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10 strategies for running a chiropractic advertising campaign


The purpose of this article is to provide you with some helpful tips on how to run a successful chiropractic advertising campaign.

First, you need to learn how to create an effective chiropractic advertising campaign. What about the latest in-office posters or those innovative new direct mail flyers that your marketing department has presented? While they may represent ten effective strategies for running a chiropractic advertising campaign, they will lose their effectiveness in the blink of an eye if they aren’t tied back to your practice’s unique message. 

How to create an effective chiropractic advertising campaign

Develop a message

A message is the most important thing you can develop for an ad or any other form of marketing communication. Messages help people understand what you do and how well you do it. Market research shows that people trust doctors more and are more likely to seek their advice when they can identify your practice’s mission and goals.

Creating a chiropractic advertising campaign message is easier said than done. It takes time and effort, but it will be well worth the investment over the long haul. The key to writing a compelling chiropractic ad message is to make sure that you focus on the right thing.

Be clear

Don’t try to be all things to all people when creating your message for a chiropractic advertising campaign. Your practice can only serve a limited number of patients, so don’t waste time trying to appeal to “everyone.” Instead, identify who your ideal patient is and try to reach that person or people.

Talk to your existing patients and ask them what concerns they have about their health. How can you help? What questions do they still have? The answers you receive will lead you in the right direction for your chiropractic ad message.

Be relevant

Make sure that your chiropractic ad is relevant to your patient’s problems. When writing an ad, you should state precisely how your practice will help solve their problems and explain them in easy-to-understand terms.

Be clear and concise

Make sure to keep your chiropractic ad message as clear and straightforward as possible. After all, the goal is to get people motivated enough to visit your practice – not necessarily sell them on why they must.

Provide a call to action

Once you have created an effective chiropractic advertising campaign, you must provide a clear and compelling call to action. If they have gotten this far in the ad, you must now ask them to take some action on your behalf.

Test and analyze

Make sure that you continually test and evaluate any chiropractic advertising campaign that you run. This should be part of a regular marketing plan for all practices. As you are developing these ads, you must be able to answer these questions:

a) What am I trying to accomplish?

b) What action do I want the prospect to take?

c) How will I measure results?

Try running your chiropractic ad in several different media outlets. When ads were tested in 11 magazines, the ad that appeared in magazines with a 12% to 20% response rate generated twice as many leads as ads placed in magazines with a 1% to 3% response rate.

10 Chiropractic Advertising Strategies To Try 

As chiropractors, we are uniquely positioned to offer health advice geared toward achieving and maintaining optimal health. And chiropractic care is effective for most complaints – but chiropractic advertising can help turn more of those visits into appointments! Here are some chiropractic advertising strategies to try this year:

1. Create a chiropractic ad that is catchy and memorable

People will remember chiropractic ads with a catchy phrase, a strong image, or other attention-grabbing devices. When chiropractors create an effective chiropractic ad, they write the message so that it is easily remembered. For instance, try using “We make backs crack” instead of “Diagnose and treat chiropractic problems.”

Speak to the condition, not the chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractors can use chiropractic advertising to share information about conditions and how chiropractic care effectively treats them. A chiropractor should include what common problem they treat in their chiropractic ad message, such as a “leading chiropractic expert for children’s chiropractic care.”

2.  Develop an advertising campaign with a specific goal

Before chiropractors run a chiropractic ad, they should determine their chiropractic advertising goal. Then chiropractors must write their chiropractic ad message to encourage the reader or viewer to achieve that goal. For example, “Stop being tired and get the most from your exercise regime!” is more effective than “Everyone needs chiropractic care.”

For chiropractors to make claims in chiropractic advertising, they must have the proof. Just like any good ad writer, chiropractors should substantiate their chiropractic claims and include references to studies that support them in their chiropractic advertising.

3.  Determine what type of chiropractic services to promote 

When planning chiropractic advertising, start by making a list of the chiropractic services you would like to promote. Do some research and find out which chiropractic services are most in-demand and which ones sell at higher prices. Choose chiropractic services that will get your phone ringing off the hook with requests for appointments.

4.  Choose the proper media channels to promote services

Make chiropractic advertising part of an overall chiropractic marketing campaign. Advertise in print, radio, and television to get more chiropractic referrals from patients that already know you. Let your chiropractic website be the hub for all chiropractic advertising by collecting leads and converting them into chiropractic appointments by phone or email.

