About Danny Veiga...
The Early Years
As you may already know, my name is Daniel Veiga (I like to be called Danny btw) and I've been a Web Developer and Business Consultant for 12 years. I've always been a techie and had started building computers by the age of 13. However my career "journey" started back in High School where I attended William R. Boone High from 1995-1999.

During my Senior year, I took a Web Design class - and the rest is history as you could imagine. I clearly remember the Stonehenge website that I created for my Web Design project and using the frame element with some HTML to code out the pages. To be honest, I still wish I had copies of the files and images that I developed... ahh nostalgia.
Stop! Put your hands behind your back
Four years after graduating high school, I enrolled to what was then called, Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL. The name since, has been changed to Seminole State College of Florida - the former sounds better in my opinion. I was interested in becoming a Law Enforcement Officer and this was my chance at helping others and making sure the "bad guys" were brought to justice. I really enjoyed my experience at the Academy and learned a lot that I would never have been exposed to outside of it.

I completed my Law Enforcement training which was almost 10 months long and started to apply at police stations around the Central Florida area. While doing this, I had been doing Web Development for almost 1 year. This was also the time that WordPress 1.0 was released.
Beautiful San Diego... here we come
Shortly after graduating we decided to gather all of our things (what little we had) along with our twin girls, who at the time were only 5, and move cross country to San Diego, CA. It was a hard decision that we had to make, but we went through with it. The only reason it was difficult was because I didn't have a stable job (I was literally working a few work-at-home jobs along with some web development projects to make ends meet) and we had to fit everything that we could into our minivan. Let me tell you - our minivan was packed from front to end. There was not a square inch available anymore, even for even a soda can.

When we got to San Diego we moved into my brother-in-law's home. He was the one that actually invited us to move cross-country and live with him for the time being. He worked as a S.W.A.T. officer for San Diego PD and was going to get deployed to Afghanistan, so he wanted us to spend some time with him before he got deployed. During the 1 1/2 years that we lived there, I was able to land a couple clients and a good contact for a MMORPG company out in Phoenix, AZ. Live was pretty good, and my wife was pregnant with our 3rd!
A turn for the worse
About a year of living with my brother-in-law, he eventually got deployed to Afghanistan. However only 2 weeks while being deployed he was killed in action. It was an extremely hard time for us, especially for my wife. At this time she was 7 months pregnant and was supposed to deliver mid December. She became sick, however God is good and our son came into this world just fine without any complications right before New Years Eve.

Months rolled by and we eventually had to continue with our lives. I did lost clients throughout all of this because of my brother-in-law's death. I had to take care of my wife, do a lot of legal paperwork and quite a few other things. It was a toll on the entire family. There was hope at the end of the tunnel.
Everything is bigger in Texas
It was around July of 2010 that we ended up moving from San Diego to Texas. My sister-in-law lived in Brownsville, TX and we decided to head to Texas instead of driving cross-country back to Florida where our parents lived. Texas was a state that we've only driven through, so we packed up a U-Haul and our minivan and started driving.

We ended up settling in Brownsville in a small home, it was only about 1000 sq ft. This however, was the best thing that could occur to us financially. I loaded up my computer, started hustling as much as I could and sought out to get clients and look for projects that I could handle. Within 2-3 months I started earning over $13,0000 per month.

After 3 years of living in Brownsville we moved to McAllen which is where we live today. There have been issues during the 5 years that we've lived here. My wife got sick in December of 2013 with pancreatitis, and once again my level of enthusiasm for business and web projects fell off stage again. She hasn't been 100% since, and now is diagnosed with Diabetes as well.
Taking a Big Risk...
Summer of 2015 I decided to take a big risk... I wanted to drop all my web clients and turn to where my passion was - digital marketing. You see, all the sites that I developed for agencies and local businesses was just that - websites. 

They really didn't help build any type of value, much less revenue, to the business. I didn't feel I was contributing to the real reason why a website should be developed - generate leads, revenue and work like clockwork for businesses.

I started letting go of my web development clients little by little. I started diving deep into digital marketing - especially Facebook Ads.

Fast forward the following 12 months - I had dropped 100% of my web projects... and clients.

It was freakin' scary - but I had done it. I had put myself out there entirely on a whim to really make it, or break it.

Either I succeeded more than I had ever succeeded before - or that would've been the end of our financial freedom that I had built over the past 10 years.
Facebook Ads Expert - YES!
I dove deep - straight deep into becoming a Facebook Ads Expert over the following 18 months.

Generating leads for local businesses was an everyday thing to me now. Mortgage, real estate, chiropractors, dentist, eCommerce, roofers, pool builders - you name it... I had done it in some way or another.

I started consulting with other people who had paid $2K, $5K - even $10K on courses but just couldn't get the results that were promised to them.

Two things happened at the beginning of 2017.

1: I launched the fastest growing Facebook group... Entrepreneur Hustle. It's grown to over 10,000 members since January 2017... 100% organically.

2: My Facebook Ads for Complete Newbies course went live - where I've been able to help teach over 400 students how to help local businesses generate more customers. My entire launch and subsequent launches have been organic - without using paid advertising.
Let me help YOU!
Even though I'm not a Guru... I do have enough experience over the last 12 years of my Entrepreneurship journey that I know I can help you succeed as well.

Being able to help others achieve success is what I look forward to in my business. Whether you're a business owner or an Entrepreneur looking for to make a change in your life - I can help you.

I've been able to generate my clients millions of dollars in sales, and help dozens of students achieve success of growing a successful agency. Because I've been able to do that - I have put together a FREE Masterclass Training just for you called...

"How To Make $10,000 a Month by Generating More Customers for Local Businesses"
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