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How to Grow Your Business Using Chiropractor Marketing Tools

Many small businesses are turning to chiropractor marketing tools like social media marketing and video marketing to attract new customers. And there is a good reason for this. To compete with the big guys, smaller companies need a different approach than ever before. The days of just putting up a billboard or handing out flyers are gone – these approaches do not reach enough people anymore. 

There are many ways to grow your chiropractic business. For example, chiropractors can use social media and marketing strategies to help them promote their practice or attract new patients. 

In today’s online world, it is important to have a marketing plan in place. Of course, we all know that word of mouth is the best way to get new patients, but there are other things you can do as well. In this post, we will go over some of those ways and give you tips on how to grow your chiropractic business using these strategies and some of the essential chiropractic marketing tools. 

How can one promote a chiropractic business?

How can one promote a chiropractic business? This is a question that many people have asked themselves, and this blog post will cover the basics of how to do so. There are many different ways to go about it, but there is no right or wrong way. With that being said, promoting your chiropractic business can be done through word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing, and online reviews. 

Additionally, you could also use advertising techniques such as radio ads or print media ads. When doing any type of promotion, the most important thing is making sure what you’re saying about your company/business makes sense for the audience listening or reading it. If they enjoy what they see, then they’ll likely share their experience with others.

You can do so by using a Chiropractor Marketing Tool like Facebook or Instagram. These platforms are free, and they have all sorts of different strategies that you can use to promote your chiropractic practice online. For example, search for Chiropractor, Chiropractors Near Me on social media, then put up pictures where people will see them! You want to make sure that these posts show off the best parts about your clinic, though, as well as include things like reviews and testimonials from happy clients who’ve had their lives changed by coming in contact with your chiropractic business!

“BE FOUND” Strategies:


The internet is a great time-saver and marketing tool for your chiropractic office. Listing your business in as many online directories of chiropractors as you can find will speed up the process of getting ranked well on search engines like Google by keeping them busy outranking their competition with links back to all of these websites. 

At the same time, they try to do so themselves. So, whether or not you have a website already, get one as soon as possible so that potential patients can find out about what goes on at your office with just minutes of research. You may want to start by listing yourself in all of those directories related to websites where people search for doctors like yours – many exist and are easily accessible (just type “chiropractor directory” into Google).


Leveraging social media is a great way to gain more customers and establish your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are examples of useful sites that you should use for marketing purposes. On these types of pages, it’s important to use them as an outlet and stay updated with relevant information about nutrition tips or how-to videos on exercise techniques to keep followers engaged!


If you’re looking for new ways to grow your massage business, consider offering a referral service. Connecting with other businesses in the area that offer therapeutic bodywork and similar services is an easy way to promote yourself while also staying connected within the community. If your office has a favorite health-conscious place to order lunch from, be sure to leave some menus or cards on hand!



The power of positive thinking can have a profound effect on the health and well-being you enjoy. Encourage your patients to share their experiences about chiropractic techniques with others, as this will help spread knowledge about how pain relief is possible in many cases. Fill your Facebook page with links that highlight medical breakthroughs for people suffering from chronic pain so all may benefit.


If you have a patient on the fence, it would be wise to give them an offer that they can’t refuse. Offer free consultations or discounted packages so that these patients are bound to come in and see what treatment is all about. Keep away from offering ongoing treatments like massages because people may just want a massage without any long-term intentions of receiving chiropractic care themselves.


To increase your client base, incentivize referrals. For each referral to the practice that you receive from a current patient, offer free or discounted services of their choice- an excellent way to grow both customer and staff satisfaction at once! Make sure that you promote these offers on social media pages as well as in waiting rooms, so clients know what they’re getting into when referring friends and family members.



Stay in contact with your patients and send them monthly newsletters. This will allow you to ask for feedback from customers interested or even post a blog every once in a while!

You should offer “frequent flyer” type discounts and memberships to patients to keep them coming back. Offer rewards for milestones such as a free massage, including an introduction to another service or treatment you may have available. Packages like 10% off ten treatments are also helpful because it guarantees they’ll come at least nine more times-which means discounted services and upfront payments for the bills!


