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I’ve always envisioned myself as someone who would help others achieve success – and it wasn’t until 13 years ago that this vision started coming true. I gave up my dream of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer to helping companies grow their business online… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up I was always dabbling with electronics and computers. I was able to build my first computer when I was 13 years old. That allowed me to hone down my skills as a technical expert and help businesses expand their brand and presence with web application development and design. I’ve been able to use those same skills to help over 700 business owners learn digital and direct marketing, become a speaker, coach and consult 7-figure executives on how to bridge the gap between digital marketing and revenue growth.

After 16 years of marriage, 3 kids and almost losing my wife to pancreatitis 4 years ago – I’ve learned how to balance life and business in order to achieve the lifestyle I want.

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