How to Use ClickFunnels to Increase Conversion Rate


The ClickFunnels platform is a powerful tool that provides an all-in-one solution for marketers, simplifying creating and managing sales funnels. The platform enables users to design landing pages with templates, set up email autoresponders, track customer data and analytics, develop webinars, and much more. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use Clickfunnels to increase conversion rates. 

The three main components of any funnel are your offer or product, the page where you present it (the landing page), and the call to action button on that page. When designing your landing page, there are two things you need: an irresistible offer/product and a clear call-to-action button.

To utilize Clickfunnels to increase your conversion rate, you’ll first need a sales funnel in place.

Suppose you are new to the concept of sales funnels. In that case, we suggest that you read this post before proceeding any further to have a basic idea behind a sales funnel is that it guides people towards taking action. You can progressively reveal pertinent information about your product or service through various content pieces, at each stage moving them closer and closer toward purchasing.

Guidelines When Building Your Sales Funnel 

Learning how to use ClickFunnels and how to set it up is relatively simple. However, the real work begins when you start to build up your sales funnel using various landing pages. Here are a few guidelines which you should take into consideration when building your sales funnel:

Content Marketing: Getting Them Interested in Your Product

The very first stage of this process involves presenting your product or service to your potential clients in an introductory manner for them to get familiar with it and build interest. There are several ways to do this: emails, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, whitepapers, and other more unique pieces of content.

Utilizing these methods allows you to communicate how your product or service is helpful, how it positively impacts people’s lives, and how they can utilize it.

When you have managed to get their interest up high enough, you will be ready for the next step, which involves using click funnels to increase conversion rate. The idea behind this stage is that once your potential clients feel like they know about your product well enough, they’ll be willing to check out more information.

Accumulation Strategy in Using Landing Pages

The landing page serves as a gateway for users looking forward to converting into paying customers. So how do you design an effective one? First of all, remember how you got people interested in your product. Use the same methods and prune them down to the three most powerful ones. For example, how did you get their interest in emails? What made those emails so awesome?

So, it is in the landing pages, and you summarize what you’ve said and persuade them further by telling them a story or giving out bonuses (called incentives) if they decide to proceed with their purchase.

You can also use something called ‘the benefits accumulation strategy’ on your landing page. The idea is that instead of bombarding visitors with information all at once, you present it gradually over time, guiding them toward purchasing. Using this method will help visitors better understand how your product or service is beneficial to them, how they can utilize your offer practically, and how they will benefit from using it.

Pricing Strategies and Delivery Options

Here are three pricing strategies that you can utilize: The pay per click (PPC) option, where you only pay if the user makes it through your sales funnel’s various stages and ends up converting into a customer. This option requires investing money upfront but gives you complete control over how to treat your customers along the way. To provide you with a brief example of how it works, Google uses this strategy to give advertisers complete control over how much they pay per click on their ads. It also shows how much visitors will be charged for making a conversion and how many times those users can convert before being disqualified. 

Pay per lead (PPL) is another strategy where you pay nothing upfront but agree to pay based on how many people visit your sales funnel’s landing page and sign up for an interest list or such. You won’t get these leads unless you have paid first, which is why this option involves risk. However, if done correctly, it is gratifying. 

Pay per sale (PPS) means that when a user signs up for your interest list, you pay a certain amount of money each time they purchase something. Such payment is how most companies use click funnels to increase conversion rates.

Increase Conversion Rate by Collecting Emails

You can collect emails during any stage of how to use click funnels to increase conversion rate. There are many ways to utilize this method to get more email subscribers: whether it’s on how your product or service makes people’s lives better, why and how they should sign up for an interest list, how their email will be utilized, or even when they’re checking out the product itself.

Increase Conversion Rate by Managing Sales Funnel Templates

Sales funnel templates aren’t something users should worry about. They are relatively simple and easy to understand. However, you’ll have to learn how to use click funnels sales funnel templates as part of your marketing strategy to increase conversion rate.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Sales Funnel Key Components

On how to use click funnels is best defined as a multi-stage process. The stages are generally designed to lead any viewer through it until the final step, which is the ultimate goal. Sales funnels can be used for many things, and each one has its purpose. You should be aware of some key components of using click funnels when making your sales funnel template.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Sales Funnel Emails

One of the stages of how ClickFunnels works involves email marketing, an excellent tool for anyone who seeks success online or offline. It would help if you learned how using sales funnels can help you become more productive when communicating with your audience. Also, you can learn it to increase conversion rates and click-throughs from emails, so make sure you keep this section whenever you want to learn how to use click funnels.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Sales Funnel Videos

People know how ClickFunnels works differently to different things. Some can be persuaded with text, while others prefer watching a video. That’s why it helps at times to make a sales funnel for the latter type of people. In this case, you can either create videos separately or integrate them into your sales funnels as pre-sells or postsale, so every product gets a fair chance without disturbing the flow of other steps in your marketing strategy.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Sales Funnel Script

The script is the reason why people will fall under your influence or not. You can create significant sales copies by putting in some effort into it, but if you don’t have a good script, anyone will have a hard time following you through your sales funnels. That’s why knowing how clickfunnels work requires a good script that would make viewers interested and compelled to keep reading and understanding what you’re saying until they reach the end of your funnel where your product awaits them.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Sales Funnel Forms

No matter how you use click funnels look, you still need a form for your viewers. It’s the only way for them to communicate with you and vice versa. You can leave messages, customer reviews, or any information in the comment section.

If you want it to be more private, the sales funnel template would require a contact form, while if your viewers don’t mind being in public, then having a regular comment box will do fine. The choice is up to you but make sure that every step of your sales funnel has one email autoresponder.


All in all, as long as you have a clear idea of how to use click funnels, what you want and how you will get there, the rest becomes pretty simple. How to use click funnels properly is something that only comes with experience, though. For now, follow the checklist above and start working on one or more sales funnels for your products/services. It’s very much like any other content writing, so don’t overthink it. After making the first one, creating the second or third will be way more accessible than before.   

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