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Go High Level vs Proof: Marketing Automation and Increasing Conversions

Do you want to increase conversions? One of the best ways to do so is by marketing automation. Marketing automation allows marketers to automate their marketing efforts, saving time and resources while still reaching prospects.

What does marketing automation do? It’s like having an assistant that keeps track of what you need to know about your business and streamlines all the little tasks for you so you can focus on what matters most: increasing conversions.

Marketing Automation manages everything from sending emails to scheduling posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You’ll be able to measure analytics and see which automated campaigns are working best for your business to optimize them for future use. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, marketing automation will help your company reach its potential.

This blog post will discuss two marketing automation platforms that could help you increase conversions by automating marketing campaigns: Go High Level vs Proof.

Find out which platform is best for your business and increase conversions today!

What is Marketing? Why does it matter?

Marketing is defined as “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” Marketing is the key to growing your business.

It’s what allows you to spread the word about your business and gain loyal customers who come back more time and time again. Marketing is important because it allows you to not only reach your current customer base but it attracts new customers and prospects to your business.

Without marketing, how would people know about your company? Without marketing, how would anyone know what products or services you provide or that you even exist? Marketing makes this possible. It helps you build a brand that engages with customers and prospects.

It also helps you build relationships with customers, which helps them feel more comfortable knowing that your business will be there for them in the future when they have new needs or demands.

Marketing automation helps with all three parts of the marketing definition.

Marketing automation is important because it will help you create the best possible product for your audience. Automation allows marketers to go through more leads than they ever could before by creating more detailed targeting criteria so you can find the right customers.

You’ll be able to connect with a larger audience and make a name for your business. Automation makes it easier than ever before to automate, analyze, and optimize your campaigns so you can create the best possible marketing plan, no matter who your target audience is.

Marketing automation makes it easier than ever before to increase conversion. Converting prospects into customers is what marketing is all about, after all. Doing so will help your business grow faster by developing loyal customers who are willing to welcome your next product or service with open arms.

It’s important that you’re able to catch new leads and convert them into customers because building relationships with your audience is what marketing is all about. Marketing automation will give you the ability to do this more efficiently than ever before.

Go High level vs Proof: What are they, and how do they work?

Go High Level

Go High Level is an all-in-one marketing platform providing businesses with an affordable alternative to other marketing automation software.

It allows users to connect with their customers, automate campaigns, and measure analytics. It helps you do so much more by providing the best possible tools to reach your customers. Go High Level is a great marketing automation platform choice for businesses looking to increase conversions while staying within their marketing budget.

Go High Level is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it the perfect marketing platform for any business looking to expand its customer base.

Some capabilities of Go High Level include automation of social media, creating email campaigns, managing contacts and customer data, generating follow-up emails, and tracking analytic insights about your business– all within a single platform.

To help you better understand what it can do, let us explore some of its features:

  • Email Marketing

Go High Level provides email marketing that automatically sends emails to the right people at the right time, based on their behavior. This helps you increase conversions and nurture prospects into loyal customers.

Go High Level’s email campaigns come equipped with personalization tools that allow you to create automation where content is tailored to your audience- making them more likely to engage.

  • SMS Marketing

Go High Level provides text message marketing, which lets your business interact with customers and prospects on the go. Go High Level allows you to send texts based on different customer behaviors or preferences, ensuring that you’re still reaching them even when they’re not checking their emails.

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels

Go High Level’s platform has the capability to create unlimited sales funnels. Go High Level provides features like Deal Walls, where you can promote your products and services on social media. Go High Level also offers upsell opportunities for customers after they’ve completed a purchase.

  • Website Builder

Go High level Go High Level’s website builder allows marketers to build professional-looking websites without coding knowledge. Go High Level provides excellent templates to choose from to make your website reflect the image of your business the best it can.

  • Call Tracking

Go High Level also offers call tracking, allowing you to measure attribution for phone activities just as you do for internet transactions. Go High level allows marketers to record calls and tie them back to their original marketing touchpoints like email nurturing campaigns, advertising channels, social media posts, etc.

