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Four ways on how to promote your chiropractic business on Instagram


Did you know that there are already 1 billion active Instagram users? As of 2018, the number of monthly active Instagram users has surpassed 1 billion. According to a report published by Statista, a trusted online statistics and market research community provider. With an increasing number of users on Instagram, how can chiropractic businesses best promote their chiropractic business on Instagram?

If you are running a chiropractic business, then the chances are that you already know how important it is to expand your reach and attract new clients. With our ever-growing digitized world, it becomes more accessible than ever to market yourself online. Social media marketing should be part of your strategy to ensure that your efforts will be practical.

For many people, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Having a healthy Instagram account that grows in numbers can help you build your brand awareness and attract new chiropractic patients to your business. However, how do you even start with promoting your chiropractic business on Instagram? Here are four ways on how to promote your chiropractic business on Instagram.

Important Notes: Before you start promoting your chiropractic business on Instagram, ensure that you have an established and well-maintained Instagram account. If you already have a profile, then it’s time to fill it up with exciting content. Please take photos of your work at the office and share how your work is different from how other chiropractors do their job. You can also share some of the typical patient questions that you get asked as well.

How to promote your chiropractic business

1. Using hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way for people to find answers or information regarding something on Instagram. This can also be used on how to promote your chiropractic business.

To use hashtags to promote your chiropractic business, type in relevant hashtags and add them to the caption of your Instagram posts. For example, suppose you want to advertise how you are different from other chiropractor businesses. In that case, you can add #chiropractor into the caption and post a photo of how you do things better. This will give more visibility to your posts and attract new chiropractic clients to your business because they will be able to find out what sets you apart from other businesses when they search for that hashtag.

2.  Posting photos with compelling captions

What would be even better than using hashtags to promote your chiropractic business is posting photos with compelling captions and making people want to learn more about how you can help them. According to Hubspot, people would rather read than watch videos. Instead of taking a video and sharing it on Instagram, you should take some high-quality photos of how you do your work and how it differs from how other chiropractors do their work. This will make your Instagram captions stand out from the crowd because people would want to read how you are different.

 3.  Posting photos that showcase your personality

Of course, like many businesses, your social media accounts should also reflect the personality of your own business. Like how you would dress up nicely when visiting a client in-person, ensure that your Instagram photos are unique and reflect the personality of your business.

 4.  Post daily

You should also post daily because not frequently posting on social media may make people forget about how good your services are and how helpful they can be for their needs. With how busy and chaotic our lives have become, people will not remember how good you are with your chiropractic skills if you don’t frequently post on social media.

To summarize, if you want to promote your chiropractic business on Instagram, make sure that you use relevant hashtags so people can find your posts as they search for how you can help them. Post photos with captions that people want to read, and make sure that your Instagram account reflects how your business is different from other chiropractic businesses out there. Lastly, post daily so people will remember how great a service you provide and how helpful it is.

Is Instagram an excellent social media platform for my chiropractic business?

Yes, definitely. Here are four ways how and why your chiropractic business should be on Instagram.

Respect your followers’ time

People want to spend their time wisely. They don’t have enough time for all of the social media channels out there. So they choose only a few of them to follow and use. Then they either check those channels regularly or use a social media aggregator (e.g., Feedly) to scan for the updates from all of their favorite channels in one place.

Now how does your chiropractic business figure into this scenario? Your Instagram account must provide valuable content that is easy to consume, appealing, and interesting. And the content must be frequent enough so that people don’t get bored with it.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Create a broad selection of content types in your Instagram account. Your Instagram channel should not focus only on one specific type of content (e.g., how to heal the body). It should include a wide selection of different types of posts: how-to, ideas, tips and advice, inspirational quotes or articles (about your niche), before-and-after pictures/videos, motivational quotes, and images.
  • Optimize how often you post content to Instagram by monitoring how long your followers take to consume your posts. How long does it take to ‘like’ a post, how many comments do they leave on your posts (you can get that information from the Instagram analytics), and how often do they interact with you?
  • Take time away from posting to think about how you can improve your content. For example, how can you make how-to posts more appealing to look and feel similar to how-to videos?
  • Make sure you post pictures and videos that are engaging. Videos should be under 1 minute long, no longer than 2 minutes. You want them to look like a how-to or how I did it type of videos as much as possible.

