Conversion.AI vs. Shortly.AI: Which is Better?

The world of content marketing is evolving, and writing assistants have become more than just a way to get things started. They can now draft your copy with emotion, making it easier for you as an author because less time is spent thinking about what words will best appeal in this ever-changing marketplace.

Two of the most notable writing AI are Shortly.AI and Conversion.AI (Jarvis). When it comes to AI-driven CRM, Conversion.AI and Shortly.AI are two of the most popular solutions on the market today. However, while they both offer many of the same features, some key differences may make one better for your company than another, depending on what you need out of a CRM system.

Get to Know Conversion.AI vs. Shortly.AI

Shortly.AI is a content writing assistant who can help you create great original text without spending too much time formatting it. The AI will create this creative and engaging material in no time and the format for various platforms.

As a machine, shortly AI can create original content in any format. Programmers input keywords and the program outputs text based on those criteria using your own words if necessary to make an interesting article or blog post about what you want it to do so.

The GPT-3 model or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 can be used to generate content in minutes. With the help of this artificial intelligence system, Shortly.AI works just like your personal assistant. For example, it helps you curate and format blog posts on websites with minimal effort to be published and ready for consumption by readers.

In a world where AI has taken over many industries, one could say it’s no surprise to see the rise of an artificial intelligence-based writing tool. Once you input some data into Shortly.AI, the program will automatically generate content for any article or blog post that suits your needs. In addition to being able to create articles without much work on our behalf.

In contrast, Jarvis is artificial intelligence (AI) utilized by Conversion AI. It’s marketed as the ideal copywriting software for websites, emails, social media posts, advertising, and various other applications.

Jarvis allows you to build a cohesive and engaging presence on social media platforms. It can generate short-form text for advertising and calls to action and longer-form material like blogs, webpages, and marketing.

It seems to have been “schooled” by copywriters and marketers in the area of quality content for a wide range of circumstances.

One of the best features of Conversion AI is that it can write a wide range of content types. So whether you’re looking for product descriptions or creative stories, blog post outlines, and Facebook ads-the 29 different areas within their dashboard will help with whatever writing task needs doing.

The software can provide ideas for you to explore creatively. It can help provide topical blog post ideas, design product descriptions, expand sentences, outline Amazon product features, help with video scripts, some up with perfect headlines and even help you respond to reviews.

The software can provide ideas for you to explore creatively. It helps make the process of brainstorming and generating content more accessible by providing topical blog post ideas, designing product descriptions, or expanding sentences on Amazon products. You even get video scripts ready with perfect headlines all within your fingertips too.

The Features Conversion.AI vs. Shortly.AI

Features of Shortly.AI

  • Sentence formatting: It is a technique that organizes sentences into an outlining format. This editing procedure simplifies the entire writing process by making it easier to segregate different topics and themes and provide a better sense for overall focus. 
  • Write for me: Have you ever felt stuck writing an important email? You want to finish and send, but your words won’t flow. Well, now there’s a solution. The ‘Write for me’ button will do everything from the title through – saving yourself hours in this process. Click it whenever necessary to complete every word together as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • Slash commands: Use the Shortly AI Slash commands to make working with your artificial intelligence easier. You can do this by highlighting text and using relevant keyboard shortcuts.

Features of Jarvis

  • Long-form Assistant: This is for lengthy papers, emails, scripts, and stories. It’s also a good place to start when writing a book. It has two settings: a blank document where you may type freely and an assistant workflow to add notes. 

You may also utilize the blank template as a foundation for new papers by going to the bottom of the screen and selecting it. You can access additional writing templates when you create a new document with the blank template by scrolling vertically down. 

On the other hand, the lengthy-form assistant process is where the application requires you to describe your intended subject. Therefore, Jarvis’ ability to assist you in creating higher-quality content is linked to how effectively you can justify your topic.

  • AIDA Framework: In this article, I’ll explain how to use the AIDA template. The letters that make up the AIDA template are as follows: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This structure divides your text into parts that pique clients’ interests while also catching their attention. The suggested text, which comes after the call to action, appeals to consumers’ desires by including stuff they would want.
  • Content Improver: Content Improver is a rephrasing tool that improves the quality of your content. You may use the Content Improver template to change the product or service descriptions you created.

The Pricing Battle

Shortly AI has only two subscription options – The Annual Plan and Monthly Plan. The cost of each plan varies depending on your needs, but it’s worth noting that you can cancel at any time, so there isn’t a substantial financial risk if something doesn’t work out as expected. The Annual Plan is $65/month, billed annually. The Monthly Plan is $79/month, billed monthly.

The Shorty.AI is an incredible tool that can make your writing process go much faster. The difference between the subscription and free plan is mainly for those who want to use it every day for a whole year, not just occasional or trial periods. The Shortly.AI is a great way to make writer’s block and speed up your writing process. In addition, the continuous updates will help improve the quality of work, so it becomes even more accurate over time.

