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Conversion.AI vs Otherside.AI: Why Should You Choose the Tried and Tested AI Writing Tool?

Marketing is a lot of work in all areas. However, when it comes to producing compelling material that appeals to your target audience, you may need to go above and beyond.

Thus, artificial intelligence using OpenAI-GPT-3 is widely on the rise and popular. A favorite choice among digital marketers and content writers is Jarvis.AI, or formerly Conversion.AI.

A lot of people have been using this for months and are pretty impressed with its performance. Along with the popularity of artificial intelligence writing tools, various AI assistants have sprung forth.

These tools are available in various price plans and offer different services. But all of which are meant to make writing and content creation easier and less challenging.

Thus, in this post, we’ll be looking at a newcomer alternative to Jarvis.AI. Its features and what people think about it using it.

So, let’s get started.

What is Otherside.AI?

Otherside.AI is an AI writing assistant developed by Matt Shumer, Mike Macaulay, and Paul O’Connor. The team behind Otherside.AI are formerly from IBM Watson, Oracle Market Cloud, Dataminr, Blackline Systems, Sun Microsystems, Objective Systems Integrators.

They were able to bring their experience in AI-based solutions into the writing tool they have created that provides writers with an AI writing assistant.

It has features similar to Conversion.AI but comes in cheaper price plans.

What are the Features of Otherside.AI?

Otherside.AI powers up Hyperwrite.AI. It is the artificial intelligence that generates content for subscribers. Subscribers using Hyperwrite.AI can explore features such as:

  • Collaborative writing, via multiple authors
  • Automatic content generation for specific audiences or keywords
  • Ability to choose the kind of language for your use (e.g., casual, formal)
  • Creates articles that are optimized for SEO and social media promotion.

What is Hyperwrite.AI?

Hyperwrite.AI is a collaborative writing tool powered by Otherside.AI.

It integrates the use of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3), a product of OpenAI in 2020. It produces human language through deep learning to deliver content to users and companies.

It has been used by many companies by now and is a great choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of artificial intelligence writing tools.

Google’s AI-writing tools are making it simple to find material that works online. But is employing Hyperwrite.AI to generate content a smart idea?

“HyperWrite,” according to the website, “employs the world’s most sophisticated AI to assist you in writing better and faster than ever before.”

Unlike previous natural language generation (NLG) tools, it seems to have trained on much of the Internet. Some say that it can produce factually accurate material. NLG tools have been found to generate statements that sound correct but aren’t substantive or reliable. They produce content like humans, but the thought is not.

New users claim that Hyperwrite.AI under Otherside.AI gives definitions and information that is factual and correct.

How does Otherside.AI Work?

Hyperwrite.AI in Otherside works with a click of the “ThinkAhead” button. You can choose your topic and describe the type of content that you want to produce. Then it will produce snippets that you can choose from and use in your content creation. It gives out three possible choices.

Users need to choose among the three snippets of language produced to prevent repetitive texts. And you will do this every time you continue to click the “ThinkAhead” button to complete your article.

There will be instances when Hyperwrite.AI will give the same output, but it will help you get the work done. You also need to edit and make necessary revisions to ensure that the article has a tone and theme that matches your site.

What are the Price Plans for Otherside.AI?

Otherside.AI currently charges $49 per month for its Professional plan, one of the lowest AI-based writing tools. It offers six months at a discount price of $249, plus a free three-month trial.

The Blaze plan only comes with an attribution license to use Otherside’s brand for two months. The Professional Plan includes an attribution license as well as the ability to make your article private.

Is it worth subscribing to?

If you are looking for an AI-based tool that will write articles on topics of your choice, it is a good idea to subscribe to Otherside.AI. For a monthly fee, you can avail yourself of all its features, including a writing assistant and Artificial Intelligence, to produce content for you.

However, Hyperwrite.AI only produces random snippets of sentences that can be used in your articles or blog posts. It does not write complete articles on its own. For all the features that it offers, Hyperwrite does not require a large budget to subscribe and use them.

Likewise, no solid reviews are coming out from users or subscribers of Otherside.AI or Hyperwrite.AI. Most of what we have are only those that did experiments with the platform.

You cannot say how the other platform features perform or if it is worth subscribing to. There are still very few people in the market that made a move to subscribe. Thus there are limited testimonies or reviews.

Best to wait a while and ensure that this new AI writing tool works.

What is Conversion.AI?

Conversion.AI is a web-based Artificial Intelligence writing tool that helps you fill up your blog, pages, and social media posts with the best content for your audience.

Conversion.AI is a modern version of traditional NLG tools that produce more natural language with coherent sentences and ideas. It has been tested in various niches to produce relevant topics for your audience.

Conversion.AI promises that it can write anything that you need in any web content. To use the service, add your existing article and then insert blocks of text such as the introduction/body/conclusion sections and other data like images and videos. It considers specific data from your company, such as customer feedback or marketing reports, to serve up the topics that will attract more traffic and conversions for you.

