Conversion AI vs Text Blaze: Which tool can help you boost productivity

Automating content creation is a no-brainer for marketers. But which tool should you use? We compare Conversion AI vs Text Blaze to help you answer this question. In the first part of the post, we’ll cover what each tool does and how it can be used by marketers. Then in the second part, we’ll compare them head-to-head with a detailed comparison chart that evaluates features, pricing, and more!

Many marketers are asking which tool, Conversion AI or Text Blaze, has the best benefits for automating content creation. The answer to this question is not simple because each offers unique features and strengths that may be useful in different situations. 

Conversion AI

Conversion AI is a tool that automates production by allowing users to automate their writing workflow while also giving them assistance, research, and ideas along the way.

Templates are included in Conversion AI so that you may create customized content for any industry or topic; these templates are adaptable to let you personalize your material before it goes out into the marketplace.

Conversion AI is a tool that allows marketers, company owners, writers, and anybody else who needs text written to have a fast and efficient writing experience that adds value to their audience. Conversion AI may be used to automate routine blogging activities such as generating topic ideas, drafting content, and even publishing articles.

Conversion AI can also automate your content production process and help you quickly create the material on your website that is most appealing to your target audience. Thanks to effective marketing copy optimized for conversions, it’s a fantastic method to ease the strain on your schedule while boosting conversions with prospects or consumers who visit your website.

Benefits of Using Conversion AI:

1) Flexibility 

Conversion AI provides a number of ready-to-use templates to fit any industry or topic. The platform analyzes your style and offers suggestions for how you may improve the template with artificial intelligence. This implies that you won’t have to create anything from scratch; instead, Conversion AI assists you in returning to where you left off with little work on your part.

2) Great for beginners

AI-driven content conversion is a fantastic choice for individuals who are new to writing and want assistance streamlining their workflow or getting used to the routine of producing content regularly. It’s also an excellent alternative for professionals without access to outsourcing.

3) Quick Results

AI conversion allows you to produce content rapidly, which means your time is well spent. You can create better results than with conventional content marketing techniques in less time by employing the platform’s AI to automate activities like writing and publishing material.

4 ) Research Assistance

Promoters of Conversion AI claim that having access to all their research sources at once saves them time by not requiring them to visit multiple websites. Conversion AI’s exclusive algorithm searches the web for hottest trending subjects and automatically incorporates them into your material, saving you time and providing value.

5) Streamline Writing

The AI Conversion is an all-in-one content authoring assistant that can automate various activities to save you time, such as writing, optimization, and publishing your material. This is ideal for marketers, company owners, bloggers, journalists, and others.

6) Cut costs without compromising quality and efficiency

AI Conversion is a tool that eliminates the middleman and allows you to get better results in less time at a lower cost.

7) Unlimited Content ideas

Conversion AI offers an unlimited number of topic options, so you won’t have to waste time looking for new material.


1) User-friendly Interface

Conversion AI offers a clean and modern interface that makes managing tasks simple and easy. Its dashboard is easy to navigate, and the software is easy to learn. It’s a great choice for beginners.

2) Easy-to-use Templates

AI Conversions’ pre-written templates let you quickly create any type of material, from blogs to email newsletters to case studies. With a single click, it has templates for blog articles, email newsletters, case studies, and so on.

3) Integrates with other apps

Grammarly, Gmail, and Conversion AI are all compatible with one another. You may manage your workflow from one location using Grammarly or Gmail.

4) Unlimited Content ideas

AI Conversion can produce limitless ideas to save you time researching subjects and content, even if you’ve done so already. This is a major benefit because you won’t have to worry about running out of things to write about if you suffer from writer’s block.

5) Tone Customization

Every good content marketing approach begins with a clear message that is well-understood goals and objectives. Your audience will pay more attention to these messages as time goes on. AI Conversion’s sales copywriting templates make it simple for marketers to produce material quickly because they use an approachable tone.

6) Affordable Pricing

Small, medium, and large firms alike can take advantage of AI’s Conversion AI’s inexpensive and adaptable solutions work for small, medium, and huge enterprises. A Starter Plan for 20,000 words costs $29 per month. It also provides free trials to test out various options before deciding which is best for you.

7) Other editing tools

Conversion AI allows you to check your material for grammatical errors and sentence structure issues, which can help you avoid making typos in your messages. Conversion AI’s keyword research tool is simple to use if you’re concentrating on SEO.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a free program that allows users to automate time-consuming typing activities on the internet by eliminating repetition. Users can save text snippets and use predetermined keyboard shortcuts to insert them in various locations. Snippets may be basic text, but they can also be dynamic and context-sensitive through real-time user input, application logic, and integration.


1) Conversation Generation

Text Blaze generates phrases based on conversations, making it easy for individuals working on teams and those who routinely work with others through messaging apps and other online platforms.

2) Natural Language Processing

Text Blaze uses natural language processing to create sentences and phrases that sound like they were spoken by a human, which is important for virtual assistants and voice-activated software.