As a business, it’s important to treat every customer as if they were your best. Unfortunately, sometimes when you offer a deal or coupon, the response can be overwhelming and lead to unfortunate consequences. You must manage how this type of promotion is managed to not let these issues happen again.

How can one grow his/her chiropractic practice?

The chiropractic profession has grown exponentially over the past decade. With more people seeking natural remedies for various ailments, there is an increased demand for chiropractors. Although it can be challenging to grow a practice, this blog post will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you get started in your new profession. 

Promote Patient Testimonies: Asking for patient testimonials and reviews is a great way to attract new patients, but you have to help them give feedback. Provide space on your website or popular review sites like Yelp, Facebook, or Google Reviews so that clients can easily provide their thoughts about how they were cared for at your practice.

Be Updated: The chiropractic business is changing, and it’s important to keep up with trends, regulations, codes, and billing. This could mean attending regional conferences or even national ones, utilizing online resources like webinars or training classes, reading white papers – everything that will help you be successful in the quickly changing world of healthcare.

Referral Programs: If you want to attract new patients, offer incentives for current ones to tell others about your practice. New crowds can be reached with special programs like Refer a Friend by promoting them on your website and social media channels, as well as through newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

Keep Improving: Achieving your practice’s goals means you need to have a growth plan. Tweaks and improvements can make all the difference in how well or poorly things are going. Start by looking at registration process policy verification; then accounts receivables denial claims–these tweaks will take care of themselves if they’re done correctly from day one!

How much do Chiropractors spend in marketing?

The answer to this question is complicated. Many factors go into a chiropractor’s marketing budget, such as the type of practice they have (i.e., solo practitioner vs. large group), the size of their geographic location, and how much time they can spend on marketing activities outside of seeing patients. 

It also depends on whether or not you factor in advertising costs since some chiropractors buy ads for themselves in magazines or newspapers. In contrast, others rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied patients. 

No matter what your situation may be, it’s important to know how much you need so you can plan accordingly. A good rule of thumb is about $2,000-$5,000 per month for solo practitioners and $500-$1000 per month for larger groups.

According to the American Chiropractic Association’s Chiropractor Marketing Guide, the average cost for marketing is around $1400 per year. Chiropractors spend a lot on marketing because it is vital to any chiropractic business’s success.

How do you attract new patients to a clinic?

The best way to get more people coming into the office for treatment and wellness checks is by having an online presence! A website with pictures, videos, and testimonials from happy clients will show that your practice cares about its sense of customer service as well as health education. You can find these on social media, too – share them, so they’re not lost between endless posts.

Social media platforms are also where many potential patients look when researching their options before making decisions – make sure you post regularly enough that your profile doesn’t come up as inactive when someone is searching for Chiropractors in their area!

Most Essential Chiropractic Marketing Tools

Marketing tools can be a technique, strategy, or software used to promote the products or services to boost sales of a business. However, marketing professionals are most likely using these days as some kind of program that helps them do their everyday job more efficiently and effectively!

In today’s digital world, where people have access to many different options regarding how they communicate with others (emailing vs. texting vs. phone calls), one-way marketers stay on top is by utilizing technology to market themselves better.

Social Marketing Platform

New marketing strategies require interesting and engaging content that will appeal to the right audience. With the rise in popularity of social media, it is important for marketers today to plan how they will reach their target customers through various networks like Facebook or Twitter and traditional advertising outlets such as radio or TV.

Social media can be used as a powerful tool to engage your audience in real-time. These tools also provide analytics that give insight into how well an initiative works while allowing for revisions moving forward. In addition, with these platforms, you’ll have the opportunity to participate and share content with others who are talking about it on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite offers a versatile solution to streamline your social media campaigns. With this software, you can easily plan and execute the most effective marketing strategies from one centralized location. While it is important for marketers to create content on their own time, Hootsuite also provides the option of scheduling posts in advance so that they happen at optimal times during specific days or weeks when people are more likely viewing them based on other campaign metrics like impressions and click-throughs.

