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In this podcast, Earnest Epps, an online entrepreneur and an e-commerce guru, shares about the dynamics and competitiveness of e-commerce websites and how to do things the right way when venturing with strategies, optimizing the features you are given with online and just basically everything you need to learn about e-commerce. He also talked about how to attract a pool of people to work for you, like virtual assistants and graphic artists to help you run your business on a day-to-day basis.

Being genuine with your products and services can get you far without having to deal with the issues that could arise when you cut corners in your business. You have to start on the right foot in order to save yourself from years of debt with unforeseen aberrations in your operations. Pooling up your capital and net gain to invest and reinvest, respectively, on your business could just skyrocket you into a higher social value. 

In this podcast, we also cover:

07:24 Companies online

09:37 The negative side of e-commerce

12:04 Learning skills in computer science

15:16 Researching stock market

22:54 Reinvesting in your business

31:40 Marketing and promoting businesses

43:02 What to learn about price points

46:50 Handling bigger deals

What you need to learn more about e-commerce is that every transaction matters, it all forms this abstract connections that will serve you well at some point, so you’ve got to weave them all together in this sort of organized, ordinal way, if possible, in order to pick out which services would guarantee the best win at a certain season.

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