Lead Generation Hack #2: Facebook Live

So yesterday we discussed using Facebook Ads and we discussed using video to create audiences.

Today, we’re going to integrate video + Facebook Friends.

Simply put, your Facebook personal profile is one of the strongest marketing tools that you have available to you.

You have the ability to market to 5000 people + anyone who follows your account.

All you need to do is make your “friends” on Facebook your ideal market… anyone that could become a potential client make them your friend.

After doing that, you can start doing LIVE on Facebook. If you’re a marketer and your market happens to be Dog Groomers (and that’s who your 5000 friends are on Facebook and you’re selling Dog Grooming marketing services) then when you go LIVE you can talk about strategies, case studies, tips, tools to make their life easier, additional services and anything that can help their business grow.

When you start doing this and start giving back to the community and actually be genuinely helpful, you will start getting people to message you and inquiring about your services.

PRO Tip: Go live from your business/fan page on Facebook and share that video to your personal wall. When you do this, you are able to create a Custom Audience, as discussed yesterday, so you can run retargeting ads to them.

Going LIVE doesn’t have to be perfect… yes it helps having a solid strategy but you don’t need one to have a successful business.

Be yourself. Remember people buy from those they know, like and trust.