Additionally, Jarvis follows three different subscription plans:

  • Starter ($29/month): Jarvis may produce automated material such as headlines, descriptions, and biographies. Jarvis comes with an infinite number of “user seats,” allowing each member of your team to have their account to log into. It has 50 distinct copywriting abilities to select from, five project folders for multiple clients, and 25 supported languages. It does, however, have a 20,000-word limit.
  • Pro Unlimited($99/month): Jarvis may also write long-form content such as blog articles, video scripts, fictitious novels, books, and other works. You have access to the Long Form Assistant with the Pro Unlimited, which allows you to write articles that are more than 1000 words long. You will have access to a workspace document library as well as an unlimited number of project folders. However, only one user is depicted. Each subsequent user is charged $40.
  • Boss Mode ($119/month): Jarvis Command is an artificial intelligence-powered command-line tool that allows you to send instructions to your smart home in real-time. It may be used to send the AI 2x faster and take control by telling it to write exactly what you want with Jarvis Command. You have access to the Boss Mode, allowing you to compose large form articles swiftly and efficiently. Each extra user incurs a $50 fee.

The Similarities and Differences: Conversion.AI vs. Shortly.AI

Qasim Munye (founder of Shortly.AI) has been speaking with Dave for several months (Founder Their conversation has centered on the future of AI-powered writing. AI writing is the way of the future. Both of these AIs believe they will be extremely useful in enabling them to write faster and better. 

“The team is incredibly talented, and it was clear from our discussions that we were on the same page.” This is why he collaborated with to develop the most advanced AI writing tool on the market.

Despite their partnership, Shortly.AI and Conversion.AI remain to be different from one another.

  • Features: Shortly.AI is a minimalist writing AI. It does not have a whole bunch of features compared to Jarvis. However, it is still pretty decent writing AI since commands mainly drive it. 

Rather than the long list options, Shortly gives two choices for the type of content – blog or story. In contrast, Jarvis offers a massive amount of features in addition to its long-form assistant, which you can use Jarvis as an assistant.

  • Subscription Option: Shortly has two subscription options that allow you to have the same features but different discounts. Jarvis offers three. The three subscription options are perfect for different needs. 

Jarvis offers a low-cost service that anyone can afford while still offering great features and benefits with their other two premium subscriptions.

  • Integration: While Shortly is a great tool, the lack of app integration means that marketers cannot rely solely upon this program. Jarvis now integrates Surfer SEO as well to provide an all-inclusive platform for content marketers. Grammarly integration with Jarvis will make it easier to stay on top of your game.
  • Language Support: Jarvis allows you to customize the tone of voice and output language. Jarvis supports around 25 different languages. The amount of supported languages is determined by your subscription package. Regrettably, Shortly. AI only supports English.

Here are some of their differences:

  • Both support long-form articles: It’s easy to mistake Shortly.AI for a minimalistic AI platform because its interface doesn’t contain many options. However, the two pre-set content types available are blog posts and long-form articles, which produce some of the best quality compared with other platforms in this industry. Jarvis also supports long-form articles through its Long-Form Assistant. 
  • Both integrate well with Grammarly: Grammarly pairs well with Shortly. It works with a variety of tools, but Shortly has a unique relationship with Grammarly. When you combine Grammarly with Shortly.AI, you receive the capability of editing from Grammarly (as well as a plagiarism detector) and the inline content features from Shortly.AI. Jarvis also announced its partnership with Grammarly. Users who avail the Pro Unlimited and Boss Mode can leverage Grammarly through the Long-Form Assistant.
  • Both have text commands: The text command feature of Shortly AI enhances the user to subject their writing app’s output to deep research instead of using its built-in features.
  • Both generate original content: Shortly.AI and Jarvis are AI-powered article generators that look to offer you the best of both worlds. They will create unique and plagiarism-free content with whatever word count your heart desires.

The Takeaway

The power of Shortly.AI and Conversion. AI is impressive, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights of technical articles or blog posts. The accuracy isn’t there for these types of topics because robots always have limitations in terms of storytelling ability and being able to go off topic at times. 

All writing tools are not perfect either – they only focus on one specific thing while forgetting about other aspects that could be important depending on who you’re talking directly with your audience here.

However, when deciding between the two, Conversion.AI is a better option based on the analysis. The Pro Unlimited gives so much for content writers and content marketers in contrast to Shortly.AI. In addition, the content creation tool has a variety of options to choose from, which makes it super easy. 

You can navigate through the different templates with ease by using this navigation drawer feature and access all features within seconds, thanks to its intuitive user interface design. Although Jarvis’ Starter Plan is way more affordable, it lacks the features which make Jarvis better than Shortly.AI. 

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which tool will best suit your needs, given what you know about yourself and your business goals.

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