Lead Generation Hack #3: Messenger Bots

What’s the #1 thing that people go crazy for in todays’ technological world?

If you didn’t guess the word “bots” then you’re definitely behind the times. Bots are everything now when it comes to Facebook and lead generation for your business.

You can also use bots for customer service, support, opt-ins, nurturing and pretty much just about anything you can think of.

There are 2 main bot softwares right now – ManyChat and ChatFuel. I use ManyChat just because I’ve been using it for a while and it’s super easy to get setup.

Using a service such as ManyChat, you can grab a direct link and integrate that anywhere on social media or your website. If you are going to use Facebook and have a more integrated approach, you can only use it on your business page (unless you use direct links)

PRO TIP: Go LIVE on your business page and take advantage of the engagement to feed into your bots. One of the best ways to grow your lead gen with bots is by using this method (going LIVE which we talked about yesterday). When people comment, they will be added to the bot and get put into a sequence.

If you noticed a trend here so far… each day stacks up to the previous one. Utilizing multiple hacks when it comes to lead generation allows you to maximize the potential for growth.