Conversion AI vs. CopyPro: Which is the Best AI Writing Tool?

In the past decade, digital marketing has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. AI can be found in nearly every facet of online advertising and promotion, from the content generated to the targeted ads. 

In particular, AI has become a crucial component for many marketers. For example, conversion AI and Copy Pro are software designed with algorithms that analyze user data to determine what messages work best to convert visitors into customers.

We’ll be comparing their features, pricing, and every other thing worth looking into. With this, you’ll have a better understanding of how they work so that when it comes down to choosing one or two businesses for your business needs, both options are clear-cut.

What is Conversion AI?

Conversion AI is a type of machine learning software that automates the process of producing website content, writing articles, social media postings, and books. The program aids in the production of unique, accurate, and non-plagiarized material by speeding up the process.

An artificial intelligence assistant named Jarvis that works with automatically generates text for you. Jarvis may produce various materials, including long-form blog articles, marketing copy, emails, YouTube scripts, product descriptions, and more.

UseProof, a startup company based in Austin, Texas, created Jarvis. It’s a social proof device that allows website owners to increase conversions, leads, and sales by showing real-time notification activity of how many people are viewing their site’s pages. The Jarvis team is located in Austin, TX.

As a result, Jarvis is based on professional-level content production and marketing.

Jarvis understands over 25 different languages, so you can translate your material for as many languages as you like with Jarvis. Jarvis has read most of the public internet, so he is familiar with nearly every sector. Jarvis does not simply copy and paste text from various sources; instead, it combines all of them to create original and plagiarism-free content.

Jarvis isn’t a marketing automation software, CRM, or autoresponder. Instead, it’s a tool that will assist you in optimizing the production of your content by doing all the grunt work for you. You provide a little information and hit a button, and Jarvis generates paragraphs and pages of text for you.

What are the features of Conversion AI?

Jarvis has been taught over 50 skills based on real-world circumstances and methods to help you complete your writing task quickly, from developing email subject lines that are opened to creating fictitious tales that attract readers.

  • Long-form Assistant: This is for extended essays, emails, scripts, and stories. It’s also a good idea to use it while writing a book. It has two modes: a blank document where you can start typing freely and an assistant workflow. You can also access the rest of the writing templates vertically when creating a new document using the blank template. 

On the other hand, the long-form assistant workflow is where the app asks you to describe your intended content in detail. Take some time to think about it. The higher quality content that Jarvis can assist to create is directly related to how effectively you can explain your subject.

  • AIDA Framework: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action are the initials for the AIDA template. It essentially divides your text into parts that draw attention from clients while also piquing their interests. The suggested text includes material that appeals to consumers’ desires before culminating with a request for action.
  • Content Improver: A content improver is somehow a rephrase tool while improving your content. You can use the Content Improver template to fine-tune the product or service descriptions you generated.

Why Choose Conversion AI?

  • Non-plagiarized content: Your site will stay relevant and find credibility with prospects by not plagiarizing someone else’s content. It’s one thing to secure links, but it’s another matter if those links ultimately lead to a page full of copy-and-paste jobs. Placing original content on your site is one way of securing both trust and relevance.
  • Surfer SEO Integration: The partnership between Surfer and Conversion AI is exciting because both companies are committed to improving productivity for content creators. Ultimately, they are all working towards helping marketers generate more writing with better results. In the SEO mode, you have access to the Conversion AI platform, where you may get plenty of ideas from a robot and apply Surfer guidelines for improved content optimization.
  • Supports Long Form Articles: Long-form articles allow for a deeper, more in-depth analysis of a topic. It is very important when you’re talking about something as complicated as an industry. With Jarvis, it helps content marketers to produce long articles with ease.
  • Grammarly Integration: Besides Surfer SEO, Jarvis also made a partnership with Grammarly. Grammarly is the best way to make sure everything in your writing flows smoothly. It checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors on all platforms, including mobile devices.

It’s not as simple as replacing a letter or word. The program may use artificial intelligence to find and search for a suitable replacement for the error it identifies. Aside from original content, it is easier to create articles free of grammatical errors with Jarvis.

  • Massive Features: Jarvis helps copywriters, marketers, and business owners break through writer’s block and generate high-converting content quickly. Your Facebook ads, marketing emails, website copy, content, and so on can all be produced by our AI Jarvis. Even the most specific industries and items are supported.

How much does Conversion AI (Jarvis) Cost?

  • Starter: Jarvis can perform automated content generation tasks, including headlines, descriptions, and biographies. Jarvis arrives with unlimited “user seats” so each of your team members can have their account to log into. It includes 50 different copywriting skills to choose from, five project folders at once for multiple clients, and 25 supported languages. However, it has a 20,000-word limit.
  • Pro Unlimited: Jarvis can also create long-form material like blog entries, video scripts, made-up stories, books, and more. With the Pro Unlimited, you unlock the Long Form Assistant, which allows you to write articles longer than 1000 words. You will have workspace documents and unlimited project folders. However, only one user is included. Every additional user is charged $40.
  • Boss Mode: Jarvis Command is an AI-powered command-line tool that allows you to issue instructions to your smart home at lightning speed. It may be used to send the AI 2x faster and take control by utilizing Jarvis Command to direct it toward writing exactly what you want. You unlock the Boss Mode, which allows you to create long-form articles faster and easier. Additional users are charged $50 each.

