Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace: Which survey tool is best?

by: Danny Veiga

If you're a programmer, then there's no way that the task of selecting a survey software tool has escaped your attention. There are many options out there for programmers, and it can be hard to know which one is best. This blog post will explore some high level differences between Survey Anyplace and Go High Level, two popular choices for programmers looking to create surveys. 

Comparing Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a simple tool used specifically for creating surveys. Go High Level (also known as Go Survey) is a full application development platform that allows you to build a complete app out of your survey, including data storage and visualization.

While Go High Level gives you more tools to create unique applications, it can be more complicated than Survey Anywhere. Go High Level is a good option if you're looking for a more complex application. Go High Level can make it easy to import data from other sources and store the survey results with a few lines of code. Go High Level also provides tools to visualize your data in graphs and charts that look superbly good on mobile devices like phones and tablets, which is extremely important today. 

Survey Anyplace makes creating surveys straightforward by providing an easy way to create both web-based and phone-based surveys. Instead of having to learn codes, Survey Anyplace users can use simple HTML tags to build their interview and then deploy it online or send it via SMS messaging.

Survey Anyplace also allows you to test your survey. This tool is great for creating surveys and prototyping them without buying Go High Level or any other software.

Go High Level and Survey Anyplace can be used as tools that programmers use to build apps, but Go High Level has a lot more power behind its name. Go High Level is an app development platform with great data visualization options that are perfect for mobile devices like phones, tablets, etc. Go High Level also allows the user to import data from different sources easily through codes. Go High Level is a great choice if you want the best possible app experience while still getting all the features necessary for a complete application development platform. However, Go High Level can be quite complicated to learn and start using quickly. Go High Level is the option for you if you already have some Go Code experience and are ready to take your Go skills to the next level.

Survey Anyplace provides web-based or phone-based surveys that make it easy for programmers to get an app prototype up and running with great user testing features included. Survey Anyplace is a good tool if all you want is to create survey data to test its usability with users quickly and easily. Go High Level is a much more powerful option, but Survey Anyplace makes simpler apps for those of us who just need a quick way to create surveys without having to worry about Go Code.

How do Go High Level and Survey Anyplace Work?

If you're still unsure of which option is best for you, a Go High Level survey example could be found here: 

Go High Level Go High Level Surveys let you create and edit your own surveys using their code. Your questions are defined within the Go High Level editor, meaning that you don't have to rely on a third party for your survey functionality. Go high level has more features such as; conditional logic, image uploads, video embedding, HTML forms support, so it's useful if you want to create a specific type of survey or need customizability with your formatting. Go high level is free for 1 question per survey (up to 10 questions in total), but there is a premium option that costs $12/month (or $5/month for the 'lite' version if you're happy with up to 10 questions and two conditional sets). 

Survey Anyplace is a widely known, free survey tool that offers a number of options, including; integration with third-party tools such as MailChimp and Google Docs, the ability to upload images and videos directly into your surveys for quicker responses, integration with social media sites (allowing you to create quick polls on Twitter), an API and developer support. 

Survey Anyplace is easy to use - simply log in, select your survey type, edit your questions using their intuitive editor (where you can view live previews of how your survey will look). You can even have multiple language support for your surveys. Survey Anyplace offers a free plan which allows you up to 5 questions per survey and 100 responses per month, but this can be upgraded to allow more questions and responses. The free plan is enough to get you started with the basics of web surveying but does not offer all of the functionality Go High Level does.

How Much Does Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace Cost?

Go High Level and Survey Anyplace both have free versions with unlimited polls. Go High Level offers additional features for pay, while Survey Anyplace requires a subscription for all of its features.

Who is Go High Level for? Go High Level is targeted toward developers who want to host their own surveys online. Go High Level's intuitive design makes it easy to build and share online surveys on your website or blog within minutes. Go High Level also includes support for eCommerce integration through PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, AuthorizeNet, 2CheckOut, BidSwitch/Pubmatic, Radex/Yabu/Echo, and Zombaio. Go High Level has no mobile app version but Go Live - an add-on to Go High Level - is a mobile-friendly platform that allows Go High Level users to host their surveys on smartphones and tablets. Go Live also includes support for In-app purchases.

Who is Survey Anyplace for? Survey Anyplace is targeted toward individuals, businesses, enterprises, and organizations looking to create surveys and conduct market research online. Survey Anyplace's comprehensive list of features makes it an attractive option for enterprise customers with its ability to target specific audiences, collect detailed data, analyze responses, set the range of distribution options through SMS or email, including customer ID filtering (tagging) services which segment respondents into groups based on custom criteria. 

As a business owner needing to create my own survey(s), what are Go High level's best features? Go High Level's customizability and Go Live are Go High Level's best features. Customizing your survey is simple with Go High Level as it uses HTML code which makes the coding process easy to follow. Go Live allows you to publish your surveys on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and smartphones (including Android) as long as you have a wifi or data plan. 

