Chiropractic Video Marketing

All You Need to Know Before Using Chiropractic Video Marketing

Chiropractic Video Marketing is a new and exciting way to reach your audience. It’s a great way to have public engagement, inform them about what you do, and show what you’ve accomplished in your life as a chiropractor. It can also help build trust with your clients and provide them value without taking up too much of their time. 

Moreover, it is an excellent way to tell your story and even share updates in your clinic, service, and anything latest about the chiropractic industry. It’s a fantastic tool for building rapport, educating people about what you do, and engaging them in the process of their care. Besides that, this marketing process has been proven to significantly impact your audience than any form of marketing material because people process visual information 60,000 times faster than they do in plain texts. 

Furthermore, the average person watches 1 billion hours of videos every day. It’s twice as likely to go viral first than images or text posts. Because of that, you all have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits you can get from creating content in advertising your practice. Hence, check these important reminders below before using video marketing to help you reach the level of success in this industry. 

Set Your Objectives

This kind of strategy doesn’t only require you to produce content and upload them online, then that’s it. The first thing you need to do is setting up the goals you want to achieve after sharing your content on the platform of your choosing. You need to have clear objectives for making those contents and making them educational for future patients. 

The objectives may include increasing new patient visits, more successful referrals, or establishing your name as a professional chiropractor in your community. You may also make educational content on how chiropractic services work, especially for those who have no idea about it yet. 

You need to have a set of clear objectives because those will be the basis of the contents in your videos. Hence, before you implement any marketing strategies, make sure that you already have the idea in mind of what you want to happen after uploading and sharing the content you’ll be making.  

Video Content Ideas You May Consider Trying in Marketing

As mentioned earlier, the contents will depend on the objectives you’ve set up ahead of time. You can make a video introducing your new chiropractic clinic and the services you offer. You can even include a quick tour inside your office to let your potential and new patients know how it looks like to be inside your clinic. 

Besides that, you can also have a video educating your audience about various illnesses curable by chiropractors. You have to help them understand how important this particular healthcare is. If it’s not about chiropractic, you can also share videos with helpful tips to have a healthy living, including the food you eat, the importance of having regular physical exercise, and other essential details of a healthy life. 

Moreover, one effective example that most chiropractors use is testimonials. You let your previous and existing patients speak on behalf of you to your audience. It might include the health progress they’ve gained from visiting your clinic or the overall experience they’ve enjoyed working with you. Doing so will make your future patient feel the confidence of your expertise in your profession, leading them to book an appointment with you in the future. 

These are the examples of content you can make based on your objectives. You can explore other content if you have other ideas in mind. Just make sure that your goals are clear to know what particular video you have to create to help market your practice to your potential patients significantly. 

How to Create Chiropractic Marketing  Videos?

After setting up the objectives and choosing the desired contents of your videos, you’re now ready to make one. If you’re too busy in your office or clinic and even outside your office hours, you can find someone else to do the job for you. You can call and ask your colleagues if they know any expert at video editing, or you can find a relevant candidate online. There are many platforms to search for the best video editor to provide you with high-quality and well-edited videos. 

However, if you have spare time, you can make them by yourself. You can also find tons of software or apps on the internet that you can use to edit your records. You only have to spend a little bit of your time learning to use them properly, and you don’t have to worry because it doesn’t require you to have professional video-editing skills. 

Once you’ve mastered using a particular video-editing app or software, you’re now ready to create raw video materials to edit. You can start recording using your mobile phone, professional camera, or other devices that are capable of producing high-quality videos. You can also download some royalty-free videos on the internet from trusted and safe websites. These will help your videos to be more exciting and engaging, especially if you don’t have any visuals to support some parts of your multimedia scheme. 

Moreover, besides using plain videos, you can also incorporate photos, texts, and some audio. As long as these materials will help your output look better, you can always use and include them in your multimedia scheme. Don’t make them too long and too short because your viewers may find them boring and uninteresting. Besides that, make sure that everything on the video is clear, especially the audio. Once your viewers find them of low quality, they will never take time to watch them and will most likely skip to other videos. 

Where should you post your videos?

Once you’ve already created your contents, you’re now ready to post them or share them on any platform of your choosing. You can publish them on your official chiropractic website with a well-written article to support all details in the contents of your videos. Just make sure that the article contains the necessary information to help your followers understand your film significantly. 

Moreover, besides publishing them on your website, you can also make a chiropractic YouTube channel to post all of your contents to reach a wide range of audiences. A YouTube channel is a great way to engage with your existing and new patients. It can also be a helpful tool for chiropractors looking for more visibility and exposure in the marketplace. Besides that, you may have noticed that many people in business also venture into establishing a reputable social platform. If it’s been effective for them, it’ll also be effective for your practice. 

Furthermore, you can never ignore what social platforms can do to achieve your goals when it comes to sharing contents online. It is one of the best avenues for this strategy. It helps build trust with potential clients, increases web traffic to your site through shares on Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to get feedback from your customers in real-time. 

Additionally, video content is an excellent way to reach more people because it can be shared across multiple platforms at once in just one click. Besides Facebook and Twitter, you can also share them on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Reddit, and many other popular social media channels today. Moreover, video is a very engaging form of multimedia that enables viewers not only to see what you have made but feel like they can interact with it too. 

Besides that, videos are easily shareable on mobile devices, so users no longer need to wait until they get home or back from work to watch your promotional film. Hence, if you’re not currently using social media sites for your chiropractic business marketing strategy, then now is the time to explore the benefits you’ll get from it. 

Therefore, whenever you’re done creating your clips, you always have lots of options to where you’ll be posting and sharing them. It could be on your official website and any social platform. 

Other Helpful Reminders 

When you want to explore chiropractic video marketing, there are important things you need to remember. As mentioned earlier, if you’re too busy, you can let someone else do the video editing for you. However, it’ll be more efficient to communicate with your editor to consolidate all of your ideas to come up with the best results. It’ll also be better if you hire a freelance video editor for regular video publishing on your channels. You can save more time and effort. 

Besides that, it doesn’t need to be all about an in-depth discussion of chiropractic treatment or emotional testimonials from your patient in choosing the context. It can also be any important updates in your clinic, such as ongoing promotions and special deals, hosting an upcoming event, or even a simple video saying hi to your audience and wishing them a good day and good health. 

The primary purpose of video marketing is to let people know that you exist, what you do, and any updates in your career and your clinic. That’s why don’t make your promotional film too complicated, but make them simple and straightforward. As long as your videos look professional, engaging, informative, and interesting, you’re good to go.  

Hence, if you haven’t tried chiropractic video marketing for your practice yet, and you wish to give it a shot, but you’re afraid if you are doing it wrong, you can seek help from professionals. You can visit and meet Danny Veiga. He is one of the most popular chiropractic marketers in the state today. He can definitely help you venture into video marketing, and he’ll surely provide you with tons of options to explore in marketing your practice to your potential patients. Contact or email him now to discuss a concrete plan that suits best your needs and your clinic. 


If you’re looking for a way to make your company more successful, chiropractic video marketing is the answer. Studies have shown that clients are 64% more likely to book an appointment in a chiropractic clinic if they see their videos on the social media page, ads, email, websites, or any platform. Hence, if you want to venture into this strategy, always remember everything discussed above. 

Besides that, you can always reach out to Danny Veiga via email or through the contact details on his website page. He’ll surely provide you with tons of opportunities in marketing your practice to a wide range of audiences. You’ll then see affirmative results in your chiropractic clinic in no time.


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