What to look for in a chiropractor digital marketing agency?

by: Danny Veiga


Chiropractors are tasked with healing a variety of ailments and injuries. From sciatica to carpal tunnel, they've seen it all. But how do chiropractors get the word out about their practice? A chiropractor's digital marketing agency can help them generate more traffic through various channels such as social media, paid search advertising, or blogging. Our blog post will cover what you should look for in a digital marketing agency so that your business is sure to thrive!

Factors to consider when choosing a chiropractic marketing agency

1. Relevance. The chiropractor's digital marketing agency should be well versed with chiropractic terms and concepts. It's not enough to understand how chiropractors operate; they should be familiar with the chiropractic niche to capture its essence in their content accurately.

2. Keyword Research. Keyword research is one of the essential parts of chiropractor digital marketing. Chiropractors must know which keywords they need to utilize to get found by potential clients. The chiropractor digital marketing agency should give chiropractors complete keyword suggestions that are relevant and easy to organize into a cohesive branding strategy.

3. Research. Ask chiropractor digital marketing agencies for examples of chiropractor websites they've had a hand in developing. Make sure to do this on chiropractors in the same niche as your chiropractic practice to see what's working and what isn't. List any chiropractic website design elements or content strategies that you like, and feel free to ask chiropractor digital marketing agencies for more information on these.

4. Pricing. Chiropractors have a limited budget, just like you do! While chiropractor digital marketing agencies are often costly, chiropractors should always ensure that they're getting their money's worth first before committing to chiropractor digital marketing services. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies should give chiropractors a breakdown of how their chiropractor website design and chiropractic SEO campaign will cost them so chiropractors can accurately plan for the financial aspects of chiropractor digital marketing.

5. Track Record. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies should have experience in chiropractic chiropractor website design. It's important that chiropractors work with a chiropractor digital marketing agency with the resources and experience to help chiropractors accomplish their chiropractic practice goals. Don't settle for chiropractor digital marketing agencies who haven't had any incidents in the industry!

6. References. Don't forget to check chiropractor digital marketing agencies' chiropractor website design and SEO portfolio! Chiropractors should look for chiropractor websites that have similar chiropractic practices as their own. It will help them gauge how well chiropractors can adapt to your chiropractic practice's values and goals.

7. Graphic Design Portfolio. Chiropractors also need chiropractor digital marketing agencies that understand chiropractic branding. Chiropractors should look for chiropractor digital marketing agencies with a strong portfolio of chiropractic website designs, chiropractic SEO campaigns, and chiropractic graphic design pieces such as logos and advertising templates.

8. Cultural Fit. Your clientele is your chiropractic practice's brand ambassadors. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies that understand chiropractic concepts and branding will work best with you because they know chiropractors, chiropractor patients, and office staff play a crucial role in chiropractic marketing.

9. Industry Experience. Have chiropractor digital marketing agencies done chiropractic chiropractor SEO before? Chiropractor digital marketing agencies that have chiropractic chiropractor website design and chiropractic SEO experience will better understand chiropractors' goals and how chiropractors can adjust their chiropractor content strategy to use chiropractic search engine optimization successfully.

10. Measurable Goals. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies will want to know chiropractors' measurable goals for chiropractic chiropractor SEO. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies will also understand the difference between short-term and long-term search engine optimization goals.

11. Lead Generation. In chiropractor digital marketing, lead generation is a critical factor because it's this step that determines whether chiropractors will attract more patients who are interested in their services. By working with chiropractors from the start of the training process, chiropractor digital marketing agencies can ensure successful chiropractic websites and social media pages that lure chiropractic patients.

How chiropractor's digital marketing agencies help generate leads 

Some chiropractors believe that chiropractic digital marketing agencies are a must. Others, not so much. The truth lies somewhere in between, and it depends on your chiropractor's clinic and its location.

A chiropractor digital marketing agency or an SEO chiropractor will use SEO tactics to highlight your website in the search engine results. Chiropractors are an easier target for chiropractor digital marketing agencies since chiropractors are always looking to build their brand and presence online.

Chiropractor websites that use chiropractic SEO tactics to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN or Bing, chiropractor digital marketing, and chiropractic chiropractor SEO agencies would help. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies do chiropractor digital marketing jobs for chiropractors who have well-designed websites but need chiropractor site optimization (a fancy word for chiropractor search engine optimization) efforts to generate traffic and leads.

Sites can be optimized, but chiropractors are usually too busy and lack the digital marketing experience to optimize a good chiropractor site. Though trained in using the web for chiropractic marketing, chiropractors may not know how to do an effective search engine optimization.

Other factors to consider before hiring a digital marketing agency

Before you get to select a reliable chiropractor digital marketing agency, there are several factors that chiropractors should consider. Chiropractic marketing and site optimization are not limited to just coming up with compelling text or keywords for your chiropractor's website. There are other factors to be considered as well, such as:

  • Chiropractor digital marketing agency expertise. A chiropractor digital marketing agency should have ample experience in chiropractic chiropractor SEO, chiropractic chiropractor web design, and chiropractic chiropractor social media management. Chiropractors must avoid hiring a digital marketing chiropractor with less than three years of experience or who does not specialize in chiropractic-specific practices. 
  • Chiropractor digital marketing company size. The size of the agency should be relatively small to medium-sized. Chiropractor's website development and chiropractor mobile marketing campaigns need a personal touch – something that you cannot get from large corporations with hundreds of employees.
  • Knowing your chiropractor's SEO budget, schedule, and SEO results are essential factors to consider before hiring. You don't want to hire an expensive chiropractor digital marketing agency that will fail to deliver the expected results promptly. The best way to know a chiropractor's digital marketing company's effectiveness is to ask for a case study of previous clients. You may want to visit their websites and see if they are listed in top search engine results. Large-sized chiropractor digital marketing agencies will usually have SEO specialists to provide web design and mobile marketing services.
  • Check the chiropractor's digital marketing agency website. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies with a strong presence online usually do their own business offline as well. A company you plan to hire for chiropractor digital marketing must feature a chiropractor digital marketing agency website. A chiropractor digital marketing agency with a chiropractic clinic and a digital marketing agency should have their chiropractic website. A chiropractic website is of great significance as it can promote the chiropractor's chiropractic clinic and the chiropractor's digital marketing agency services. Aside from chiropractors' chiropractic clinics, chiropractor digital marketing agencies can also use chiropractic websites to promote chiropractor digital marketing services they offer and chiropractor blog page. 
  • Chiropractor digital marketing agency reviews and online presence. Chiropractor digital marketing agencies with a vital chiropractor digital marketing website, blog, digital network social media presence, and many chiropractors clinic reviews are usually the best to go for.

What to look for in a chiropractor digital marketing agency?

Many chiropractic clinics opt to go the digital route because it's an effective way to reach out to more clientele in different geographical locations at minimal cost compared with other traditional marketing channels.

With the advent of technology, many chiropractic clinics are now going digital with their marketing strategy. Chiropractors are now using digital media to their advantage because it is much more cost-effective than traditional ones. A chiropractic clinic that wants to get new patients through the internet should opt for a chiropractor digital marketing agency.  

Some chiropractors are very good at what they do, but they don't know how to handle the online marketing aspect of their chiropractic clinic. This is where chiropractor digital marketing agencies come in, and chiropractors can outsource this for added convenience.

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