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Danny is indeed a 7-Figure Internet Market Development Specialist, one of Top 40 Most Influential Businessmen Under 40, and now a Success Profit Strategist who has assisted his clients in scaling their businesses to over $50 million in online revenues.

He’s also a recipient of the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award, a Content Marketing Conferences Speaker. It has enabled educate over 700 developers and business investors through his skills training by integrating technology and Sales Promotion on Social Media. He’s also the founder of one of the fastest growing entrepreneur Facebook Groups with over 65k supporters.

He was invited to talk at a conference in Vegas with over 150 business owners, and he also holds his own 7-Figure Business Builder Mastermind in Dallas, Texas, three times a year. Danny assists companies in connecting the dots to grow sales from new and current customers.

Danny Veiga’s Thoughts…

I’ve always imagined this as something that helps others succeed, but it wasn’t until 13 years earlier that this dream became a reality. I traded up my future of being a police officer to help businesses expand their online presence… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was always interested in computers and electronics as a child. When I was 13 years old, I was ready to build my first machine. As a result, I honed my expertise as a technical specialist and assisted companies with web application creation and design, allowing them to extend their brand and presence. I’ve been encouraged to use the same skills to teach over 700 entrepreneurs about online and direct marketing and become a speaker, mentor. I collaborate with 7-figure executives about how to fill the gap between digital marketing and sales development. ‚Äč

I’ve learned how and where to manage life and business to pursue the lifestyles I want after 16 years of being married, three children, and eventually losing my spouse to pancreatitis four years ago.

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