful sellers and agents, so any effort you put into improving publicity would be worthy of consideration.

Maintain Previous Leads and Clients

You can capitalize on your relationship with old customers by providing them services such as seasonal maintenance. In this way, you’ll be the first person they turn to when buying and selling opportunities arise.

Business-building actions are actions taken by the firm to maintain, attract and grow its customer base. Lead generation, lead expansion, and client retention efforts maximize overall profitability for any business endeavor.

Businesses that focus more on long-term profitability rather than short-term gains often measure success in the number of leads they generate, not just the number of closed deals.

Maintaining prior history is also an investment, which adds value to the efforts of reaching out, following up, and making a great customer experience. When people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to return favors – so keep those connections strong.

Give Free Real Estate Advice

Offer free coaching sessions. People are always looking for ways to improve their lives, whether it’s financial or professional advice. The more you help other people, the better results you will get in return.

Giving free real estate advice is important because it keeps the larger industry strong, and building a relationship with your community leads to referrals.

Going into real estate isn’t like working in an office. You don’t get paid unless you find a renter or buyer for your client. Real estate advice aims to bring the right potential clients to you and increase your chances of finding them before competitors can.

Free advice can be done through outreach methods such as direct mail, flyers, open houses, social media ads, etc.

Try SMS Marketing

The first reason is that people are more inclined to have their phone on their person than on a computer. It means that SMS messaging can reach many people at once with just one message because it’s much easier for people to keep up with their phones.

Second, because realtors can craft SMS messages in any way you like, the potential for having an advertisement go viral is huge. You can make an idea or campaign fascinating or atrocious depending on how it’s presented – and marketing firms consider this when coming up with provocative advertisements to grab individuals’ attention through text messages.

SMS marketing is a natural fit for real estate agents looking to drum up new business. Keeping in touch with clients is a key component of staying competitive, and nothing does that better than text messages. They can be used to thank existing customers for their patronage, inform them about new listings in the area, and even let them know when you’re about to arrive at a scheduled showing.

Launch a Referral Program

People love to feel important, and when they get a referral program, it’s easier for them to know that you value their opinion. It encourages them to refer more people and bring new leads into your business.

Referral programs are all about creating an environment of trust. If your clients trust you, they’ll be open with recommendations of where to buy or rent in the area.

Your referral program should give your clients something of value, whether it’s cash rewards, future discounts on services, or anything they can use. You can even offer them a one-time 5% – 10% off coupon for their next sale to show gratitude. The best ideas come from you and the people you already know.

Deliver Something “Above and Beyond”

In real estate lead generation, you will be known by the company you keep, so it’s essential to have a great reputation when it comes time for people to choose a service provider.

Companies that go above and beyond in their services tend to get more referrals from past clients, and that’s why they’re successful.

You can do this by offering something to your client like free home staging, a free professional photo shoot of their house for sale, and even a cleaning service before closing day. Try thinking outside the box and find out what you can do to stand out from other companies in your area.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the tools to create a stellar marketing plan, it’s time for action. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help getting started with your lead generation ideas, real estate campaign, or advice on improving what you already have in place. Our team of experts at Danny Veiga Marketing is ready and waiting to partner with you, so together, we can make sure your business is thriving! Which of these nine lead generation ideas for real estate has been successful for your company?

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