Go High Level vs. Aweber: Which one is better for my business?


Marketing automation software is a massive part of any modern marketing strategy. With the right tool, it’s possible to automate your customer interactions and get them from prospect to loyal customer with just one click. But before you can decide between Go High Level vs. Aweber, many things need to be considered: 

  • What type of company do I have? 
  • Is my business B2C or B2B? 
  • How large is my target audience? 
  • Which channels should I use? 
  • Which features matter most for me and my business? 
  • Do I want to handle emailing myself or delegate this work to someone else who does this regularly, like an agency or specialist in email marketing software solutions like Go High Level or Aweber? 
Go High Level vs Aweber

Go High Level vs. Aweber: What you need to know.

Before you decide between Go High Level vs. Aweber, know the basic features of Go High Level and Aweber first.  If the company you run has a highly specialized product or service, then your target customers will be fewer in number. In this case, it makes sense to focus on them and their individual needs rather than use mass marketing techniques that are unlikely to impact you. Go High Level is perfect for this – you can make sure that each of your leads goes through the sales funnel in a way that’s tailored to their unique needs and preferences, meaning that you will be able to engage with them in just the right way so that they’re more likely to become customers.

Go High Level aims to automate as many of your marketing tasks as possible, which is relatively ideal for small companies that often choose it and don’t have a large team to devote to email management. Go High Level makes it easy for you to keep in contact without needing a vast amount of resources or time, allowing you to get the most out of your staff and enabling them to work on other tasks in your business. Go High Level’s front and back end features make it simple for non-specialists to use, meaning if you lack time or money to train new team members on how the system works, all you need is Go High Level. 

Features that make Go High Level perfect 

  • Go High Level is perfect if your target audience is enormous. You can use Go High Level to manage the sales funnel for your business in one place, meaning that you can be sure that all of your leads are being followed up on and that you’re never missing out on any potential customers. 
  • Go High Level also comes with contact databases so that you can store information about each lead and customer in one place, making it simple for you to access at any time. Go High Level, therefore, makes your life easier by automating your email management and giving you all the information on customers and prospects in one place. 
  • Go High Level can be scaled up or down depending on what type of business you have. It means that if you start with a small number of customers, you can use Go High Level to manage them all, but if your company grows, you will still have a robust system in place that can handle the increase in work. Go High Level is perfect for small businesses and agencies to scale up their communications with minimal fuss. 
  • Go High Level is also great if you want to outsource some of your email management tasks. Go High Level incorporates a wide range of features and can do everything from follow-up emails to drip campaigns, meaning that you don’t need to hire an in-house employee or agency to handle Go High Level for you. Instead, Go High Level takes the communication on your behalf. Go High Level also makes it easy for your outsourced Go High Level consultants to manage the process – they only need Go High Level’s help to get started, after which Go High Level can do the rest of the work for them. If you want someone else to handle your Go High Level account, Go High Level is an excellent way for you to have this done, as it means that your Go High Level consultant can log in and get started. 
  • Go High Level is also secure, meaning that you know that Go High Level’s systems are fully protected from hackers. Go High Level has regular security checks to ensure that its systems can cope with the most modern hacking techniques. It means that Go High Level protects you and your business at all times. 
  • Go High Level offers great reporting functionality for customers, meaning that Go High Level users can see stats and analytics about how Go High Level is working at all times. Customers also got to enjoy real-time monitoring of new leads coming into their Go High Level system and any other Go High Level activity. Go High Level reports give you a powerful overview of your Go High Level activity at all times, helping you to see how Go High Level can be used best for your business and making it easier for you to manage Go High Level. 
  • Go High Level is also scalable, meaning that Go High Level automatically adapts to suit the needs of your business as you grow. Go High Level, therefore, takes care of everything for you so that Go High Level is always running smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to work on other areas of your business. 

Go High Level vs. Aweber: What about Aweber? 

Aweber is also an email marketing automation software that helps you build your business by keeping in touch with customers. You can build a subscriber list, send newsletters and other marketing messages more easily than Go High Level.  

Features that make Aweber efficient for your business

  • Split testing features allow you to test emails based on the subject line, sender name, and content. The best part is that it tells readers when one or more of your recipients opened an email. This is valuable information for writers because it can be used to rewrite emails with high-open rates into future messages to increase open rates.
  • You can create multiple lists and segments, which allows you to send email messages to the right people at the right time. This feature helps maximize your results because it provides relevant content based on who is receiving a message. The result: an increased number of readers opens the emails, clicks links within those emails, or purchases products offered in emails.
  • Aweber has powerful reporting features to see statistics about your list, the number of clicks per email, and more. You can organize this information into a format that makes it easy to understand what’s working and what is not. You’ll know when you should continue to send the same type of message or try something new.
  • The Marketing Grader is a powerful feature, especially for small businesses trying to advertise their products and services. Enter your URL into the Marketing Grader, and you’ll get an in-depth analysis of how successful your website is. You could receive suggestions on how to increase website traffic and where you can find free advertising options.
  • Aweber’s Pro Lists allow all the private list members to be included in an email campaign, but they won’t necessarily get that message. 

Which features are better: Go High Level vs. Aweber?

Go High Level and Aweber are two email marketing services that you can use for your business. Both Go High Level and Aweber have many things in common, but one important thing they don’t share is the price. Go High Level will cost you $19 per month compared to Aweber’s $29.95 per month. Go High Level also offers more features than Aweber, such as pop-ups, which is a premium feature on Aweber (costs extra). 

The Go High Level signup form is also easier to use, especially for beginners who may not know about all the features Aweber offers.  Go High Level has more features than Aweber, as Go High Level allows you to test different forms and landing pages and uses double opt-in. So, once someone signs up, Go High Level will send an email to the new subscriber asking them to confirm. 

Go High Level offers unlimited lists, and its features are easier to use for beginners. It also has a free trial, so you don’t have to pay anything until you’re ready. Go High Level also makes it easy for people in other countries because it is in multiple languages. Go High Level will also report your list to the spam and abuse department if you use Go High Level to send out spam emails. Go High Level has a better split-testing feature than Aweber, and Go High Level allows you to manage as many lists as you want.

Thousands of people use Aweber. Some big tech blogs, like PSD tuts+, use Aweber to send out their newsletters. Go High Level focuses on small businesses and entrepreneurs, while Aweber is more for established companies. 

So, which is better? Go High Level vs. Aweber? Go High Level is the better choice because Go High Level offers more features, and Go High Level’s features are also easier to use. But before you make your final decision, compare the cost of Go High Level to Aweber first. 

How much does it cost to subscribe to Go High Level and Aweber?  

The cost of Go High Level vs. Aweber, Go High Level is priced at $19 per month. Go High Level has a 30-day free trial. Go High level also offers a Go Premium plan which costs $49 per month. Go High level’s Go Premium plan allows you to use pop-ups on your website. 

Aweber pricing: Aweber’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers on your list. Under 2000 subscribers, it will cost $29 per month with a 7-day free trial. So, which is better, Go High level vs. Aweber? Go High Level Go Premium offers more features than Aweber. It is important to know the features you want from an email marketing service before making your final decision. 


In Go High Level vs. Aweber, Go High Level and Aweber are both great solutions for automating your marketing. They have similar features, a comparable cost of entry, and offer the same benefits to business owners- but each software has its own unique strengths as well. For example, suppose you’re looking for an easy way to schedule your email campaigns in advance or create automated customer journeys that keep them engaged with content they want to read. In that case, we recommend using Go High Level. If you need more robust integrations with other tools like CRM systems or payment gateways, use Aweber instead. What automation software is best for your business? Tell us by commenting below!

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