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In this podcast, Michael Marcial talked about the power of empathy and connection, how by sharing your story, you could push boundaries and reach more people who needs to hear what you have got to say. Without clarity, it’s hard to look forward with positivity and you’re focused on the things that are just not there. Circumnavigating through your pitfalls and actually sharing that journey with a crowd could just inspire those who are in a dark place themselves at the time, to hope for a better future and try to look more closely at what they got at the moment and work from there.

Michael reminds us that context will always matter because in everything you do or invest to, results should be evident in any way possible. But before this, you have to be clear in what you want to do, achieve and where your satisfaction lies, because only then will you be motivated to push forward and take actions to fulfill what you’ve got to fulfill and that’s a real hussle right there. While making your vision a reality, effective communication will be essential along the way, only with it will you be able to push boundaries and reach out to your target audience.

In this podcast, we also cover:

06:35 Mindset and mentality

08:05 Taking steps towards our dreams

11:26 The art of asking the right questions

13:26 Getting the word out

20:06 Going back to my skills set

24:44 Overcomplicating things

27:01 Accountability

32:18 Five Figure Work Week

Sometimes people have got to let this thought to sink in, ‘am I willing to be real with things?’ Pleasing people with a bravado that’s not true to yourself could only serve you for a short, limited time. It reeks of impending failure and lack of satisfaction. That is why in whatever you do, believe that there is something people will learn from you, that you have got something worth listening to. 

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