Website Platform

Today, many businesses can be found on the internet, and this is a huge opportunity. Your website should act as your hub for all leads that come through it. You have to maintain content assets such as blog posts or landing pages and registration forms for events, and other information like pricing details of services offered by your company.

Your business needs an online presence in order to thrive, so don’t forget about maintaining everything from blogs to event registrations!

Millions of people search for answers to their questions and research topics and tools long before they want to speak with sales reps. The majority of this process takes place online. As a result, you should ensure that your website is the top search engine results when prospects look up company-relevant content or subjects on Google (or other major engines).

  • Hotjar: With Hotjar, you can better understand the behavior of site visitors by analyzing heatmaps and visitor recordings. With features like surveys embedded into your website or sending out feedback requests directly from clients, it is easy for data analysis professionals to gain knowledge about user actions when they visit a page.

Content Marketing Platform

Content marketing software is a vital cog in the wheel of any thriving organization, as it manages and analyzes content to monitor which assets are generating business. The best part? It tells you exactly what’s working so your efforts can continue to drive revenue with little investment in resources.

The content of your website is what separates you from the competition. Without it, buyers will never know about all that your company has to offer, and they’ll end up purchasing elsewhere because their needs weren’t met. But, of course, content can be used in different ways as well. 

They use social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to promote themselves by sharing relevant information with prospects at every stage of the buying process. But only if there’s enough engaging material available on these networks for them to share with others first-hand.

  • Canva: Canva is an easy-to-use and affordable option for marketing teams to create visual content that can be used in various marketing campaigns. The best thing about Canva is its professional design templates, which allow you to easily create beautiful graphic content without having any experience with graphic designing at all! Whether you want stunning infographics or engaging videos, Visually has something for every type of business need.
  • Creatopy: Creatopy is a design platform that allows you to easily create engaging ads for all of your needs, including banners and other displays, social media, and video. You can utilize industry-specific templates or make custom designs with the high-quality stock photo libraries at Creatopy or import new images from any URL on the internet. The intuitive features help users bring their creative ideas into reality quickly and easily.

SalesForce Automation Platform

To understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you need to know who they are aimed at and how exactly those people end up becoming customers. A CRM (customer relationship management) system can help by tracking a customer’s history with an organization from the first contact all the way through the purchase. 

This information helps companies see what type of messaging resonates best with their target audience while also helping them predict buying behavior so that sales representatives have enough time to close more deals successfully.

  • Hotjar: Behavior analytics software such as Hotjar is a must-have for any marketing professional, especially those who want to know what’s happening with their website. With features like heat maps and visitor recordings at your fingertips (literally), you can start collecting data immediately–without the need for IT! It also provides feedback directly from visitors, which will help identify factors that trigger them to perform certain actions in order to optimize conversion rates. You’ll never have trouble finding an excuse again when people ask how much time you spend on building your website, thanks to this new hot tool!

Other Ways To Attract New Patients?

The line “You can’t attract new patients with what you don’t have” couldn’t be more accurate. And chiropractors are no exception. Effective marketing is the key to success for any business, including a clinic’s advertising budget. 

Chiropractic marketing ideas include social media campaigns and targeted ads on Facebook or other popular sites like Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter to reach your desired target market. It takes time and patience. 

The average number of new patient visits for chiropractors is around 55%, so it’s important to ask each person who comes into your clinic and find out what other people they know and trust if there are chiropractors they might be interested in.

Attracting new patients is an ongoing challenge, but there are many ways to do it. For example, you can give away free consultations or offer a package of sessions for the first time clients come in. But one of the most effective and affordable methods is by using targeted ads on Facebook! 

Chiropractor marketing tools will help you find your target market so that you can tailor the advertisements accordingly (i.e., focusing on people within a certain age group or those who live nearby). By creating ads with specific keywords related to chiropractic care, clinics have reached their desired customers at just pennies per click! Of course, this means more leads to less money. What’s not to love, right?