What is CopyPro?

Copywriter and digital marketer Jon Benson developed CopyPro, an extremely powerful tool. It transforms a user’s browser into a hyper-efficient sales engine that is trained to sell. It generates verified sales page copy, webinar scripts, VSL scripts, emails, social media ad text, and more that have been custom-written to turn more of your visitors into customers.

Every script is loaded with emotive triggers that encourage your leads and customers to do things like buying what you’re offering. You can use this marketing platform as an alternative to hiring copywriters. But, unlike the former, you may access superior material regularly, with timely deliveries.

Any material you may require for your company is already prepared on this platform. They’re known as Copypro blueprints. These blueprints are accessible to any field or sector. All you have to do is fill out a few forms about your product, industry, or business.

After that, the AI software will combine your message with the appropriate blueprints, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind item that you can use on your website or sales page. Alternatively, you may modify it to suit your interests.

What are the features of CopyPro?

  • CopyBlock Technology: With its program, you may transform existing material into something new and unique. This tool allows you to modify previously published material to fit different niches and customers. With our neural net, you can combine words to form sentences.
  • Access to Copypro Academy: If you’re using such software for the first time, you may run into issues at first. That’s why Copypro offers an academy where you can learn how to create content quicker and easier. You’ll also discover how to use blueprints and modify them to your liking in this course.
  • Automated Copywriting: It’s difficult to create something on your own. AI technologies like, on the other hand, may help you automate the whole copywriting process and save time and effort. It generates ad copies, emails, webinars, and sales scripts based on your answers to the program’s questions.
  • CopyPro Blueprints: These are marketing strategies that you combine with your messages to market and engage your customers.

How much does Conversion AI (Jarvis) Cost?

  • Starter Level: The entry-level package costs $1499. This comes with 250 tokens and is therefore excellent for individuals who want to generate material regularly.
  • Pro Level: The Pro Level Package is an investment for any small business owner and the perfect way to get started with your own company. It comes with 750 tokens for $1999.
  • Business Level: For those with a lot of copywriting, the Business Level Package is worth checking out. With 2500 tokens and at $2999, it’s not bad considering how much you’ll get from this package.
  • Enterprise Level: If you are looking for a package that will cover your copy needs, this is it! It has 5000 tokens and can be used by any business. The only thing needed from professional marketers is weekly campaigns to produce content with ease.

Why Choose CopyPro?

  • Rewrite:’s copy block technology allows you to use existing material as a source of inspiration and rewrite it. Automated copywriting makes it simple for you to produce the text rapidly.
  • Blueprints: It also has several blueprints for your use. You may construct your duplicate using the aid of these plans. It serves similarly to templates. With the help of blueprints, all of the formatting is done for you, so it’s easy to focus on what you want to say and not on adding in any additional formatting. This saves time and ensures consistency throughout your paper.
  • Free training: The Copywriting course with is a five-day program where you’ll learn the fundamentals of copywriting and how to employ the software effectively. Because it’s suitable for a wide range of industries, makes it simple for you to obtain the sort of copy you desire. 

In reality, it also provides certified eight-week intensive training. It not only supplies you with the copy but also helps you grasp how to use it with the help of a professional marketing course, thanks to modern technology.

Conversion AI VS CopyPro: The Final Verdict and Copypro are two platforms that can help you generate quality content easily by utilizing their powerful features, which include the AIDA framework for highly engaging posts.

Both copywriting tools can help you take your website’s SEO to the next level. You may do this and much more with either of these AI’s, whether it be keyword integration into blog posts or the creation of meta descriptions.

You can enhance the content or expand phrases using any of the templates from or In terms of functionality, Copypro contains more features than Conversion, although has enough capabilities to help you produce material if you have a limited budget.

Templates in both copywriting tools are almost the same. However, it seems that CopyPro has fewer choices than its counterpart for templates such as videos, sales letters, or adverts to use on your next project! You can find many different types of these across both websites – here are just some examples: email promos and headlines, among others.

You can create engaging content with’s templates that will have your audience on the edge of their seat in no time! From books to videos, blog posts to Amazon ads – there is a template perfect for every occasion and interest group out there.

Conversion.AI can write long-form material, while CopyPro.AI cannot. Buyers must understand this before subscribing to any package. Depending on your specialty or sector, you must determine whether long-form material is required. If you don’t want to, you can use Conversion.AI.

Although both AI’s operate properly, if you encounter any difficulties, you may contact us. offers a FAQ and help center where you can learn more about the most common issues.

There are articles on the site about how to employ AI to create content. They also have an email address where you may contact them at any time of day or night. Copypro does not provide such channels of communication. However, they do have a client support page that is always active.

Conversion AI is the best choice for digital marketers if you are looking to increase your website’s SEO. CopyPro excels in writing messages that resonate with readers and convert them into customers, which makes it a great option for sales teams who need to generate leads through email marketing or social media ads. 

Whether you want an AI tool that will help optimize your market strategy or one that can write compelling copy quickly, so you don’t have to hire writers full-time, Conversion AI has got what you need when it comes to generating sales online.

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