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Instagram Chiropractic Marketing: A Guide For Beginners

If you’re a chiropractor looking to get more exposure on Instagram, you must know how to do so properly. It is true for any type of marketing, but Instagram has its own set of challenges and opportunities. This article will go through the basics of Instagram chiropractic marketing to help you be successful with your efforts.

Understanding Instagram

In the age of social media, Instagram has been a staple in many people’s lives. Its steady growth is undeniable, and its numbers are impressive compared with other major platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. In an attempt to stay relevant, it adds new features that allow for increased user engagement and, therefore, more potential revenue. 

Although initially criticized by some users who felt their privacy was threatened after changes were made on how information could be shared between profiles. The updates have allowed them to better compete with these giant brands, which may prove instrumental in maintaining longevity going forward.

The truth is that Instagram does utilize an algorithm to organize the content on your feed, but you have also managed to provide some helpful information about how the site works. Content is presented first chronologically, so recent posts are shown on top of each other first. 

Next, it checks what you have liked or commented on before and any connections between those posts or people/accounts you follow. This relationship-building algorithm creates more relevant feeds for everyone by surfacing more images they’re interested in, sparking their interest in new material.

Instagram Chiropractic Videos

To summarize, there are three different places to post videos on Instagram: story, page, and TV. You might want to start posting your videos on the stories feature because it’s easy for people who follow you to see them quickly. 

However, suppose some of your followers miss those posts or don’t have time. In that case, they will be able to find all of them in one place by checking out highlights, a section that has your previous stories from certain days posted together. In that case, viewers won’t need to miss anything important from your Instagram page.

If this method fails, try uploading directly into IGTV since many more influencers use these options instead of TV – an option only used by large companies and news channels.

Instagram chiropractic videos are useful to create small demonstrations of a proposed chiropractic technique in which a person adjusts the spine and other structures in an inert or fixed body. 

If someone is on your Instagram page, they are probably there to see what you’re up to. They want advice and stories from behind the scenes of chiropractic services. Don’t try selling them something. Just give them factual and relevant information about chiropractic.

Creating an Instagram Caption

The best Instagram captions for Instagram chiropractic marketing are those that fit your brand and resonate with your audience. Captions should be concise, informative, or entertaining, depending on the type of post you’re sharing. 

By adding a call to action in your Instagram caption, you can prompt users to take an additional step after they’ve viewed the picture and read its description. An effective call to action is a type of social media marketing that leaves the reader feeling satisfied and enticed.

If there’s no call to action, it’s up to the consumer to conclude what they need to do next. However, as soon as marketers include a call-to-action statement at the end of an Instagram post or any other social media post, they can guide their followers towards taking some sort of the desired action.

Calls-to-actions can be based on influencing thoughts and emotions with statements such as “buy now” or “subscribe now” or require a simple push notification where a user specifies keywords that serve as triggers for notifications from other apps.

For instance, you may include “Visit our website for more details” in your post as the CTA. Not only does it help your website to have more traffic, but people can explore and learn more about your service.

Hashtags are used to better catalog and search content through Instagram. So people who follow you can find your photos easier by searching for that specific hashtag. The company also uses them to promote certain hashtags that they believe will help drive more traffic or promote ads on their feed.

It is similar to “keywords” in SEO (where you optimize your web content for specific phrases or terms). Still, an Instagram hashtag is more like a term of art, or more accurately, a set of possible keywords related to what you are trying to communicate with your story. 

The simplest way is to create unique hashtags for every post you plan on sharing because this will help put your content in front of people who might not be following your account already.

Next, try adding branded hashtags relevant to your niche based on what’s close to your heart or already part of an existing campaign. It will help generate more impressions for future posts, leading to new followers liking what they see.

When creating captions or comments on social media, avoid adding hashtags in the middle of these posts. Doing this can potentially make your content less understandable and accessible to people who use text-to-speech readers. The safest bet is grouping hashtags at the end of a caption (or comment), where they won’t disrupt reading comprehension for those with disabilities.

When posting a new photo on Instagram, consider including the hashtags as your first comment so that followers can focus more of their attention on what you’re saying.

In addition, using hashtags to run contests is a great idea. For instance, you may ask your followers to share their chiropractic journey by posting on Instagram and using your chosen hashtag for the contest.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a feature that allows users to post ephemeral photos and videos. These posts will only remain on your profile for 24 hours before disappearing, which is why they’re often used as behind-the-scenes content or sneak peeks into upcoming products.

A story may have added effects, including animation, text, location stickers, filters, and more. Some say the stories are better than Snapchat because they constantly add new frames that can be used in your story to edit your pics with just one swipe of the screen. With that being said, anything you post on stories will also show up on the live feed, which is constantly refreshing. 

You can use Instagram stories to show off content or conversation that you might not have shown elsewhere on your feed. It is powerful when you are building relationships with your followers. You can also repurpose old posts, which is a fun way to use Stories. 

Be mindful not to post too many ads in between these types of stories – instead, include one or two promotions with other pieces of content. For example, you might show 20 seconds worth of snaps from your clinic before displaying one last advertisement slot for a new product launch or a new promo for your clients.

You want your audience to recognize that it’s you without even having to look at the username. Using consistent colors, fonts, gifs, and Instagram Stories templates is a great start! A style guide will keep track of all these design decisions, so everyone on your team stays unified in tone.

To make your Stories more engaging, get to the point in three seconds. That might feel fast, but it gives you plenty of time to convey a clear message or sell something without spamming people with ads and calls to action. Brands should use consistent visuals that have their unique selling proposition right out front for viewers who want another reason to keep watching from there on out, swiping up if they’re interested.”

Utilizing Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a great way to boost your presence and target specific audiences. The key is taking advantage of the platform’s unique features, such as Instagram Stories that enable you to share multiple photos or videos in one post, which all disappear after 24 hours.

When running an ad on Instagram, marketers need to keep their audience’s attention at all times by providing them with engaging content that instigates conversation or a deeper understanding of the product.

To advertise on Instagram, you need to link your Facebook business page with the platform. From there, create a new ad campaign in the Facebook Ad Platform and specify that it should be shown only on Instagram. Or, if you are running ads through this network already, choose whether or not they will show up in both places.

Starting with a discount deal ad is recommended but tends to flatline after some time. Another strategy that may work is the community expert method, where users can ask questions and get answers from office experts in their respective industries, which could be informative for other readers as well.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that can help you grow your client base and improve the perception of your chiropractic practice. Whether you’re just starting on Instagram chiropractic marketing or have been using it for years, we hope this guide has given you some new ideas and inspiration to get more out of an already amazing social media platform.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Suppose you’re looking for more information on Instagram marketing or how it can be used as a tool in your business. In that case, we encourage you to explore Danny Veiga Marketing at 

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