One way is by getting your website optimized for SEO and making sure you have a blog that’s updated with new content on a regular basis. It will make it easier for Google or another search engine to find your website when someone searches for a Chiropractor in their area! You can also join some local Facebook groups related to Chiropractors. 

Especially if they’re a closed private group, people might be more open about talking about what they liked about the business and give referrals or recommendations too! And last but not least, post updates of events happening at your clinic and make sure you include an image or video!

Clinics still spend a considerable amount of time and money on patient acquisition. Chiropractors need to figure out the best way to get their name in front of potential patients, which means that advertising is still important even if social media marketing is also used.

What’s so great about Social Media? You can post pictures, status updates, or videos right from your phone! That seems like something every business should have these days because it saves you time and effort trying to manage everything online from home or work while juggling other responsibilities as well. In addition, people might be more likely to talk about what they found interesting in a particular blog post than share an advertisement they see through email marketing, for example. The Chiropractor marketing tools are meant to help Chiropractors find new patients and increase their presence in the local community.

What is social media used for?

Social media has become an incredible tool for individuals to stay connected with friends and extended family. Users can find career opportunities, connect with people across the globe that share their interests, or even just post about what they are doing every day while keeping in touch regularly.

Social media marketing, also known as SMM, has exploded in recent years. With the use of social networks and platforms like Twitter or Facebook to market your products and services, marketers can engage with existing customers while reaching new ones by promoting their desired culture/mission/tone.

Marketing campaigns are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies in the online space. As a result, social media sites have allowed marketers more flexibility when executing marketing strategies. 

The vast amount of information available on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, offers an endless opportunity for marketers to reach out to the right audience. For example, with detailed geographical location data, demographics details like age group and sex can be collected from users who provide their personal information when they sign up on these websites. As a result, marketers can tailor messages that resonate with customers since it is clear which demographic will most likely respond in a positive way to certain marketing techniques.

Social media has been a driving force in the Internet age. Creating content that is sticky, or attention-grabbing, and enticing to viewers can help drive desired actions like buying products or sharing with others on their network.

Social media strategy means creating content, so it gets your viewer’s attention rather than letting them wander away from your message easily. This will increase the chance they’ll take action like buying what you’re selling or share something about you with friends!

What are the top social media applications?

Now that you know the basics of what social media is and how chiropractors use it, let’s get into some more in-depth information about each platform:

Facebook: Chiropractors can create a Facebook page to engage with current patients as well as new prospects. The best way to do this is through live videos (i.e., streaming or recording video on your phone) where they talk directly to followers, post pictures from their practice, share content related to various health topics such as spinal care or nutrition tips, and offer free consultations while promoting products like back pain relief meds.

Instagram: Chiropractic marketing on Instagram consists of posting photos of patients who have been helped by chiropractic care. Chiropractors can also use this platform to share before and after photos of their clients and images from events in the industry like conferences or seminars they attend.

LinkedIn: Chiropractors might want to post articles related to spinal health topics on LinkedIn but should be careful not to spam followers with too much content unrelated to chiropractic practices. People must come back for more information because there is so much competition on this platform now. This social media site is best used for posting new research findings concerning spine injuries or pain relief methods, free consultations, tips for preventing neck injury while playing sports such as tennis or golf.

YouTube: Chiropractors may want to share videos of themselves as well as their team members explaining what chiropractic is and how they can help with back pain, neck or shoulder injury.

Twitter: Chiropractic doctors should use Twitter for posting about random health facts concerning the spine, such as “Did you know that a Chiropractic specialist has a 93% success rate in treating patients?”. They might also post comments related to breaking spinal news, like an article on CNN’s website from a doctor who discusses new research findings.


To grow your chiropractic business, you need to know what marketing channels are best for the type of practice. There are a few different types of chiropractic practices, so it’s important to find out which will work for you before investing any money into advertising and marketing efforts. The growth of a chiropractic business is not easy and requires careful consideration. 

Remember also that any time you need help bringing these principles to life, or if you want an expert opinion on developing a strategy tailored for your needs, feel free to contact Danny Veiga of His marketing team ensures the use of the most appropriate chiropractic marketing tools to boost your chiropractic clinic.


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