5.  Provide value by offering free consultations or discounts

Chiropractic advertising is about bringing value to potential patients. Offer a free chiropractic consultation or discount chiropractic treatment packages if they call by a specific date. Get creative with your chiropractic advertising ideas, and you will get more chiropractic referrals from existing patients.

6.  Create visually appealing ads

People are more likely to respond to visually appealing chiropractic advertising. Using bright colors and graphic images will make your chiropractic ads stand out from the competition. Avoid text-heavy chiropractic ads, as these will confuse or bore the viewer. Make sure your chiropractic ad includes a phone number and website address so viewers can contact you quickly.

Remember that chiropractic is a service for the whole family, not just adults. In chiropractic advertising, it is essential to remember that chiropractic care is for everyone in the family. Include images of children and babies whenever possible, as these will remind viewers that chiropractors can treat people of all ages. Also, use chiropractic advertising that focuses on chiropractic care for women.

7.  Choose the right balance of copy

While chiropractic advertising is generally more effective when it contains primarily pictures, an ad with too many images and not enough text may seem confusing. Keep the chiropractic advertising relevant to your local community. Chiropractors who want to target families will put images of children in their chiropractic ads; chiropractors who want to attract male chiropractic patients will include chiropractors who have male chiropractic patients in their chiropractor ads.

8.  Generate leads with an online advertising campaign

Businesses of all sizes are turning to chiropractic marketing campaigns to achieve a competitive edge in the chiropractic industry. By upgrading the chiropractor website with chiropractic internet marketing techniques, chiropractor search engine optimization, and chiropractor pay-per-click campaign, chiropractors can increase chiropractic exposure to chiropractic leads in the targeted market. 

While chiropractor search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising will keep existing patients from the website, the internet marketing campaign can bring new chiropractic clients from other sources like referral groups, advertising campaigns, chiropractic blogs, or videos posted on the chiropractor website.

9.  Determine keywords that will generate traffic

Keywords are the chiropractic keys that chiropractors will use to find your chiropractor’s website. Since there are chiropractors who are new chiropractors and chiropractors who have been in practice for decades, a chiropractor search engine optimization campaign should include keywords that can attract both chiropractic clients from all backgrounds:

Competitors chiropractic advertising campaign keywords. Since chiropractor search engine optimization and chiropractic pay-per-click campaigns are meant to draw traffic to your website, chiropractors can determine chiropractic keywords that bring internet leads by analyzing the top chiropractor websites in the area. The pay-per-click advertising and chiropractor search engine optimization campaign should be created to include most of the chiropractic keywords that chiropractors’ competitors are using for a chiropractor advertising campaign.

Monitor your chiropractic leads conversion rate. Chiropractors will get chiropractic leads from advertising campaigns with a chiropractor pay-per-click campaign, search engine optimization, and internet marketing chiropractor website strategy. 

Chiropractor search engine optimization campaign keywords include:

  • chiropractic clinic [area] chiropractor practice [name of chiropractor] chiropractors chiropractic services chiropractor directory chiropractors chiropractic reviews
  • chiropractor chiropractic website backlinks nearby [city, state], chiropractor chiropractic search engine optimization links near me
  • best rated local chiropractors near me

10.  Advertise online to build more traffic 

It’s an ongoing challenge that chiropractors face “How do I get new patients?” Having a chiropractic website helps you accomplish this goal by providing online exposure – but it doesn’t end there. The chiropractic website is only the first step in chiropractic advertising. Chiropractors must understand how to continue chiropractic advertising after getting a new chiropractic patient from an online campaign.


Chiropractic advertising is an essential aspect of growing a chiropractic practice. It’s worth your time to plan and set aside the appropriate amount of money for chiropractic marketing.

People who come to you for chiropractic services are likely doing so because they’re not getting more satisfying results elsewhere or are tired of seeking traditional treatment and are giving chiropractic a try.

The chiropractor’s job is to ensure that people who come in for chiropractic care enjoy the experience, understand chiropractic philosophy, get the results they’re looking for, and make chiropractic a lifelong habit. Good chiropractic advertising can go a long way toward helping you towards those goals.

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