  • Surveys and Forms

Go High Level provides surveys and forms, which allow marketers to get feedback from their target audience. Go High level allows you to create forms that can be embedded on your website or social media pages. It has different templates, so the look of your form is customized to your brand. Go High Level also provides you with the option of creating surveys that can be sent out through your email list.

  • Booking and Appointments

Go High Level allows businesses to set up appointments and bookings on their website or social media pages. This makes it easy for your customers to schedule an appointment with ease. Go High Level allows you to create calendars and choose all available times to provide your customers with different options.

  • CRM Pipeline Management

Go High Level provides a CRM pipeline management feature, allowing marketers to keep track of sales leads from the beginning of their journey all the way through the purchase. Go High Levels CRM feature is fully customizable with branding capabilities and custom fields so that you can match it to your business needs.

  • White Labeled Desktop App

Go High Level provides white-labeled desktop applications for marketers. White label apps are apps that customers can download on their desktops to allow the platform to supply their branding. Go High Level allows you to brand your apps with graphics and logos to make them look like they’re an extension of your business.

  • Tracking and Analytics

Go High Level automatically tracks analytic data about your customers, marketing channels, sales conversions, and more. It provides you with reports that are easy to understand, letting you see what’s working well for you and what can be improved. Analytics is an essential tool for marketers because it helps determine what strategies are most effective so they can adjust them to get better results in the future.

  • Courses and Products

Go High Level provides marketers free courses and products to help them hone their marketing skills. It can range from email marketing to content creation. Go High Level constantly provides training and educational material to keep marketers updated on the newest trends in digital marketing. Go High Level also provides training on how to use the Go High Level platform.

  • Reputation Management

Go High Level provides a free feedback page that can be added to all of Go High Level’s online marketing tools, including your website builder. This feature allows you to protect your brand and collect feedback from your customers. Go High Level’s feedback page captures leads to help you build your reputation as a business. Go High Level also allows marketers to send feedback surveys, ideal for gathering customer opinions about your business. Go High Level also allows social reputation tracking, which tells you how your company is doing on social media.


Go High Level has the ability to create custom templates for your email messages or text messages. You’ll be able to add basic formatting options, social media share buttons, and images. Go High Level also provides tools for image editing and adding graphics to your text.

Go High Level is easy to use, allowing marketers without design skills to craft professional-looking landing pages. Go High Level’s marketing automation features will see you through the whole customer journey, from start to finish.

Go High Level is a full suite platform for agencies. It has a comprehensive page builder and a full-featured lead capture tool, which all are included in the platform.

Everything you’ll need is gathered all in one place. You can easily use surveys, forms, calendars, and an Inbound phone system to collect leads. Aside from that, you can automatically contact leads by voice mail, SMS, email, and Facebook messenger. It also has payment collection tools, appointment booking capabilities, and performance metrics tracking are all included.

Overall, it is just the right platform for businesses trying to grow their brand online. Go High Level offers the right tools at the right price, making it ideal for small businesses that are just starting out.


Proof is a conversion platform that lets you easily personalize your website for every visitor to increase conversions. You may tailor your website to show the correct information to the right people by using proof. You’ll get immediate insights into how personalized your site is for each visitor, so you know what to change if it isn’t working.

Proof features a list of tools that make this easier for you. These include:

  • Boost Credibility with Hot Streak

Hot Streak is a visitor visibility tool integrated with Proof to show users the number of visitors that have already purchased on their site. It’s great for monitoring high-traffic sites because you can see how many people are taking action on your site at any given time.

  • Visitor Count

The Visitor Count shows how many people are currently looking at your page or your whole site. This is useful for sales pages with limited stocks, such as booking and event ticket sales. This is another good feature of Proof.

  • Recent Activity

Recent Activity shows a real-time feed of individuals who have just taken action on your site—ideal for high-traffic areas such as your homepage, content opt-ins, and webinar registrations.

