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How to Draft Catchy Email Subject Lines for Sales

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to reach your customers. Every day, millions of people receive emails from companies and organizations they have never heard of before.

With billions of emails sent every year, it’s no surprise that many go unread or are deleted without being opened.

This blog post will give some tips for crafting effective email subject lines for sales to maximize your clickthrough rates. 

Why do you need to make your email subject lines creative?

A good email subject line can increase your clickthrough rate (CTR) by 700% compared to emails with lousy subject lines.

A recent study showed that the average CTR for an email campaign is only 18 percent. Increasing this number is key to reaching prospects outside of your network and ensuring they engage with your content.

Here are the other reasons why you need to make your subject lines exciting and catchy:

– More people will open your email

– Your conversion rates will go up because people who open your emails will read them intently

– More people will click on your links

– Your message is more likely to be read in full

– You can avoid spam filters and increase revenue

How to Make an Email Subject Line that Boosts Clickthrough Rates?

Now that you know the advantages of making your email subject lines catchy and compelling, maybe you’re wondering how you can do it.

Here are some basic tips that will guide you write a good subject line:

1) Make it relevant to the content of your email

Make your email subject lines as relevant as possible for your reader. Avoid using general, boring subject lines that don’t resonate with your readers.

2) Keep it short

Don’t make your subject line too long. If you write a detailed and extended version, most people won’t click through it because they think it is spam. Write in a few words what your email contains so that your readers are more inclined to open it.

3) Use numbers in your subject line

Numbers make it more engaging and can encourage the recipient to open your email. An example is “5 ways to grow your business” or “5 reasons why (Name of Product) outperformed the competition.”

4) Use question words

Question words are very powerful because they can encourage the reader to open your email and uncover the content contained within. A few examples are:” Do you know…”, “How to…”, or “What if…” It would be best to make sure that these questions have a call-to-action so that your readers are more inclined to click through.

5) Avoid spam filters

Make sure to avoid spam filters by using a period or punctuation mark after every four of five words. This will also help you in case you have long sentences, and your subject line exceeds the character limit. An example is “Budget and planning for 2017: How to invest in your company’s future.”

6) Personalize it

One of the best ways to draft an interesting subject line is by personalizing them. You can do this by using a person’s name, remembering an event, or talking about something relevant in the news. People tend to open more emails explicitly addressed to them.

Some Examples of Good Subject Lines

These are some examples to show you how creative subject lines can make your email campaign more interesting.

1) “This is what I loved about Product X.”

This subject line is candid and direct. It tells the reader that you have good things to say about a product they might be interested in (e.g., this could be a competitor)

2) “Did you know?”

For readers to open and read your email, it’s vital to get them engaged. An excellent way to do this is by asking a thoughtful question in your subject line (e.g., “Did you know how much money you’re leaving on the table?”).

This type of subject line, if used correctly, can also help you improve your email writing skills. This approach forces you to think about what the reader might be curious about.

3) “You will NOT believe….”

This tone of an email subject line may sound boastful, but it can be effective in some cases. For instance, if you want to promote a new product that is very competitive because people may be interested in finding out why your product is the best.

4) “We are so excited to announce….”

Your excitement in announcing something new will be transferred to the person who opens your email. This is why this type of subject line is effective because it sounds like a personal message from you (e.g., “We are so excited to announce our new product!”).

5) “New Product Is Launching Soon.”

This subject line is perfect if you’re promoting a new product or service. When trying to drive people to an offer, it’s key to tell them about a great deal they’ll get. You could say something like: “New Product Launch on Monday! Get 50% off for the first 100 customers.”

The secret to success with any online or offline marketing is to get your message to draw your readers’ attention. Email subject lines are significant because they’re the only thing readers see before deciding whether or not to open an email.

Remember to keep it engaging, straightforward, and honest. This will help you craft better subject lines and achieve better results with your marketing campaigns!

Avoid These Words in Your Email Subject Lines for Sales

In addition to using these adequate words and phrases in your email subject lines, you can also avoid using certain words. 

Do not use the following words in your email subject lines:


This word can be mistaken as a “spam word.”


Would you open an email that says, “Free”? Probably not. Phrase the offer in a way that will interest people. For example, say something like, “This book is completely free today only” or “The first 100 customers get 30% off.”


If the deal is truly a secret, maybe you shouldn’t be telling people about it!


This can work sometimes; however, most of the time, it won’t. You want to make sure that your subject lines don’t sound urgent, or the reader may just delete it without even opening it.


In most cases, people don’t reply to emails they receive because it takes too much time and effort. It’s better to make a statement so that the reader knows what to do without having them respond in any way (e.g., “Click here to get the deal!”). 

Free Gift

People don’t care about gifts and will often delete them (and the emails) completely.


This word is evident and will likely not interest people since everyone uses it. Come up with something creative like “30% off on select items!” or “Limited-time offer: $20 off your purchase of $100.”


Don’t threaten people with time limits. You may lose your customers instead of gaining them.


People do not associate unlimited with a positive experience; instead, they often think of spam messages and telemarketers trying to sell them something.

Secret codes

Don’t make people work to get your offer, or they probably won’t bother. If you’re going to have a catch, make it easy!

These are just some words that you should avoid to improve the open rates of your emails. You should consider testing out a variety of emails to see what works best for your particular audience.

If you’ve been struggling to get your email open rates up, now is the time for some of these tips to help. 

Experiment with different email subject lines and see which one works best on your audience.

Email marketing is a powerful tool if used correctly – so start crafting subject lines that click through like gangbusters! 

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