3) Machine Learning

Like Conversion AI, Text Blaze uses machine learning, so you don’t have to waste time with manual content creation.

4) Simple to use

The user interface of Text Blaze is clean and simple, which makes it easy for you to generate content quickly without having any technical knowledge or expertise in language generation.

5) Affordable pricing

Both individuals and teams may benefit from Blaze pricing plans, which range from free to $6.99 per month.

6) Sharing and Collaboration

Once you’ve created your snippets, distribute them with your coworkers. They’ll immediately update to reflect any changes you make, and you can even collaborate on their edits.

7) Dynamic Templates

To make your day easier with Text Blaze, take advantage of the forms, dynamic formulas, and connections with other provided sites. Reduce the number of applications you have to manage and go through your job quickly.

8) Insert Snippets and Templates

Templates and snippets can help you get more done in less time. Whatever you want to call it, the Text Blaze Chrome Extension is the best tool for doing it.

9) Your Personal Assistant

Create forms with blank fields that you may easily fill in each time you utilize a snippet to make things easier. To calculate values like taxes on the fly, use dynamic formulae. To automate parts of your procedure, simulate clicks or keypresses.

10) Create Consistent Process Anywhere

Use Text Blaze to define your team’s repeatable process by creating forms, dynamic formulas, and integrations with external websites. You may even save the information and activate follow-up activities every time a snippet is utilized.

How to use each tool effectively

Conversion AI is best for creating automated messages, while Text Blaze is best for saving snippets that can be used later. Conversion AI also has more integrations with other applications, which gives it more functionality than Text Blaze. Conversion AI comes at a lower cost than Text Blaze, making it better suited for individuals and small teams. Conversion AI may also be more effective when it comes to expansion because its integration with other apps allows your business to improve its overall productivity.     

Text Blaze is best for saving phrases and words so you can create content later with ease. On the other hand, conversion AI is better used as a strategic tool to help grow your company’s productivity. To use the tool effectively, you’ll have to start by creating a list of leads that Conversion AI will identify as your target audience. Afterward, Conversion AI will use those leads’ behaviors to create personalized messages for them. After this is completed, Conversion AI may even help you develop sales funnels and send out automated emails with offers tailored to these individuals’ interests. Conversion AI allows you to save time and make the most out of your marketing strategies.

Which Tool Should You Use for Your Marketing Efforts

Conversion AI takes the lead when it comes to automation. Use this tool to identify leads, tailor messages to them, and grow your company’s overall productivity. Text Blaze is best suited for automating simple tasks that do not require integrations with other applications. After you’ve created snippets with Text Blaze, store them in an easily accessible location and use them to improve your team’s overall productivity.

Conversion AI is best for expanding your company’s reach through automating your writing process. Conversion AI allows you to generate personalized content for your leads and expand your reach to a wider audience.

Conversion AI is the better tool when it comes to automating one’s writing process because it allows individuals and teams to get more done in less time. In addition, Conversion AI also has a higher number of integrations with other applications, making its functionalities much more extensive than Text Blaze.

Conversion AI comes at a lower cost than Text Blaze, making it better suited for individuals and small teams. Conversion AI may also be more effective when it comes to expansion because its integration with other apps allows your business to improve its overall productivity.

Conversion AI takes the lead when it comes to automation. Individual employees or small teams will benefit from using this platform that allows users to save time, get more done in less time, and improve productivity as a whole by developing sales funnel emails and sending them out automatically as well as identifying leads among other things.

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business

To choose which platform should you employ for your business, it’s important to consider these factors:

1) How much time and effort do you want to save?

Conversion AI allows individuals and teams to save time, get more done in less time, and improve productivity as a whole by developing sales funnel emails and sending them out automatically as well as identifying leads among other things.

2) How much can you spend?

Conversion AI comes at a lower cost than Text Blaze, making it better suited for individuals and small teams.

3) What resources are available to your business?

The integration with other applications that Conversion AI has makes it more extensive than the functionalities that Text Blaze offers. This difference may be particularly significant if your business requires high customer support or additional integrations with other apps. Conversion AI allows your company to grow and develop its resources as well.

4) How big is your company, and what level of automation do you need?

Conversion AI allows more extensive automation than Text Blaze. For example, Conversion AI permits the creation of personalized messages for leads, among other things. This gives it a unique edge when it comes to large companies with many employees who use different devices.

5) What strategies will you implement in terms of automation?

What kind of template structure would you like to use for creating automated content? How important are email marketing initiatives to your business model? Would you rather focus on lead generation or customer service via email channels? Which apps do you want to integrate into your workflow? These are just some questions individuals and teams should ask themselves before choosing which tool they should employ to automate their writing process.

In Conclusion

So, which tool is the best for automating content creation? It’s a tough call because both offer benefits and drawbacks. The answer to this question will depend on what you are looking for in your marketing strategy so let us know how we can help! We’ll be happy to talk through any questions about either of these tools or share our thoughts on why one might work better based on your needs.

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