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Chiro Marketing: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Clients and Kill Your Practice

Chiropractic marketing is becoming more and more difficult. Chiropractors are looking for ways to market their practice and get new patients in the door. PPC, SEO, Social media marketing… they’re all crucial to chiro marketing success, but there are inevitable marketing mistakes you should avoid when starting your chiro business or chiro clinic. This blog post will show you ten sure-fire ways to lose clients and kill your practice so that you can steer clear of these mistakes. 

Ten sure-fire ways to lose clients and kill your practice

  1. You are not caring about your website design. Websites should be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, have a logical hierarchy of content, and use good search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t fall victim to being lazy with designing or updating your site! If you’re not willing to invest time into making it look good or producing quality content, then it’s probably not worth much at all. 
  2. You are putting up too many ads on their site. Ads are great for generating revenue but not for branding. Each time someone clicks on your ad, it takes away from the viewing experience of potential clients who are trying to get information about you or your practice. Generally speaking, ads should not be a part of your site’s design or aesthetic. You want people to see your brand and get excited by it! Ads can give them a lesser impression of your brand because they’re like billboards on the side of the road.
  3. You are not using a blog to showcase your chiro marketing expertise. If you aren’t willing to invest time into creating chiropractic-related content, then why would anyone want to read it? You need chiropractic-related articles that provide value and entertain people so that they will want to click marketing links back to you! This drives targeted traffic and patients.
  4. You are posting the same chiro marketing content on your website as everyone else. It’s better to be different than similar in chiro online marketing! People don’t go to a chiropractor for average chiro services; they go there for chiropractic services — if that makes sense! Your chiro marketing website should have original content and not just rehash what’s already out there.
  5. You are not using testimonials on your site. If you’re new to chiro, you should understand the power of testimonials. Remember when I said people go to a chiropractor marketing service? They want to see that other people have had good experiences and results with your chiropractic practice before they make a decision. Use customer testimonials on your website and blog to do just that!
  6. It’s frustrating when people go to your website, and there is nothing that leads them anywhere except for some inadequate contact information. You are giving away too little or vague information. First, you need to give them a reason to stay on your site. Second, you need to create content worth reading and keep them there long enough to make a decision. Once they find out how much chiro services could change their life, they will be more willing to invest!
  7. You do not have chiro marketing-related content that is valuable. It would help if you had chiropractic marketing articles written about chiropractic care for people to read and want to share. This makes them work better as lead magnets because it’s worth reading.
  8. You are not having chiro marketing graphics and images or videos on your site. You’re competing with so many other chiropractor’s websites in chiropractic care to get the attention. It would help if you had a graphic that entices people to read more about chiro care so that you can win their business. 
  9. You are not promoting chiropractic services on social media and directories. Websites like Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter allow chiro marketing chiro practitioners to encourage their chiro services and products. This means more visibility for chiropractic services! You should market chiropractic services on all platforms so that people can find you everywhere!
  10. You are not tracking your chiro marketing campaigns. If you aren’t monitoring your campaigns, it’s impossible to know what you’re doing right or wrong in chiropractic care marketing. You need to track the chiro services and chiro care and marketing objectives to improve on them. What worked? What didn’t? It could be the difference between chiro marketing and chiropractic services that fail.

BONUS: Not promoting your chiro business. If you aren’t marketing your chiropractic services, then who is? It would help if you took the time to create content, reach out to chiropractic directories and websites to market your chiropractic practice. It’s about getting the right information out there and driving traffic to your site. 

Why does having proper chiro marketing increase the number of patients? 

Being a chiropractor is challenging, and the demands for chiro care have been on a steady rise. Of course, chiro practices are increasing to cater to this need, but many chiropractic clinics struggle with marketing their practice. Chiropractors forget that chiro practices are leading businesses whose goal is to generate income. Failure to adopt correct chiro marketing techniques will kill their chiro practice quickly. But chiropractors can achieve better chiropractic marketing results simply by studying different marketing strategies just as any other type of business would do.

Chiropractors on the right track in chiro marketing will produce more clientele in a shorter period. On the contrary, chiro marketers who fail to perform chiropractic marketing correctly will be left with marketing problems and mistakes that are hard to fix.

Chiro Marketing Tips to Gain More Clients

The chiro marketing tips given below are practical, and chiro marketers can use them in their chiro practices now:

  1. Define your chiro practice’s mission statement. What is the unique chiro niche that you intend to occupy? It could be anything such as chiro practice for moms or chiropractic for athletes. Once you have chiseled it down, the next step is to develop a chiropractic mission statement reflecting your chiro niche and what you stand for.
  2. Brand yourself with chiro marketing consultants. Chiropractors who are not familiar with marketing should realize that marketing consultants can help chiro practices gain more chiro clients. Marketing is an essential part of chiro practice management, and chiro businesses cannot succeed without the benefit of expert chiro marketing consultants.
  3. Promote personal chiro services. Promoting personal chiro services will win you loyal chiro clients and chiro referral sources. You could offer chiro wellness chiro services to ensure that your chiro clients remain healthy and chiro-practic chiro services as their chiro source of the first choice.
  4. Promote chiro products. Promoting added value chiro products will also be a successful chiro marketing strategy in the chiro community. You could distribute chiro products, prepare good recipes for chiro patients, or offer chiro seminars.
  5. Get active on social chiro media sites. It is a chiro marketing fact that the more chiropractors engage with clients and patients on social media sites like chiro Facebook chiro LinkedIn.
  6. Promote chiro magazines and chiro e-zines. Chiropractic practitioners find it convenient to read magazines and periodicals that abound in their respective fields. By offering chiro magazines and e-zines, you will find it easier to attract new chiro clients.
  7. Promote online chiro courses. As far as chiro marketing tips are concerned, promoting online chiro education is one of the best ways to encourage chiropractic services.
  8. Host chiro seminars and chiro workshops. Chiropractors who host chiro seminars and chiro workshops will gain added chiro marketing benefits from referrals and client loyalty. Suppose you can offer to continue chiro education, seminars, workshops, and home study courses. In that case, you will have it easy to build a successful chiro marketing business.
  9. Start your blog or website and join chiro social media groups. 


If you are a chiropractor and want to do your best marketing, there are several mistakes that you should avoid. In addition to these tips for avoiding common chiro marketing pitfalls, we also have some suggestions for how you can promote yourself online in the most effective way possible. Our team of experts has been helping successful businesses with their SEO and digital advertising needs since 2000. We know what works because we’ve seen it before. With our guidance, let us help make your chiropractic business work by following the best practices for web design or search engine optimization (SEO).

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