Lead Generation Hack #5: Email Marketing

So far we’ve learned how to generate leads with Facebook Ads, using LIVE Video, Messenger Bots and also different lead magnets.

Today we’re going to discuss the king of lead generation lists.

Something to keep in mind, is never to keep your eggs in one basket. Let me tell you a quick story as how this pertains to me…

In the beginning of 2017 I created my Facebook Group – Entrepreneur Hustle.

About 6 months in, my group had grown to about 13K members. All of my course sales for my Facebook Ads / Agency course had come from the group.

All of a sudden I woke up in the morning and went to check my group, and it couldn’t be found. I had about 30 messages from people asking me if they’ve been kicked from the group – it had been shut down!

My heart sunk along with every other organ in my body. I had literally built a list through Facebook Groups of over 13K members and POOF… all gone within a second.

This is why building your list through Email Marketing is today’s lead generation hack.

Now don’t get me wrong… building your following across multiple social media channels is awesome. But you have to remind yourself that you can’t rely on those methods 100% because you don’t own the platforms.

The only thing you will ever own when it comes to building a list… is your email list.

If Facebook ever shut down – you can keep in touch with your list through email no matter what.

PRO TIP: When you start buiding your email list, ask them an open-ended question “What’s the #1 problem you are having with X” X being the niche you’re in, or what service you’re offering. This is also known as the ASK campaign by Ryan Levesque. It’s a great way to get your audience to tell you what issues they are having, so you can easily create lead magnets and products, courses, trainings, and a multitude of other things to grow your business and help your audience.

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