How to Use Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing?


You want your business to grow, don’t you? Then how would you like a proven funnel that does all the marketing work for you so that your customers get interested in what you do and how they can benefit from it?

What if there is an easier way to use clickfunnels to make money online? Would you be interested? Most marketers enjoy how clickfunnels works, but how many want to know how they can use them in their business?

Russell Brunson created Clickfunnels as a tool for his own company. He wanted to make it easy for everyone who joins his program, and he knew how people like how he makes money online, so he decided to make it available to everyone.

What is Clickfunnels?

A clickfunnels is a tool you can use to make money online. With its high converting templates and the ability to create your funnels how you like, this tool is getting more popular by the day, with affiliate marketers using it. It integrates a variety of tools that will help you build any sales funnel easily.

Before you jump to how you can use clickfunnels in your affiliate marketing business, you must understand how this tool works.

It integrates various pages where you will sell anything you want to the customers who join your programs. It also contains templates and themes that are proven and tested to convert visitors into potential buyers. These templates are also mobile optimization; that is why you will have an easy time converting your potential clients.

Why Choose and how to use clickfunnels for affiliate marketing?

By having a funnel set up, you can make your affiliate marketing process easier. Clickfunnels helps you eliminate time-wasting steps and makes sure that you are easy to reach for any customer. Utilizing this tool in your business allows customers to have one place where they can find all of the information they need about a product or service. With clickfunnels, you can have up to 20 funnels, choose how and when a customer is transferred from one funnel to another, and customers will only see the number of steps on the last page of the funnel they are currently using. 

How To Use Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing?

You might be getting people to view your website, but how many are converting? There’s an easy way to prevent this. You can use a marketing tool to make it easier to get more traffic and increase your conversion rate. 

Enter Click Funnels

But how? How to use clickfunnels for affiliate marketing? Why should you even use it? To help answer these questions, I will be sharing strategies on how to do this. You’ll learn how to create a landing page and how to market it effectively.

The First Step: Create Your Landing Page 

To use click funnels for affiliate marketing, you need a good-looking landing page. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a landing page. It will increase your conversion rates because it’s very easy for customers to know what they’re getting into.

Combine this with the right color of text and pictures, and you’ll see how clickfunnels can be used for affiliate marketing.

Here’s how you can do this: Create an account on ClickFunnels. Once you’re in your dashboard, hit the “Create New” button at the top right corner of your screen. It will bring up a pop-up box.

How do you use the affiliate marketing features of Clickfunnels?

There are two ways you can use Clickfunnels to integrate affiliate marketing into your business.

The first is how you would link it up with your affiliate partners and how this works in how the partnership will be formed. Adding an affiliate partner is very easy and can be done while creating your funnel. You just need to log into your affiliate manager and leave a link to how the user can get there through your funnel. The important thing about how click funnels work with affiliate partners is that you don’t need any software installed on your website or any specific code to work correctly. It will still track everything perfectly, even though the links are placed.

There are two types of how you can position your affiliate links – within the software or outside. Let’s see how this will affect how the funnel works and how much money you’ll be making with it:

Putting the Links Inside of Clickfunnels Software Funnel

This is mostly how new users would start but how it works in the affiliate marketing world. This is how business is the most lucrative one, but how you earn is how more affiliates join your funnel through this means, so starting with a smaller number is better as controlling how much people will be making through your funnel. How much will people be spending on ads (paying per click), and how much they spend after visiting a given website by following an affiliate link. 

Putting the Links Outside of Clickfunnels Software

This is how you would position clickfunnels software, meaning how you would add an affiliate code. This is much harder to do as you would need to have some minor technical skills to work properly.

Benefits of using click funnels for your business 

Using click funnels in your affiliate marketing business can boost how well you do, no matter how big or small your website is. Here are some of the benefits it will give you:

1. Create a better-looking landing page

As we already discussed how click funnels can help you build a better-looking landing page, how it will improve your conversion rate, and how easy it is to use. In affiliate marketing, you need to create as many points of contact with the prospect. Because of click funnels, creating quality landing pages has become easier than ever before. 

2. Make money from affiliate programs more manageable

With the help of click funnels, you can easily create an affiliate program for your website. This will make your money from affiliate programs more manageable, and sales are much easier to follow. 

3. Make more money with less work

Click funnels are the solution if you want to make more money with less work. Click funnels will help you easily drive traffic into your funnel, build a custom landing page that converts, and track and make sales from this process. 

4. Save time

Using clickfunnels for your affiliate marketing campaign can save you more time than using any other tool or even spending hours making a custom landing page. Click funnels will help you set up and make sales in very little time so that you can save as much time as possible for other important things. 

5. Drive traffic to your affiliate sites easier

Click funnels can help you drive or send traffic from all traffic sources to your affiliate sites. It will help you convert it into sales,  and make more money with affiliate marketing. 

6. Easy setup

One of the most significant benefits of using click funnels is how easy they are to set up and how much time they save you. 

7. Easy to track

Using clickfunnels for your affiliate marketing business will continually keep an eye on how sales will improve the next time. On how to make sales Funnels help you, keep track of how all the different steps are converting. 

8. Easy split testing

Split testing your affiliate marketing funnel is straightforward with click funnels and how they give you an excellent interface for it. It makes it easier to have more tests and get better results from running your Affiliate marketing campaign.

11. Customizable

Affiliate marketers have different niches, and how the products they are promoting may be limited to certain types of people or a specific kind of product. Having an affiliate funnel will make it easier to customize each page for every niche. 

12. Easy social sharing

Setting up how to make your affiliate marketing campaigns include social media buttons is very easy with click funnels to quickly drive traffic through these channels and promote your offer to make more sales.

13. Easy to use

Click funnels are easy to use and how easy it is to have a great landing page that converts without technical knowledge or designing skills. As we already discussed, you will be able to set up an affiliate marketing funnel in less than 4 hours.

14. Improve conversion

Affiliate marketing funnel helps improve your conversion rate because it’s easy for people to understand and follow your offers, especially if they are click funnels. It is also very user-friendly, where you can easily research the most effective option for your niche.

15. Add more products

Having an affiliate marketing funnel will help you quickly add more products if you know how to make sales. This will lead to more money for you and less hassle because Clickfunnels is one tool for your marketing needs.

16. Create leads

Clickfunnels will help you create more leads than any other software. This can help you build a responsive list that helps grow your affiliate business, get into opportunities, and get leads.

17. Easy to work with

Working with clickfunnels is very easy; you can change everything as fast as possible so that it’s much easier for you to run the Affiliate marketing campaign without any hassle.

18. Professional look and feel

Your landing pages for better lead generation pages should look professional and give the people a good impression of your business, making it easier for you to have better lead conversions.

19. Easily build

Building an affiliate marketing funnel is very easy with click funnels because you can create different templates and easily customize them.

20. Easy mobile Device

Click funnels are straightforward on iPhone, iPad, or any other device, which means that you can access your affiliate marketing funnel from anywhere at any time.  


You have learned how to use clickfunnels for affiliate marketing. A step-by-step guide on creating an email capture funnel using clickfunnels, setting up a squeeze page, and how to do follow-up emails. The most important thing is that you’ve learned how it works, so you can now implement these funnels into your own business.

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