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In this podcast, Immy Tariq, a social media personality and co-founder and CEO of Webmetrix Group company, shares about his life before he jump-started his business. He tells us how he dropped out of medical school and pursued entrepreneurship instead. To date, Immy has dealt with brands from small scale businesses to billion-dollar companies and still continues to thrive.

Immy tells us more about the fundamentals of trust and direction in business. He reminds us that taking care of the teams and publications that fill in the company will help you build better products and services and produce more reproducible outputs. He also stresses on the importance of being a middle person that connects one business to another and how it’s efficient and proven to be very beneficial in setting up a bigger pitch for your company in the long haul. 

In this podcast, we also cover:

10:50 Acquisition Traffic

14:51 Importance of credibility and trust

20:01 Being the connector in publications

26:37 Uphills and downhills

30:32 Maintaining teams

33:55 Hanging out with the right people

Publications could either make or break you, that is why good advertising is essential in building a good reputation for yourself and your company. With it comes to trust and integrity, and both are an integral part of any business success.

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