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How to write a great sales email subject line

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it’s still one of the most powerful tools in today’s marketers’ arsenals. 

It’s also one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and grow sales. It’s still the low-cost way of doing business, and sales email subject lines are a big part of why it is so effective.

With email open rates hovering around 27%, there are many ways you can get your emails opened more often. 

Some popular tactics include segmenting your list, asking questions, creating urgency, etc. 

This blog post will cover one of the essential aspects that some marketers tend to fully utilize–their sales email subject line. 

We’re going to give you some tips on how you can take advantage of this strategy while also protecting yourself from spam filters!

The best way to increase your email open rates

The sales email subject line is the most important place to start increasing your sales email open rates. 

Your sales copy and landing page will have a better chance of being read if it comes along with a compelling sales email subject line.

This is important because sales email subject lines are the first thing your prospects see when they get your sales email. It’s the first opportunity you have to connect with them and capture their attention.

Growing sales through sales emails are pointless if people don’t even open it up in the first place, right? 

A sales email is a salesperson’s chance to close the deal, so coming up with an excellent email subject line can never be overstated.

Tips for crafting better, more effective sales email subject line

How can you come up with sales emails that get opened? 

Here are some tips for crafting better sales emails subject line:

Keep it short

Sales email subject lines are like headlines. They should be concise and to the point, grab attention and explain precisely what you will get from reading the sales emails. 

Personalize your subject line

Personalized sales email subject lines entice the reader to open them without question. A sales email sent out to a segmented list will have a greater chance of making sales if you know what works best for that particular segment and be willing to adjust sales emails for each segment. 

Keep it sweet

The sales email subject line is a sales tool that helps sales emails connect with your prospects. Don’t make sales email subject lines abrasive or sales-y. They should be short, sweet, and to the point.

Be specific

The sales email subject line can be crafted to make it more relevant to the content of sales emails itself, leading to sales emails getting opened by sales prospects.

Utilize power words in your sales email subject line

Words are powerful sales tools in sales emails. They can entice sales prospects by using exciting and powerful words that help grab their attention.

What are the best words for your sales email subject lines?

Sales email subject lines should make prospects want to open your emails without forcing them to. 

They should be intriguing enough for your prospect customers to click on them without being pushy and sales-y.

But how do you do that? 

Here are some power words you can use in your sales email subject lines:

Use numbers and percentages to communicate benefits

Numbers and percentages pack a punch when it comes to sales emails. They are immediately attention-grabbing, thus increasing the chances of making sales through your emails.

If you think about it, every persuasive ad out there is using numbers or percentages. They are powerful sales words that can always help you close the deal.

Use words with emotional connotations to communicate your products/services

Emotions play a huge role in decision-making for sales prospects. If they were emotionally involved, your prospects would then find it easier to make a decision.

“You” words help create a relationship

Use words to build trust with your prospects. Shoppers don’t buy products based on emotions alone; they need to be convinced or reasoned into taking action. 

This is where persuasive sales email subject lines come in. They should help build these relationships and create trust with prospects by using words like “we,” “you,” or “us” as it encourages a relationship between customers and brands while giving your customer a sense of ownership of the product.

Savor the positive, bite the negative

When crafting sales email subject lines, how you use words in relation to each other matters significantly. This is because bad word pairings may lead your prospects to have a negative perception of sales emails. 

For instance: one word that will immediately create a negative impression in prospects’ minds is the word “no,” “not,” and “don’t,” among others.

Describe the product/service benefits in quantifiable terms (e.g. ‘best,’ ‘highest quality)

Substance and quality support a person’s desire to buy since the product or service is good enough for someone else to buy it. Use words like ‘best’ or ‘highest quality’ in your subject lines, and you’ll see more replies and more sales.

Opportunity and urgency increase interest in sales emails

The mindset of a prospective customer is that he will never have the chance to own what you are offering at this price or time again. For instance, if you create a compelling subject line that says “24-hour only: get your 30% off now”, you then give them a reason to act now or miss out on a valuable offer.

Examples of good sales email subject lines that work

When deciding on your sales subject lines, you should know that an effective sales email subject line gives information about the product or service directly and clearly but does not make it sound boring at the same time. 

It should be attention-grabbing enough to make subscribers open the email and read it. 

Here are some examples:

1. Use descriptive subject lines like “Breakthrough in widget technology,” “Tips to repair your sticky widget,” or “How to make your bonus system work effectively.” 

You can also use examples like “How to ____ like a pro” or “Top tips for _____” to somehow relate to the reader’s interest.

These types of sales email subject line examples are much more effective because they arouse the prospects’ curiosity and create an interest that leads them to open and read your sales emails.

2. Use sales email subject lines that indicate free trial offers like, “Free trial offer for your interest” or “How to try our products freely?” 

These kinds of sales email subject line examples are very effective because they let you get the attention of prospects who are interested in trying new products and services quickly.

3. Use sales email subject lines that point out the benefits of your products or services like, “How to maximize gain with our service” or “Five tips on how to save more money using our product.”

These types of sales email subject line examples will grab prospects’ attention because they talk about what will happen as a result of using your products or services.

4. Use sales email subject lines that promise a reward like, “Get your bonus points” or “Earn gifts with each purchase.”

These types of sales email subject line examples create an impression about how the reader can get something extra if they buy this product. This would make them buy because it makes them think that they will not get the reward if they miss it.

5. Use sales email subject lines that offer opportunities like “Opportunity to own this new product” or “Get free access to our tutorial.” 

These kinds of sales email subject line examples are effective because they create a mindset that the reader should take advantage of an opportunity before it is gone.

You can also show urgency to buy now like, “Limited-time offer,” “Last chance at this special price,” or “Only three days left to order.” 

This example creates the attitude that you have to take action immediately before it is too late.

6. Use sales email subject lines that encourage people to read your sales emails like, “You have to know this” or “Why not see what is inside?” 

These types of sales email subject line examples are effective because they urge the reader to know something out of their curiosity.

Additional tip: When is the best time of day to send out an email campaign with a good chance of being read and acted on by prospects? 

The moment when your prospects are most likely to be in a buying mood is soon after they finished their daily work session. 

For instance, at the end of a typical working day (or anytime on the weekend), send out an email campaign that gives them information about sales products and services that will alleviate whatever they’re going through and make it into a much better day.

This is the perfect time to send out an email campaign that shows them how your products and services can make their lives better or give them what they want right now because they’re in a mindset of wanting something other than work.

Maximize the Use of Sales Email Subject Lines

The most important thing is to strike a balance between being informative and interesting. You want your reader to be interested in reading more and know what they’re getting into before opening an email from you. 

We can help you craft a perfect sales subject line that will grab your customers’ attention while still providing them with all the information they need to make a purchase decision! 

If this sounds like something you would like, let us know about it by contacting our team today!

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