10 Important Things Kids Need to Hear from Their Father

10 Important Things Kids Need to Hear from Their Father

The role fathers play in the family is vastly understated. Contrary to what we’d see on film and TV, dads matter a lot. These men are adept at changing diapers, scrubbing the toilet, and a pro at preparing meals for the family. Not every father is in a hurry to retreat to their man cave to watch baseball instead of spending time with the kids. 

Fathers play an essential role in their children’s development. Research reveals that kids with an actively involved father are more likely to finish school and act responsibly than those with absent fathers or no male role models. Kids with engaged dads are more likely to find great jobs and stay in stable relationships when they become adults. A man actively involved in a child’s life has so many positive effects on the child’s well-being.    

It is not only on the actions that they show when the kids are around. Vocalizing how much they care and love the children also has a significant impact on the child. As parents, our words compose the soundtrack of their childhood.

With this, here are some essential words that kids should always hear from their dad.

I love you

This is the most important thing that kids need to hear from their father, regardless of how old they are. No matter what your son or daughter does throughout their life, whether good or bad– unconditionally– you will always love them.

This simple phrase is the most powerful set of words that parents can utter to their children. But of course, it is important not to tie love to our kid’s actions and achievements. If kids only hear these words when they do something great, they will start working for it.

Dads should say these words often, regardless of what kids do or not. Kids should understand that Dad loves them because of who they are and not what they do.

You Matter

The way you see yourself matters so much. What you say is real to your child, so it’s important to let them know that they are worthy of being loved. You do not have to be perfect for your kids to love and respect you. When the world tells them otherwise, it is up to you to remind them that who they are and what they do matters. 

Before kids step out of the house and face the world, they need to know that they can always count on their parents’ love and support. It is essential not only for boys but also for girls because what you see outside has so much influence on the view of each one of us about ourselves.

Parents should remind their children that they need not do anything to be loved and supported by them. We, as fathers, should let them know that we will always be there for them. You can rest assured that you are a priority for us as parents.

I’m proud of you

When dads say, “I’m proud of you,” they are expressing their approval. They recognize the good deeds and accomplishments that the kids have achieved. It may be as simple as passing an exam or finishing some chores around the house; every act of love is an act that needs to be celebrated.

Parents set the standard for what kids should do; what you think is essential becomes vital. It is important because kids need to feel like they are making their parents proud of them. There’s just something about hearing these words come out of your dad’s mouth that makes us go, “Wow, maybe I’m doing something right, and I will do it again when the next opportunity arises.”

I forgive you

It may not be about anything in particular that they did wrong, but simply telling our kids that we don’t hold any grudges against them goes a long way to show how much we love and care for them. Kids make mistakes; we all do. They may say some hurtful words to us, or they may fail at something, and it’s crucial for them to know that it is okay and that we still love them.

You don’t need an excuse to forgive your kids; you do because you want to show how much you love them. It’s a way of letting your kids know that they are forgiven, that you want to move on and be happy with them.

I believe in you

It is crucial because it motivates kids to do better if their parents inspire them by believing in them. Dads should tell their children that they have the potential to be anything they dream of becoming.

Kids need these words of encouragement because sometimes, failure is easy to deal with, especially when you know you are not alone. You do not have to be perfect; all you need to do is try your best and never give up on your dreams. Dads should always believe in their kids, even if others don’t. Keep telling them that they can do it because you know how they can do things even better if they put their mind to it.

When kids feel like no one believes in them, they will feel lost and give up on their dreams. Dads should never underestimate the power of belief.

I enjoy being with you

Fathers need to spend time with their children. It doesn’t matter if it is during meal times, commuting to school, or any family activities.

Dads are very busy people; most of the time, they leave early in the morning and come home late at night. They usually do not get to spend time with their kids, and when they do, it’s for a limited period. Spending time with them is vital because it encourages healthy communication; this way, there is no awkwardness when you two are face to face.

These words are essential for kids because it makes them feel wanted and missed by an important person in their life. It brings happiness to kids that, despite being busy, their dad prefers to spend time with them and enjoys their company. 

I’m Sorry

Dads need to apologize whenever they make mistakes. Sometimes, because of their positions as heads of the family, dads tend to forget about apologizing because they feel like it is a sign of weakness. But you have to realize that mistakes happen, and no one’s perfect.

Kids need to learn that it is normal for their dad to make mistakes, and they should know when to accept his apologies. Kids need to know that even though you are the head of the family, you sometimes make mistakes. Kids should not feel like they are in trouble because there is nothing wrong with owning up to their mistakes.

I’ll always be here for you

Sometimes, kids need to feel like someone is there for them no matter what happens. Dads should let their children know that even though they may not protect them physically, emotionally, and psychologically, they will always be there for them.

It is important because kids need to feel like someone understands them and that they are not alone. There will be a point in their lives when they get bullied, or something happens. They know that there is always someone who will listen and give his best advice regarding their problems.

You do not have to be the strong one all the time. Dads should let their kids feel like they are not alone instead of assuming that their children can handle everything on their own.

I Know You Can Do It

Dads should always inspire and motivate their children to do better than before. If they want something, set a goal and work hard until you achieve it.

When kids hear these words from their dad, they will be determined to work harder to prove themselves worthy of what their father has said to them.

It is important because kids should never give up on pursuing their dreams, even if there are struggles along the way. They will know that they have someone who believes in them no matter what happens.

Dad’s words of encouragement will always mean the world to their children. Kids must know that you are proud of what they have done despite all the difficulties they faced along the way.

God Created You For A Purpose

Kids should know that their life is not just for themselves. They need to learn that God created them to serve an essential purpose in this world.

People are often unaware of what they are capable of and what is in them until someone points it out.

When we notice exceptional qualities in our children, we must call them out. Do this casually by going about your day and noting occurrences. You can point it out to them through a sweet letter, taking a planned moment to speak the truth to them.

As fathers, we have an essential role in helping our kids discover the high calling God has for our kids. Be a dad who calls out the greatness in your child, and watch them blossom into who God created them to be.

Do you find it hard to say some of these words? Discover your grey areas and work on them so you can grow in your relationship with your child. When saying essential words to your child, tell them with authenticity and be consistent about it. Soon, these words you say as a Dad will make kids feel more valued, secured, and loved.

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