As an individual wanting to create my own survey(s), what are Survey Anyplace's best features? Survey Anyplace's personalization features such as file attachments, preset messages, custom skip logic make its comprehensive list of features attractive for individuals looking to create written and visual surveys. Additionally, Survey Anyplace also offers access to one of the industry's largest survey templates (28,000+), which can be easily adapted or tweaked to fit your needs. 

Which survey is easier to create and use? 

Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace. Go High Level is a Go template framework that makes it easy to create basic surveys, and Survey Anyplace will help you create any type of survey with no coding required. Both are useful tools for quickly creating surveys for personal or business use but are quite different in how they operate; which should you use?

Go High Level is Go's most popular web survey engine that's super-easy to use and includes many features: 

- Save time & money by importing existing Go templates 

- 100% responsive, so your survey scales to fit all devices 

- Allow users to take your survey on mobile phones without redirects 

- Automatic anonymization of IP addresses via Go/SurveyAnyplace 

- Go High Level is Go's most popular web survey engine. 

Survey Anyplace is a comprehensive service that enables you to point-and-click your way to customer and employee feedback. You can create surveys or use our templates, pre-designed surveys created by industry experts in different fields like retail, restaurants, government, healthcare, and more. Go Anywhere saves you time & money by eliminating the need for programming skills so everyone can have their own professional survey system running within minutes. Go Anywhere works with Go High Level and Go Video.

Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace: Which survey tool is best? 

Which is better? Go High Level or Survey Anyplace? Go High Level has pre-made templates that are easy to load and customize. You can include multimedia in Go High Level as well, but Go doesn't allow you to add your custom pages (unless you add them into the existing template). Go is also free and open-source, while Survey Anyplace costs money. It's better to have Go even if you won't use those custom pages because Go High Level is free, whereas Survey Anyplace will cost you money for the full version with unlimited questions and participants. Go also has a simple interface, which makes it a good choice overall.

So that means Go High Level is better, right? Go High Level is so easy to use that even beginners can get started quickly without any trouble. It's really easy to use. You just need to format your questions or add multimedia if you decide to go that route. 

One more thing... Go High Level offers much more than just surveys! Go High Level lets you create quizzes, polls, lists, photo galleries, and much more plus; it's open-source, so anyone can contribute to Go High Level, a library of add-ons. Go accepts HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so you can even customize Go yourself. 

What can Go High Level and Survey Anyplace do aside from survey?

In the Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace comparison, Go High Level is found in GoSurvey.com with a free basic plan that can be upgraded to Go (GoSurvey.com) Plus or Go Enterprise for more features and options. Survey Anyplace offers free and paid plans starting at $19/month for Basic, $39/month for Advanced, and $49/month to start your custom plan based on individual needs. With tons of tools available within each service, you will want to determine which one best fits what you are expecting from a survey tool before committing to Go High Level or Survey Anyplace. 

Which survey is best for my business? Go High Level vs. Survey Anyplace?

When one begins thinking about creating a survey, their initial thought may be to simply use Go High Level or Survey Anyplace to do so. However, is this really the best choice? Go High Level and Survey Anyplace are both free options for taking surveys, but there are some very important differences between them that should not be overlooked when choosing which to use. 

Go High Level is open source, meaning it can be modified by anyone who knows how. Go High Level has been around since 2008 and was added to GitHub in 2010. Many programmers will use Go High level because they know how to make changes if needed (or change it freely), much like many users will choose Survey Anyplace due to its simplicity and ease of use. Go High Level has also been used in over 100,000 surveys! It also has a variety of features such as: 

  • Conditional logic which includes linking between questions
  • Branching logic where one question flows into another with the click of a button
  • An easy to read table function (which makes basic cross tabs or more complicated ones very simple)
  • Question randomization where answers are randomized for "skip logic" purposes
  • Ability to create skip patterns that are automatically applied whenever questions are asked
  • Multiple languages.

Go High Level allows users to have embedded documents in their survey that do not need to be hosted elsewhere or downloaded before they can be viewed by respondents. Go High Level has a basic editor for simple surveys and an advanced editor for those who have more complicated needs. Go High Level can be used to create mobile-specific questionnaires via Go Mobile, which allows Go High Level users to target respondents using their mobile device specifically. 

Survey Anyplace is similar to Go High Level in that it is free and open-source with an easy-to-use interface, but there are several important differences between the two. 

  • Survey Anyplace's interface is straightforward, so even a novice can create basic surveys. 
  • Survey Anyplace has many of Go High level's features, including branching logic (though not linking between questions)
  • Randomization of answers, creating skip patterns, and using Go Mobile and Go Smart Link. 

However, many programmers will use Go High Level because they know how to make changes if needed (or change it freely), much like many users will choose Survey Anyplace due to its simplicity and ease of use. 


The survey method you choose depends on the type of data you collect and how much money and time you want to spend. If your goal is to collect rapid responses from a large number of people, Survey Anyplace may be better suited for your needs. However, if what you intend to do with the collected data will make it difficult for respondents or require more in-depth answers, Go High Level might work best. No matter which one of these tools fits your needs better, we hope that this blog post has helped guide you in making an informed decision about which tool would work best for your business! We love hearing feedback, so kindly tell us to know what other topics interest our readers most by commenting below. 

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