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5 Amazing Content Types Small Businesses Should Be Using In 2021

Content is king!

We’ve all heard this before.

In digital marketing, great content is essential.

It’s not a need-to-have, but a definite must-have.

I believe we all can agree on that!

But I’m sure you’re also wondering:

What kind of content should I be using in 2021?

Yep! This is a very valid question.

If you go on Google and search for “types of content”, you’ll be amazed at how many different kinds there are.  

There are hundreds…yes! Hundreds of content types that you can fill up your marketing calendar with.

There’s literally no excuse to run out of ideas because you can try them all out.

You can do some trial and error and see what works best for your audience.

But here’s the thing…

As a small business owner, doing that is not very efficient.

It costs a lot of time and money to test out all of these types of content.

Being a local business with limited resources, you need to see results – fast!

And this is what this post is all about.

I’m going to give you an in on what types of content work for local businesses in 2021.

By focusing on these types of content, you can streamline your content marketing strategy.

This means you won’t need to waste time and money to see results.

So let’s start!

  1. High-Quality Blog Posts

I believe that in the world of SEO, blog posts are definitely non-negotiable.

They are hardworking pieces of content that create opportunities for your site to rank for your target keywords.

By posting blogs, your site becomes constantly updated and indexed by Google without having the need to change the main pages of your site.

Plus, it’s a good way to educate your customers about your products and services without being hard sell about it.

But take note that you can’t just have run of the mill blog posts that everyone else is publishing…

Sure, you can probably order blogs from a content factory but will these articles give you the ROI you need?

Probably not.

So what am I talking about here?

What I’m talking about is publishing high-quality blog posts that are well-written, well-structured, and optimized for SEO.

It’s not just about having the longest posts.

Just because you have 8,000 words on a single topic will not guarantee that you’ll appear on Page 1 of the search results ASAP!

And you’ll also be surprised to know that it’s also not about having the most creative piece!

Even if your article was written by an award-winning writer, if it is NOT optimized for SEO, then there’s a good chance nobody will be able to find it.

When creating a high-quality blog post, you have to find that sweet spot between an article that’s fresh, creative, and SEO-optimized.

It also has to contain info directly responding to what your target is looking for.

  1. Social Media Posts 

If your local business is not yet on Facebook or any social media site…

What’s wrong with you?

I know, I know…

Social media is getting a bad rep nowadays, especially Facebook.

But you have to face the fact that your audience is most likely on Facebook anyway so you have to be there too.

Not convinced?

Well, do you know that over half of the American public get their news from social media?

One survey found that at least 53% of U.S. respondents said that they often or sometimes use social media as their source of news.

Facebook tops the list of platforms with more than one-third of Americans getting their news from the social media giant.

This only shows how integral social media sites are when it comes to our everyday lives.

By getting your business on these platforms, you have a chance to engage with your audience.

You can also target specific demographics depending on your consumers.

Aside from Facebook, you can also explore other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few.

  1. Videos

Here’s an interesting fact:

The percentage of small businesses in the United States using YouTube is only 9%!

That means an overwhelming majority of businesses – 91% to be exact – are not taking advantage of the wonders video can do for them!

And how can video help your revenue?

Here’s another stat:

Do you know that compared to marketers who don’t use video, those who do grow their businesses 49% faster?

That’s definitely huge!

The great thing about video is that it is very accessible.

Unlike long-form blog posts that take time and patience to read, videos often give you a summary of the info in an easy-to-consume package.

This helps you reach a wider audience.

If videos are so amazing then you might be thinking:

What’s stopping local businesses from creating them?

A lot of things, actually.

Usually, the common excuse is the cost.

Many local business owners, especially those used to traditional marketing, often think that videos are too expensive.

I can’t blame them.

Several years back, you had to spend a serious amount of money just to get one short corporate video produced.

Let’s not even go to TV ads because those can cost you (and still cost you up to now) several thousands of dollars.

But now, times have changed!

With technology, video production costs are much more reasonable.

Even mobile phone cameras can now record in the highest definition possible!

You can find brilliant videographers and editors who can produce videos for you without maxing out your credit card limit.

Or you can even do it yourself if you have the equipment!

Plus, you don’t need to spend thousands to book an advertising spot on your local TV station.

