Conversion A.I. Product Review: Content Writing Platform That Leverages Machine Learning

by: Danny Veiga

Conversion A.I. is an A.I.-based content writing platform that helps writers create better, faster, and more creative content by leveraging machine learning to predict what customers want to read about based on their search history. It uses natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to generate high-quality articles in seconds. This product review will evaluate Conversion A.I.'s features and explain why it is a good choice for your business.

What is Conversion A.I?

Conversion A.I. is the world's first conversion rate optimization and content marketing platform to use artificial intelligence to help businesses create better, faster, and more creative content. They do this by leveraging machine learning technology that predicts what customers want to read based on their search history. This way, they can write articles about topics that are most likely to grab a customer's attention.

The Conversion A.I. platform uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and deep learning processes to generate high-quality articles seconds after you give your topic idea. The key here is "high quality," meaning that Conversion A.I. has an accuracy of over 90% for producing engaging copy while still writing at human-grade speed (around 60 words per minute).

It means that Conversion A.I. can write up a 3000-word article in just over one hour. That is more than ten times faster than what the average writer can produce on their own - and with much less effort, too, since Conversion A.I. will do all of the research for you. One thing to note is that Conversion A.I. only works for English language content (for now).

Conversion A.I. also allows writers to edit any piece they produce on their website or desktop app without downloading anything first. It does not offer video creation services right now, but this could change soon as the demand for multimedia content grows.

There are two main features available through Conversion A.I.: Smart Writing Technology and Automated Optimization.

Conversion A.I. uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your SEO keywords and competitor keyword data to create high-quality content optimized for Conversion.

It means that Conversion A.I. can automatically generate blog posts and article ideas based on keywords you input into the platform, so it is always writing about topics that are most likely to grab your customers' attention. One of Conversion A.I.'s key features here is its ability to learn from what works best in conversion rate optimization to write even better articles in the future - meaning more clicks with less work.

Conversion A.I. also does all of the research for you by indexing over one billion pages daily through Google search API and various human-curated databases (such as Wikipedia). It means there will never be any gaps or holes in an article again because Conversion A.I.knows what your customers want to read.

The Conversion A.I. content writing platform also comes with a plagiarism detector. It means that you will always know when Conversion A.I. is grabbing an article from somewhere else on the internet. You can choose not to publish it or tweak it as needed before posting for maximum uniqueness and customer interest.

The Conversion A.I. tool features various helpful tools specifically for conversion rates optimization for SEO specialists, marketers, bloggers, and social media managers. It will enable them to work efficiently without spending time researching topics all day long. These include:

- Keyword suggestions based on competitor data

- Topic brainstormer (helps generate ideas)

- Link builder (links back to your website automatically at the end of Conversion A.I.-created articles)

- Blog post creator (allows Conversion A.I. to create blog posts for you automatically for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter)

Features and Benefits

Creates Better Content Faster: Conversion A.I. provides business owners with an efficient way to produce excellent quality copy quickly by leveraging machine learning technology. The software uses natural language processing algorithms and deep learning processes to generate high-quality articles in a matter of seconds. 

Predict What Customers Want To Read: The A.I.-based content writing platform uses deep learning algorithms to create articles that will most likely grab their attention. Conversion A.I. can determine what customers want to read by predicting search history on Google and other platforms, such as Amazon or Wikipedia.

Creates Engaging Copy At Fast Speed: Conversion A.I. also allows writers to edit any piece they produce on its website or desktop app without downloading anything first. It writes at a human-grade speed of around 60 words per minute while maintaining excellent quality with an accuracy of over 90%. It means Conversion A.I. 's can write up a 3000-word article in just under one hour, which would take the average writer much longer than this amount of time because they have to spend more effort doing research.

Free Trial: Conversion A.I. offers a free trial with a 20000-word generation limit, so you can see how well their platform works before committing yourself. The conversion rate optimization and marketing software will provide excellent quality copy quickly that helps business owners improve conversion rates while saving time and money on content creation.

Fully Customizable Platforms: To meet your needs, Conversion A.I. uses many customizable features. They work with every type of business to help generate higher conversion rates by using more engaging content than you could produce alone in just minutes.

Cons in Using Conversion A.I.

Niche Marketing: While Conversion A.I. generates higher conversion rates, it is not as beneficial for niche marketing since they do not target anything specifically.

Pricing: Conversion A.I. offers discounts for customers that purchase conversion rate optimization, PPC, and content marketing services together. Conversion A.I. offers a free trial with a 20000-word generation limit, which is excellent for those who want to test the conversion-rate optimization platform first.

Limited To English Language Content Only: Right now, this conversion rate optimization and marketing software only work in English. If your business needs other languages, you may have an issue with them right now, but they plan on expanding soon.

Who Should Use Conversion A.I?

Business Owners: Conversion A.I. is perfect for writers looking to earn more money or needs a way to make content creation less time-consuming and expensive. The conversion optimization software also offers excellent quality articles that help business owners improve conversion rates while saving on hiring copywriters. 

Conversion A.I. is also perfect for small businesses that want to gain a competitive edge by organically increasing conversion rates without paid advertising.

Marketers, SEO Specialists, and Content Creators: Marketers, SEO specialists, content writers, or anyone else who wants to create better content faster with no hassle use Conversion A.I. Its natural language processing algorithms use deep learning methods to quickly generate high-quality articles, which means you will not need to spend as much time on research.

Large Companies: Conversion A.I. would work well for large companies because they have many different products and services. Its ability to write engaging copy that grabs attention from customers could help them increase conversions across the board while generating more revenue. 

Smaller companies may like its product review service because Conversion A.I. is explicitly designed for small businesses. It offers excellent quality content that can help them increase conversion rates without spending money on expensive conversion rate optimization services.

Freelancers and Remote Workers: Conversion A.I. would be perfect for freelancers or remote workers because they could use this product review service as their primary source of income while saving time by not doing any research themselves. Conversion A.I. also offers a free trial with a 20000-word generation limit, so you do not have to commit until you see how well it works.

International Companies: Conversion A.I. may not work if your company does not speak English, though Conversion A.I. plans to offer software in various languages soon, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, and more. Suppose your business utilizes one of these languages now, then it is worth waiting just a little longer before Conversion A.I. releases its new software.

Conversion Rates Optimization and Marketing: Conversion A.I. designed machine learning algorithms for conversion rates optimization and marketing. This service may not work well if you're looking to find a good writer that can produce the content without any SEO or conversion rate optimizations in mind.

Bonus: Conversion A.I. offers many customizable features, such as 'Target Audience,' which allows you to generate a copy with words geared towards a specific audience automatically. Other great features include Smart Topic Generator, Scalable Pricing Plans, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms, and Deep Learning Methods.

What Users Are Saying About Conversion A.I.

"I have been looking for a product review service like this for a long time. Conversion A.I. helps me create more engaging content and better quality at an affordable price."

"This software has helped me make the most of my budget by writing engaging, high-quality articles with minimal effort due to Conversion A.I.'s machine learning technology."

"I've been looking for a product review service like this! Conversion A.I.s ability to write faster without compromising on accuracy or great quality makes it worth every penny!"

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