Which One Will Work Better for Your Company?

Before you decide whether Go High Level or Proof is best for you, you need to consider your company’s individual needs and a number of factors in choosing a business tool.

Here are some things to think about when you are making your decision:

  1. The Need

When it comes to investing money to implement more technology, being cautious is a good idea. Aside from the basic expenses of purchasing the product, there are several additional costs, including integration and implementation time and expenses. While the benefits may be worth the investment, most people only go through with it if there is a genuine need for improvement.

Always consider your company’s situation before buying any tool to ensure you are investing in the right one.

2. Time, Cost, and Productivity

A decreased efficiency in the workplace, known as a productivity dip, may be one of the first signs that a significant upgrade in a software is required. Is it worthwhile to suffer through the initial inconvenience for such large potential savings? Think about how the platform will impact your workflow and what the long-term benefits might be.

3. Credibility

It’s not usually worth it to be an early adopter, so thorough research is essential. Are other reputable businesses utilizing comparable technologies? Do they have anything good to say about the services and results? These may be indications of stability and longevity. You might want to stick with the same program in order not to fall behind the curve.

4. Adaptability, Customizability, and Scalability

In today’s fast-moving business environment, agile innovation is essential. Is the software firm utilizing cutting-edge technology and releasing updates regularly? Is it possible to link the software with your other systems? Will it be able to expand with your company and adapt to changing demands as it grows?

5. Employee Acceptance

Employees will always exhibit some resistance when a change is made. You may, however, minimize it by obtaining the approval of the majority of those whom the change will impact. Get opinions and hear ideas from people on both sides of an issue before making any decisions. It is not their decision to make; rather, including them in the process can help prevent conflict.

6. Training Cost and Time

Even if your staff is on board, implementing new technology may be expensive and time-consuming. This unanticipated expense must be factored into the equation so you can have a budget and backup plan in place. To get the most from the new software, optimum efficiency requires time and may necessitate additional training.

7. Technical Support and Transition

Having the vendor’s assistance throughout the transition and beyond is critical. Installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and security support will be needed. This should be supplied through training and assistance to your staff as well as IT department support.

Which one should you use based on your business needs?

The ideal approach to determine which platform is appropriate for your organization is to consider what you want to achieve.

Go High Level provides an easy-to-use dashboard and the ability to update your website without coding skills. Go High Level is ideal for agencies that want a comprehensive platform that allows them to easily manage everything under one roof. Go High Level gives you the tools that your agency needs at the right price.

On the other hand, Proof is ideal for marketers who want to increase conversions by monitoring site visitors. You’ll be able to see which groups or individuals are more likely to convert, so you know how to tailor your site accordingly. The Proof is great for monitoring high-traffic sites. It is the right choice if you want to personalize your site to increase conversions.

Go High Level provides more tools than Proof, but on the other hand, Proof offers many specialized features to increase conversions on your website.

Considering these points above, it may be best to use Go High Level since it will provide you with an all-in-one solution encompassing lead generation, conversion rate optimization, and website personalization. Go High Level is known for its fast and easy-to-follow onboarding experience.

Go High level is great if you’re looking for a solution that includes email marketing without the need to build landing pages. Proof would be better if you are looking for ways to increase conversions on your website using personalization; its features are limited compared to Go High Level.

If you are uncertain which one is right for your business needs, both platforms have a free trial that you can use to test it out. These let you quickly experiment with its online tools and find out if it’s right for you.


The decision you make will depend on what your business needs are. When deciding which platform is best for your organization, consider what you want to achieve with it and the features that each offers.

For example, if lead generation or conversion rate optimization is a significant part of your marketing strategy, then Go High Level may be a better fit since they have email marketing capabilities, whereas Proof does not.

Remember, when deciding on what features best suit your company’s goals; think about what would make this process easier or more successful in achieving these objectives? Which platform will help you achieve this goal the most easily with the least amount of effort?

In the end, it’s best to research what you want from a platform and which features they offer. Choose the one that fits your business best!

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