Now, there are free and paid platforms that you can use to broadcast your videos within the budget you’re willing to spend.

There’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to name a few.

You can even go live on these platforms for free.

Now that we’ve addressed the money issue… here is the next common concern when it comes to videos…

What am I going to say?

I get it.

Not everyone is camera-ready so they are not confident enough to be on videos themselves.

While some people don’t have any idea on what kind of videos to produce.

This is where a content strategist can come in.

At my agency, we can produce a video content calendar to help you effectively reach your audience through videos.

If you’re not keen on going in front of the camera, we can recommend other video content types that you can maximize.

If needed we can produce the videos for you from A to Z or help you source a videographer in your local area.

We take care of everything from pre-production until your videos go live.

  1. Emails

Emails are often underrated.

This is probably because with too much junk mail flooding our inboxes, many local business owners often think that sending emails is a pointless exercise.

Why do I need to spend on emails when people are just going to send these to their junk folder?

I feel ya, I sometimes get frustrated too about such things.

But hang on a sec…

No matter what our opinions are, let’s not overlook the hard facts.

Email has a 90.3% penetration rate among internet users in the United States.

That’s the reason we can’t just ignore emails altogether.

Your target audience might not like Instagram or they may not have a Facebook profile…

But you can bet that they will have an email address!

At least I’m 90.3% sure they will!

The key to sending emails that convert is to step up your email marketing game.

You have to be smart about it and make sure that you’re sending valuable, interesting email content that your audience will engage in.

You can’t just send an email just for the sake of having a monthly email newsletter.

You always have to ask yourself first…

What value is my email providing to my target consumer?

Are they going to get content that they can’t find anywhere else?

Are they getting exclusive deals?

Or are they getting an amazing discount?

These are just some examples of the things you have to consider before hitting that send button to your email list.

Make sure your email is something you yourself as a consumer will find exciting.

Don’t waste their time or your time, by sending emails that are just going to the trash folder in 3 seconds.

When you make your emails valuable for your audience, your audience will naturally engage and look forward to your next emails.

  1. Lead Magnets

One great way to promote your local business through content is by creating a lead magnet.

When I suggest this to clients, they often get intimidated.

Me? Create a lead magnet? What does that even mean!


Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to give up your day job and go write a 5,000 page novel or self-help guide.

The goal is not to get you to the New York Times Best Sellers’ list here.

The purpose of a Lead Magnet is to create useful content for your audience that at the same time will help market your business.

Again, it does not need to be super long or super complicated.

As long as you’re able to tell your story, give value, solve a problem or deliver your point – you can stop writing.

Lead Magnets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes:

  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Mini Courses
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Roadmaps
  • Templates

Just to name a few…

They can be as short as 3,000 to 5,000 words, which can be read in one sitting.

Usually the outcome is that you ask for the person’s email address so that they can download it for free.

So why are Lead Magnets effective in a business strategy?

They fall under the premium content category.

If you’re offering a free “something”, you can make your followers feel that they’re getting something from you that’s of value.

Not only can you generate leads, but you also get to establish your authority on the subject matter.

This way, you’re also building brand prominence and credibility.

The higher your trust-worthiness is, the more customers will flock to your business and this can even help you when it comes to Google search rankings.

But can any business benefit from a Lead Magnet?

Absolutely yes!

Not only B2B industries benefit from them.

Even if you have a consumer-focused local business, you can give away something of value too.

For example, if you run an outdoor gear store selling camping gear, you can create a Lead Magnet about “How To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip”.

In your giveaway, you can provide helpful tips and at the same time, give advice about the best gear and products that first-time campers should have with them.

Or let’s say you’re a dentist and you’re trying to target families in your area.

You can create a checklist for parents with tips on how they can take care of their children’s dental health.

So, whatever business you have, you just need some creativity on how to create a lead magnet your target customers will love!

If you’re already publishing blog posts, you can curate similar posts and put them together to create a guide.

Or if you’re starting from scratch, just think about common problems or concerns your customers have and how you can help them solve it with your book – with the help of your product of course.

Just remember that books are not supposed to be hard sell marketing tools.

You still have to focus on the info rather than the selling.

But don’t worry, an amazing Lead Magnet will be worth it because it can potentially generate lots of leads and later on, increase your revenue.

Build Your Content and Get Results Fast!

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