What are its features?

Conversion.AI has an AI assistant Jarvis.AI powered by natural language generation to learn the voice and writing style of your company and audience.

Conversion.AI also auto-generates content for social media posts, which you can easily share right from the platform. Some of its best features are the following:

  • No writer’s block when creating content for blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and web pages
  • Understand the type of content needed for your company and audience
  • AI assistant that can learn from your writing preferences and voice
  • Hyper-relevant topics to attract more traffic, leads, and conversions
  • Availability of templates to help you create content for whatever you need you to have.

What is Jarvis.AI?

Jarvis.AI is a platform that specializes in supporting companies with their content marketing needs by using Artificial Intelligence to improve their posts, pages, and social media. Jarvis.AI promises that its tech-driven tools can do the following:

• Set up triggers for different types of content you want to generate on your site

• Generates content for blog posts according to your topic, voice, and style preferences

• Auto-generated topics based on data from your company

• Understands your needs for social media posts and tells you the best time to post them

How does it Work?

Once you have your Conversion.AI account, you will have access to Jarvis.Ai. It is an artificial intelligence writing tool and an array of templates to help you start your writing tasks.

You can choose whether to start writing on your own and have Jarvis.Ai take over. Or you may also get him to help you come up with titles, outlines, introductory paragraphs, and more!

There is a user-friendly platform where you can integrate SurferSEO, Grammarly, and Plagiarism checker.

It also has a power mode to display templates that you incorporate in your blog post. And you may also opt to use the focus more if you want to concentrate on your content creation.

Using Jarvis.AI makes content writing much easier and less tedious for content creators and digital marketers. You can easily set the tone of your work even before you start writing or add keywords that you want to appear in our article.

What are the Price Plans for Conversion.AI?

Conversion.AI is a web-based Virtual Assistant that can produce great content for your blog, pages, or social media posts. You have to subscribe with different price plans depending on the number of users you need to support your team’s writing needs.

Their Basic plan will cost $49 per month if you are starting, which comes with a free 14-day trial period. For this plan, you get one user and 25 articles per month.

For Medium businesses or companies with a bigger team that needs to create content, the upgrade will cost $99 per month for three users and 50 articles. It also comes with a 30-day free trial period.

For the Advanced plan, it will cost $199 per month for ten users and 100 articles. This package also comes with a 15-day free trial period.

Is it worth subscribing to?

Yes, Conversion.AI is worth subscribing to. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly create content for your blog posts, pages, and social media posts.

And with its AI assistant, you can concentrate on creating quality content and let Jarvis.AI do the rest for you!

Conversion.AI is still the best choice if you want a comprehensive writing assistant for various content creation needs.

It gives you more than just product reviews, headlines, or email copies. It also offers a long-form content creator to help you achieve better-ranking articles on SERP!

Why are People Choosing Conversion.AI over Otherside.AI?

A lot of new users may hesitate when they take the price plans offered by Conversion.AI. Many will think that other alternatives cost less. However, once you start exploring the platform and begin creating content like never before, you will realize how much better it is to use than any other type of platform.

Here are some of the reasons why people still choose Conversion.AI:

It has great features and covers various writing requirements

Conversion.AI has a feature-rich platform that is easy to use. It covers all content writing requirements, from blog posts to social media posts, product reviews, and more!

It has real testimonials from real users

You can check out Conversion.AI’s YouTube channel for videos of satisfied users who are happy with the features offered by the platform.

When you key in Conversion.Ai reviews, you will get different results. It means that people have been trying and using the platform for quite some time now. Many are impressed, and it is apparent in their reviews, although there are still some limitations to its use. Also, there are comments about its price plans.

It has been tried and tested by various users around the world

The platform is tried and tested by its real users worldwide, who found out that it increases their writing speeds and improves their content quality!

Presently, digital marketers and multinational companies are also exploring the use of Jarvis.Ai to improve their digital marketing strategies.

The Final Verdict

When comparing the features of Conversion AI and Otherside AI, it appears that Conversion AI has a greater potential to assist you in taking your business one step ahead of its rivals in the market. It is more than just a writing tool that you can use to create amazing content. It can be your partner in all your digital marketing campaigns.

Despite having cheaper alternatives, many people still prefer to use Jarvis.AI for all their content creation needs. Other options such as Otherside.AI has limited features and limited real users to fully understand how it works or what it can offer.

With Jarvis.AI, you can now focus on improving your website’s SEO and organic rankings with better and high-quality content created by Conversion AI based on your client’s needs and preferences. This will increase the traffic of potential customers to your site and lead them to subscribe to your services!

If you want something that is tried and tested by digital marketers and content writers, choose Conversion.AI. All you’ll be able to say is that it is worth it!

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