The Best Chiropractic Business Strategy: Market the Practice and Attract More Customers

Are you a Chiropractor looking for marketing strategies to grow your practice?

We understand that your expertise lies in providing the best care and guiding your patients towards holistic wellness. Not many people are aware of the benefits that come with regular chiropractic visits. Thus, many practitioners still struggle with finding more clients. You might have tried promoting your business on your own or have worked with a company to help you market your practice. You deserve better than average results from your advertising efforts! But you will not be searching around for better Chiropractic business strategies if the one you have is working!

With our expert knowledge, we will create an individualized plan to increase patient flow into your office while saving you time and money on ineffective or expensive advertising methods like TV ads or newspaper ads. Let’s take a look at these brilliant ideas that you should include in your business plan.

Create a Marketing Plan

Chiropractors should not be wasting their time on social media posts or simple advertisements. The Chiropractor needs to keep focused on the practice and provide top-notch care to his patients- that’s what he is in business for, after all! But it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes each day and commit to marketing your chiropractic practice.

People are always looking for new Chiropractors, and with the right strategy in place, you can be found! Create a plan that includes social media posts about life-changing Chiropractic care, testimonials from happy patients who have seen results through your treatments, blog articles on Chiropractic care, Chiropractor events, and much more.

Create an Online Presence via Website and Social Media Platforms

Create a Blog:

A blog can be an excellent way to connect with potential clients or customers and provide insights into your Chiropractic practice for existing patients! Not only are blogs easy to create, but they are also free of charge if you use the WordPress platform. Plus, Chiropractors can benefit from the opportunity to share their expertise with others and be a go-to source for Chiropractic information.

Use Social Media in a Strategic Way:

With so many people on social media these days, it’s important that Chiropractors put themselves out there! Use Facebook ads that target Chiropractors in the area or Instagram posts that promote your Chiropractic expertise.

Enter Sponsored Blog Contests:

Chiropractors are always looking for new ways to promote themselves and attract more customers! A sponsored blog contest can be a great way to get recognized! With so many bloggers out there on various topics, Chiropractors need to find ways of standing out and getting their work seen.

Use Google Adwords to Target Specific Keywords Through Your Blog

Google Adwords is an easy, cost-effective way to target Chiropractors that are searching for your expertise. For a small fee per click, you can advertise on Google and find people looking for Chiropractic care in their area. You can use Google Adwords as you create Chiropractic informational content for your blog and social media posts targeted for specific Chiropractor searches and keywords.

When implemented properly, Google Ad campaigns are a powerful chiropractic marketing strategy that brings in new patients. However, when structured poorly, it will be useless to run it at all. Understanding the nitty-gritty of Google Adwords can be challenging, especially if you have the practice to attend. You can find people who can do this for you, but choose your team carefully.

Offer free Initial Consultations Online To Potential Clients

Many Chiropractors offer free consultations during their office hours. But how could they do this with patients who live far away or cannot make it into the Chiropractor’s office? It is where offering a free initial consultation online comes in handy! Chiropractors can offer a free Chiropractic consultation to potential clients through Skype or Google Hangouts. With the right marketing strategies in place, this could be an excellent strategy for growing the business.

You can set up appointments, conduct Live consultations and address comments on your clinic’s social media pages. It will be an informational broadcast where people with various conditions can relate with. Potential clients will appreciate the time you give them and will be more willing to visit your clinic for an entire and paid Chiropractic session.

Build a Referral Network

Referral networks are a Chiropractor’s best friend! The more people in your referral network, the better. Keep in contact with Chiropractors who offer similar services and work alongside them to grow each other’s business. You can also create partnerships with Chiropractic organizations or even one of their members by offering special deals for current members.

You may also build a referral program bonus with your regular patients. It will help you gain new clients from your existing ones. In referral programs, word-of-mouth advertising is considered as a main deciding factor. The truth is, people are more likely to try when they are referred to by someone they trust. Referred customers often give businesses more profits and bring in more potential clients when they receive a positive experience.

Choose an incentive to encourage your existing customer to invite their loved ones to try Chiropractic care from your clinic. You may also promote it via your website, email list, and social media sites.

Provide Complimentary Massage Services to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

Who would pass up a free massage? Chiropractic care is well complemented by massage therapy, and it makes sense if you have this kind of offer in your clinic. Many Chiropractic clinics have a separate division for massage therapy, but it can pair well with your Chiropractic business strategy and promotion. The secret in making this work is finding a therapist who is willing to develop skills anchored on the modalities of Chiropractic practice.

Massage therapy should be viewed as a mutually beneficial technique in holistic wellness. Make both your practices work through a well-planned complimentary offer that will bring more clients to your clinic.

Get listed in local directories so people can find you with easeĀ 

It is important to make sure that people can find your Chiropractic clinic on the internet so they know you exist. One way of doing this is by registering for local directories. To increase the number of visitors to your site, you need to focus on search engine optimization and getting backlinks that point towards it.

You may also register for Chiropractor directories online, which means you will be able to post your Chiropractor information (such as services, rates, and opening hours) on a database for prospective clients.

The Chiropractor directory can also help you find potential new employees by listing the openings available at their clinic. You may even pay a small fee to get listed in these directories.

Be active in your community by attending events or volunteering at hospitals or schools.

Getting involved in your community is the best Chiropractic business strategy you can employ. It will help people know more about what chiropractors do and how their service benefits them.

You may offer to give a talk on Chiropractic care or donate some of your time by volunteering at local hospitals, schools, sports teams, or even non-profits. It is a great way to promote Chiropractic care and raise interest in your clinic while making more connections with people you can eventually refer for Chiropractic services.

Additionally, you may join your colleagues as you conduct health screenings at various community events. Chiropractic care is a powerful healing art. Just about anybody who has ever suffered from an injury or illness can benefit from chiropractic care. They help teach people why it’s important to have their spine properly aligned.

Consider Local Sponsorships

Another Chiropractic business strategy is to partner with local businesses. It will help people learn more about your clinic and its services and attract potential clients looking for Chiropractic care in that area.

A great way of doing this is by sponsoring a charity walk, food drive, or other event hosted by a local organization. You can also offer Chiropractic services in exchange for sponsorship.

Additionally, you may consider sponsoring a sporting team as it will get your company’s name out there to many people from the community and, more specifically, those who are interested in Chiropractic care.

This Chiropractic business strategy might be an old-school marketing strategy, and it is often overlooked. However, it provides an excellent opportunity for brand awareness and to establish the credibility of your clinic.


So, what’s the best Chiropractic business strategy? It starts with you. You are a leader in your community and should be proud of that! Your expertise is to provide quality care for people in need. But of course, you also need to promote your business and gain more clients. Let Daniel Veiga Marketing help you grow your practice by bringing more clients into it through our proven Chiropractic marketing strategies. 

With our expert digital marketing strategy, you can expect to grow a loyal following of new customers without having to do any tedious work yourself. From social media campaigns to website design, let us help you promote all aspects of what makes up an amazing Chiropractic practice. With a chiropractic business strategy that works, more people find out about it and see for themselves how great you are at what you do. And if this sounds like something worth exploring together, contact us today!

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