And how can you get more Instagram followers? This is a fundamental question, and it’s the ultimate goal of every person who is either starting (or already has) an Instagram account for their business. The bottom line here is that you need to be interesting enough so that people want to follow your Instagram account. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Be aware of how many followers your competitors have (use social media aggregators to scan multiple accounts at a time, e.g., see how many Twitter followers those people have), and make sure that you surpass their numbers. This is possible if you post content more frequently than them or if the quality of your content is better than theirs.
  • Interact with people who interact with you and do it more frequently. For example, if someone comments on how they liked how much weight you lost or how great your new hairstyle looks like, then comment back to them how delighted you are that they liked how your hair turned out, how you lost how much weight since the last time you saw them, how you are grateful that they found your hairstyle inspiring. This will drive them to leave a comment on one of your future Instagram posts as well. And if their friends see how they received a response from you to their comment, then those people will also want to interact with your business.
  • Have a mailing list sign-up form on your Instagram account. But how can you make sure the people who visit your website from that form are targeted, high-quality leads? Well, to find out how many of those new subscribers come from Instagram specifically (instead of just resubscribing to your newsletter), install a Facebook Pixel on your website.
  • Create a separate landing page for your Instagram traffic only, and place a form to capture their email addresses. Make sure how you position that page is apparent: how will getting more followers benefit them? How often will they receive updates from your Instagram channel? What type of value can they gain from that? If you generate more traffic to your website, how will it help you grow your chiropractic practice? How many new patients will this bring into your office? What types of questions can people ask you through Instagram chat/direct messages (DM)?
  • Use hashtags in all of your posts as much as possible. This will help make your posts more discoverable. However, as you create your captions/quotes/articles, don’t forget keyword research. Use those hashtags (and their variations) in the copy that you use for all of your Instagram posts.
  • Look at how effective your posts are by checking how many likes they get, how many comments other people leave on them, and how many new followers you receive. If the posts aren’t as effective as how you expected them to be, then go back to step one and start all over again.

What should you avoid posting on Instagram?

Although there are no specific rules, you need to be smart about posting things on Instagram. If it doesn’t look friendly and professional, your followers most likely won’t engage with your posts. Below are some tips on how to promote your chiropractic business professionally without looking spammy or scammy:

  1. Don’t use filters too much. You want to have your posts look professional for sure, but you don’t want them to be too filtered as well; otherwise, they will stand out from the rest of your content.
  1. Try NOT using hashtags on every single post. This is how people discover new content and engage with other users. If all of your posts are overused hashtags, you will look like a spammer, so implement them in a way where you don’t have too many, but not just one either.
  1. Share essential tips and how-tos to grow your social media following with the same hashtags that you are using on Instagram. Don’t only use it at the end of the post, but work it in the content.

What other social media should I use to grow my chiropractic business?

Aside from knowing how to promote your chiropractic business, you can also use Twitter to market your business. Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to connect with people who share the same beliefs and interests as yours through hashtags. Hashtags are keywords starting with #. 

Why should I be on Instagram? Firstly, you need to be aware that the majority of digital marketing has its hashtag called #chiropractic, where you can connect with chiropractors all over the world. Some hashtags would be helpful to your business, for example, #massage, #relaxation, and perhaps even a local one like #queenstownchiropractor.

You can use Youtube too. Share how-to videos and how your business is helpful to people’s lives.

#chiropractic #massage #relaxation #queenstownchiropractor

#chiropractors how to manipulate the spine

#breast cancer how to tell if you are at risk

Include a short testimonial from a customer

#chiropractic how to improve your posture

#massage how to relax after work

#colonoscopy how to prepare for the procedure


Instagram is an excellent platform to promote your chiropractic business. But how do you use it well, and how to promote your chiropractic business? Well, here are some valuable tips that will help you get more people following and engaging with your posts. Avoid including too many hashtags in your post – this may confuse other Instagramers since they might not know how to react or respond. Also, try not to publish posts frequently since it may feel like you are spamming other people’s feeds. These are just some of the tips on how to promote your business on Instagram. 

I hope you found this helpful. Please share with us how well your Instagram marketing is doing by dropping a link to one of your posts in the comment section below. We would love to see how other chiropractors are doing to get more people following their page.

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